The Astrology of Childhood: Transits and Turning Points

The Astrology of Childhood: Transits and Turning Points


As per Vedic astrology, every planet and its transit and Mahadasha periods have different effects on native depending upon their placement, conjunction, aspects, or transit in the natal chart. It is important for the planets to remain beneficial else the child make take a wrong turn in life from where they may choose a wrong path for the future. But if the beneficial planet has a period or transit, then they will all of a sudden show positive changes and eventually may get better with time.

Here, we will discuss how transits become a turning point for children in astrology with the help of a few examples to elaborate the points further.

  1. Jupiter

In the event that the child has a good and beneficial position of Jupiter and it has a direct aspect or is the Lord of the Ninth House then the Child’s fortune will rise at the age between 16-21 years of age.

Such kids generally mature before their age and are known to become serious towards life. They work towards the betterment of their future and therefore lead a successful and prosperous life eventually.

  1. Mercury

On the off chance that in any chart, Mercury has a strong placement or is exalted or has a direct aspect of the First House (House of Ascendant, Personality or Character), Fifth House (House of Intelligence, Study or education, Love, and Gains), or the Ninth House (House of Fortune) then the child will choose stream of study which deals with calculation, computation and analysis as his or her stream of education. Such kids also have good vocational skills and are known to be champions of debates and elocutions.

  1. Saturn

Saturn also has a transit or a placement in a good house in the natal chart then it is again good news for the child. As per the natal chart of the child, just in case that Saturn is placed in the First House (House of Ascendant, Personality or Character), Fifth House (House of Intelligence, Study or education, Love, and Gains), or the Tenth House (House of Career) then the child accumulates business acumens at a tender age and therefore claim name, fame and success in the field of business at a comparatively younger age than others. They also are the super or star performer in their particular class at school and college.

  1. Rahu

If Rahu is not placed well and it is the time for the Rahu period and Rahu is in its transit or Sub-Period then the child will face difficulty in focusing and concentrating in their academics, they will remain stubborn with an aggressive approach to life. Because of all this, their life will remain in dark and ruined during this phase of their life.

  1. Transit of Malefic Planets

Along with the planetary placements, transit also plays an important role in the young years of the child. Saturn transit has a crucial role in the initial years of a child. On the off chance that Saturn is wrongly placed according to the moon sign (according to the transit) of the child then the child may lose his or her direction in life. He or she may fall into the company of bad people and may struggle with his or her capability of staying focused. An aggressive nature also can be built by such children eventually and may not behave politely with anyone around them. But just in that Saturn and Jupiter as per transit have a beneficial placement then the child will be good at his or her academics, well-behaved, and will ace at every aspect of life, etc.

Therefore, the transits of Jupiter and Saturn also need to be brought under scrutiny when the natal chart of the child is being deeply analyzed so as to know how if the transits will have positive or negative effects on the development of the child.

Thus, to conclude we can say that along with the placement, transit, Mahadasha and Sub-Period of the four planets mentioned above, other elements of the horoscope also need to be analyzed in order to know the exact direction which the child will follow in his or her life and rectify if things are not going the right way at an early stage.