Valentine’s Day: What it means for your zodiac sign

Valentine’s Day is approaching and most of you must be wondering how to celebrate this day. As per astrology, we will tell you what this V-Day means to you as per your zodiac sign.

Valentine’s Day: What it means for your zodiac sign


14 February, Valentine’s Day is the day of love. Well if you have that special someone in your life and you want to tell how much you love them, now is the time.

Today is the day that is celebrated by many, yet condemned by singles every year. So, how are you planning to celebrate this V-Day with your sweetheart? You must have planned something exciting but how about making it more creative and out of the world experience for your lover? Celebrate Astrology-themed V-Day this 14th February.

Guess what each zodiac sign feels about Valentine's Day


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  1. Basic characteristics - Energetic, challenging, & spontaneous

Aries natives are not very organized and they never do anything in advance to prepare for a special day. They are very moody and temperamental. There is no denying that they love to plan surprises for their lover. However, if there is a rapid change in their mood, they do not take a second to cancel all the plans. They might just not like it! Thus, no practical action is taken.

Natives with Aries sign show spontaneous behavior. They are action-oriented people but they take the actions according to their own convenience and mood. They have a casual approach to life. They have a strong drive and welcome challenges with open arms.

Aries will want a Valentine’s Day that packs a punch. What they need is an instant plan where they can add an element of thrill or adventure.

If something can give Aries a feeling of satisfaction and pride, they would be in love with that idea. From hiking to having a fun date in forest park, Aries will love to be taken to new places this 14 February. Taking them out on a sports event would be equally appreciable.

Best Gift Ideas for your Valentine This 14th February

Gifts that challenge Aries are greatly appreciated. Gift them some innovative gadgets that could save their time and energy.


  1. Basic characteristics - luxury and sensuality

Taurus, being ruled by Venus- the planet of love & luxury- would love to dive in the pool of romance this Valentine’s Day. For Taurus people, it is a day to live a life of luxury.

Listening to soft romantic music and having a lavish dinner with fine wine, while lying in a Jacuzzi is an ideal date for the Taurus natives. They expect their partner to leave all their work behind and to keep the entire Valentine’s week free for them. Give your Taurus partner small hints as what you are planning to do this Valentine’s day to build excitement and see their reaction. Be prepared the best lovemaking sessions. Bring some fun to the bed by adding their favorite elements - chocolates, flowers and scented candles on/near your lovemaking space.

Best Gift Ideas for your Valentine This 14th February

Quality and personal approach is essential for a Taurus native. Customized and expensive gifts appeal to the Taurus people.


  1. Basic characteristics - Communication & innovation

Mercury rules the Gemini sign, which is why Gemini natives love having intellectual conversations with their partners to figure out what their lover might be interested in.

Communication is the key to establishing cordial relations with partner. Since Gemini is both airy and dual sign, the natives of this sign are indeed very playful and imaginative. They want to celebrate their Valentine’s Day by doing something eccentric and fun. From Truth and Dare game to bike rides, they won’t mind getting sweaty, messy or totally silly on 14th February.

They get bored easily so keep them engaged in some or the other activity. Being experimental, they love trying out some new innovative ways of celebrating the V-Day. However, since they are dual in nature, it is always preferable to monitor their mood in advance.

Best Gift Ideas for your Valentine This 14th February

The best gift for your Gemini partner would be latest electronic gadgets. Since they are very well organized, planners could also be a useful gift for them.


  1. Basic characteristics - Sentiments, emotions and memories

Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. The natives born under this sign get easily hurt and cry at any moment. When a Cancer native loves someone, they put their heart and soul into that person. The natives of Cancer sign are not only very kind and sensitive, but are also emotionally attached with their sexual partners.

A Cancer native loves creating memories with their partner. For them, holding hands and walking in the woods with Sun setting behind them is the idea of a romantic date. They spend a lot of time going down memory lane. If you are planning a wonderful surprise for your sweetie, decorate a space with paper hearts, flowers, candlelight, and romantic balloons with hanging pictures of you both.

Best Gift Ideas for your Valentine This 14th February

If you are in a relationship with a Cancer, make sure to gift them something that is an expression of your unconditional love. Gifts need not be expensive because it’s the thought that counts.

Hand written notes, collage of your pictures, home cooked food, or simply a recorded song can be an ideal gift for a Cancer. They hold thoughtful gifts and loving gestures very close to their heart. A handmade photo frame, with your first picture together, will easily made Cancer soul go week in the knees.


  1. Basic characteristics – Royalty and magnificent

The magnetic and charismatic Leo loves to pamper their partner, and expects the same from their sweetheart. Leo natives’ expect things to be done in a grand style where everything from decoration to food must be lavish. Leo people want to be the center of attraction wherever they go.

If wooing the Leo is on your priority list, be prepared to fulfil their unexpected demands. This Valentine’s day, Leo would like to be treated as kings/queens for they believe themselves to be just like that- magnificent and royal. However, this is not just one-sided effort. They can do anything to please their partner as they live to be extra.

Best Gift Ideas for your Valentine This 14th February

Leo would love to be wined and dined on Valentine’s day, and might even ask for it. They will love nothing more than an expensive gift, chocolate, flowers and lavish dinner date with a breathtaking view.


  1. Basic characteristics - Practical and intellectual

The perfectionist, Virgo natives are not only intellectual people who have a practical approach to life. To be very honest, pleasing a Virgo requires efforts. According to their ideology, they do not need a V-Day to express their love for their partner. They believe in expressing their love, admiration, and respect for their partner all the year round.

For Virgos, Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. Spending quality time with their beloved at some intimate place is more than enough for them. They do not require any special celebrations.

Best Gift Ideas for your Valentine This 14th February

Roses, love letters, or gifts are far beyond their understanding. Therefore, they do not expect it either. However, if you still want to gift them something, buy stuff like digital diaries, kitchenware, gadgets or other practical stuff which may not seem romantic enough as Valentine’s day. If you can teach them some DIY tricks, it would be really appreciated.

Helping your Virgo partner out in their garden and spending the day having some practical discussions is the perfect V-Date idea for a Virgo. However, you should not underestimate their sensual powers. Once you gain their confidence, they would seduce you in a way no one else can.


  1. Basic characteristics - Aesthetic, artistic, and classical

Ruled by Venus, Libra natives are born romantic and they appreciate the beauty and sophistication in everything. They always try to maintain a healthy work-life balance. However, because of their comparative attitude, they are not so good at planning things. Thus, they will love it if their partner makes all the plans for the Valentine’s Day.

A perfect valentine day for them is a stress free environment where both the partners are equally involved and engaged in a romantic way. Music is a huge turn on for them.

Best Gift Ideas for your Valentine This 14th February

If wooing a Libra is on your priority list, you need to know that aesthetic look of the present will impress them a lot and if the gift has some connection with art or culture, it will win you brownie points.

Libra natives want to make their home look elegant. Thus, home décor items are perfect V-Day gifts for them. Planning a dinner date with a cultural setup will surely take them on cloud nine. A bouquet of red roses would make them feel ultra-special. Lastly, if you put your imagination to the best use and ask the chef to make a heart-shaped salad, it will certainly make a Libra blush.


  1. Basic characteristics - Passionate, mysterious, and sensual

Magnetic and spellbinding personality of Scorpio has the power of attracting people like a magnet. A Scorpio lover craves undivided attention of their partner. However, their unoppressive nature makes them mysterious and secretive in their ways. Scorpio people are very guarded about their emotions. However, they are extremely emotional and crave intimacy. Being a natural leader, they make all the plans for the Valentine’s Day. In fact, this is the best time for them to express their hidden desires and feelings through their actions.

A romantic riverside date where Scorpio can connect with their partner is an example of a perfect date for them. If they ask the DJ to play a romantic song, it means the song has a meaning to it. This is nothing but a way of expressing their feelings. They love to have a couple dance where they can let the eyes do the talking. They feel great happiness in going for a long drive late at night!

Sensuality is one of their best ways to express their love hence a passionate bedroom date could be their favorite way to celebrate the Valentine’s day with their sweetheart.

Best Gift Ideas for your Valentine This 14th February

Your V-day’s gift should reflect your love, affection, and respect for your partner. Scorpio people are fine with whatever gifts you give them. However, your gift should speak volumes of your true feelings and intentions. Fakeness is what Scorpios hate.


  1. Basic characteristics - Adventurous, optimistic, free-spirited

The most optimistic, positive, and adventurous sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius, is impulsive, fun and freedom loving. They love meeting new people, trying new things and exploring new places. Sagittarius is the life of a party. Passionate, energetic, and fiery Sagittarius keep their bags packed for the last minute adventure or trip.

If you want to please your Sagittarius love, you must plan something big. Your perfect Valentines date with a Sagittarius could be a trip to an amusement park or a beach followed by a romantic dinner or movie night. The natives of Sagittarius sign value meaningful love hence time pass relationships are not meant for them.

Best Gift Ideas for your Valentine This 14th February

A gift that has a special meaning attached to it will win you brownie points. When pleasing a Sagittarius is your need, give them personalized memento with names or photos engraved. You could also think of gifting your Sagittarius sweetheart hiking shoes because they love travelling. If you are in a long-term relationship with a Sagittarius, the best gift you ca give them is the freedom to live their life as per their choice.


  1. Basic characteristics - Practical, patient and disciplined

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are the least romantic people out there. PDA is not their thing. Holding hands or kissing their partner in public is just so nonsensical to them. They do not need a specific day to display their love and affection. Valentine’s Day celebration is a complete drama for them. Their bedroom stories are a complete secret. However, they are one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac.

When a Capricorn is in love, they devote themselves, their time, and their energy to their lover. They explore the worlds most secluded placed to spend quality time with their sweetheart where there is no one to disturb the two of them. Capricorns are very traditional and hence a simple dinner date or a night out at some remote place is what they would appreciate the most this Valentine’s day. Being at home and making food and love in the kitchen will please them the most.

Best Gift Ideas for your Valentine This 14th February

This Valentine’s, Capricorn expect you to express your love and tell them that you care. This could be the best V-day gift for them. Besides that, you could gift them something that would help you touch a cord with them. A practical planning of some future project together could be exciting for them.


  1. Basic characteristics - Enigmatic, independent, and unpredictable

Most independent and unpredictable, Aquarius is the one sign who can be termed as enigmatic of high order. Being mysterious themselves, they appreciate the surprises. For them, thought process and intention is far important than the actual output. They love to be unconventional and unorthodox. They prefer being original and do not follow the norms set by the society. Thus, roses or romantic dinner is not what they want this Valentine’s day. This does not mean that they do not appreciate the idea of being in love.

Aquarius being a philanthropic might want to do something special for the underprivileged people on Valentine’s Day. Sounds weird right? But this is how it is. They might be celebrating this as a day of friendship because for them, love is universal and it even includes the nature and animals. Do not get shocked if you see an Aquarius celebrating anti-Valentine’s party.

However, on a positive note, they are a great friend. Aquarius values friendship over relationship. They make the best friends. Giving your Aquarius friend some extra benefit of friendship in terms of sensuality will win you brownie points.

Best Gift Ideas for your Valentine This 14th February

If you want to give your Aquarius love something on V-Day, visit an orphanage or old age home with your sweetheart. This will make them super happy.


  1. Basic characteristics - Dreamy, intuitive, and romantic

Pisces natives are highly intuitive and sentimental. They daydream about what they want to be/do. You must have seen the actors and actresses enjoying romantic scenes in the movies, this is Pisces’s idea of love.

Their Valentine’s Day begins at the starting of the year because they need a month or so to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day. They love giving gifts to their partner. For this, they even learn a new skill just to impress their beloved partner.

Their idea of spending the Valentine’s Day is holding hands of their partner under the moonlight and starry sky at an isolated place with relaxing river sounds. This is how filmy they are. Watching a sunset from some beautiful hill could be their favorite activity of the day.

Although they take a lot of time to trust someone but when it happens, nobody can love a way Pisces does. When a Pisces is madly in love with you, they would do any possible/impossible thing to make you happy.

Being a nature lover, Pisces would expect their partner to take them out on a date to some beautiful place where they could do love talking amidst the trees and natural bodies.

Best Gift Ideas for your Valentine This 14th February

Gifts that have a personal touch excite them. Put your imagination and creativity to the best use while choosing a gift for your Pisces love. Spiritual books, holistic lamps, scented candles, chocolates, or flowers are the best Valentine’s Day gifts for this sensual and sensitive lover.