Power of colour on all zodiac signs

Colours have their own significance and cultural importance. We are all drawn to different colours and yet, there is a lucky colour assigned for all of us. Find out about your personal colour therapy and what works the best for you, according to your zodiac moon sign. Read more…

Power of colour on all zodiac signs


Mother earth is blessed with beautiful hues of the spectrum and the minute thought of the world without the blend of these hues of colours disturbs the peace of mind. Colours are not only beautiful to look at but they also are effective remedial measures in astrology and the medicine world. Colour therapy also known as chromotherapy is defined on the principle of spectrum, which is the collection of colours. When the when the white light passes through the spectrum, all the colours are revealed like rainbow.

Relation of colours and human body:

Chromotherapy is the use of the visible spectrum, or color light, to heal the physical, mental, and spiritual energy imbalance that tends to lead to disease. It is one of the most holistic and simple methods to cure illness. According to Vedic astrology, Sun is the main significator of health, fame, and status and accordingly, all the individuals of each zodiac sign have different favorable and unfavorable planets. All natives have their own lucky colour and gemstone and the use of colours according to the ascendant and lucky days will be beneficial for all moon signs. The utilization of colours can be compiled under one moon sign with different attributes of clothes, emotions, days, gemstones hues beneficial for career, immune system, auspicious days etc.

We will compile a small treasure of colours for all moon signs-

  1. ARIES-




Lucky colour- White and Yellow

Avoid colour- Blue, Black and Green

Nature- Fiery and Moveable sign

Emotional quotient- Energetic, Aggressive

Lucky day- Tuesday

Lucky gemstone- Red coral

A colour of clothes - Purple is the colour that defines the depth of spirituality and has the highest vibration. So, more of this colour in your wardrobe will define the will to help you to realize your true caliber and the fulfillment that you seek.



Planet- Venus


Lucky colour- Pink and White [including] Green

Avoid colour- Yellow and Red

Nature- Possessive and Earthy sign

Emotional quotient- Stability

Lucky day- Friday

Lucky gemstone- Diamond

Colours of clothes -This year Taurus natives will be active in reforms related to environment and change in social norms. So, the colour of nature and tranquility is green which will promote them to deal with unpredictable energy in the year ahead.



Planet- Mercury

Colour- Green

Lucky Colour- Light Green and Yellow

Avoid Colour- Blue and Red

Nature- Airy and Dual Sign

Emotional Quotient- Curiosity and Anxiety

Lucky Day- Wednesday

Lucky Gemstone- Emerald

Colours of Clothes - Gemini natives will have the most meaningful year ahead in the year 2021 as they will welcome the forthcoming changes that will guide them through their destiny. Lavender colour keeps their aura strong and clear that will guide and help them to win over their anxiety to achieve mental strength and clarity.





Lucky Colour- White, Red, and Yellow

Avoid Colour- Red and Blue

Nature- Watery and Moveable Sign

Emotional Quotient- Fear and Emotional

Lucky Day- Monday

Lucky Gemstone- Pearl

Colours of Clothes - Cancer sign will be activated in mind and actions for the transformation in the year 2021 as they will get a strength of sense of identification and inner power. Clothes of Burgundy rich colour will enhance them with rich and sophisticated vibrations, which aligns to this sign and will bring in tenacity [determination] and strength.

  1. LEO




Lucky Colour- Yellow, Orange, and Golden

Avoid Colour- Blue and Green

Nature- Fiery and Fixed Sign

Emotional Quotient- Pride and Ego

Lucky Day- Sunday

Lucky Gemstone- Ruby

Colours of Clothes - This year will test the Leos of their flexibility and the power of adaptability, where they will curb their inner ego. So, red colour is the colour of confidence and power to harness their energy and aggression and to learn to convert it into constructive energy.

  1. VIRGO-




Lucky Colour- Green, Light Yellow, and White

Avoid Colour-Red

Nature- Dual and Earth Element Sign

Emotional Quotient- Perfection and High Expectation

Lucky Day- Wednesday

Lucky Gemstone- Emerald

Colours of Clothes - Virgos will be in the quest of making their grounds concrete in all aspects of life in the year 2021, for which they have selected certain basic elements of survival from the last year. Earthy shades like Brown will help Virgo to connect with their survival grounds with stability, which is aligned to this sign with the base of strong focus and hard work.





Lucky Colour- White and Light Blue

Avoid Colour-Red

Nature- Airy and Moveable Sign

Emotional Quotient- Romantic

Lucky Day- Friday

Lucky Gemstone- Diamond

Colours of Clothes - Libras in the year of 2021 has stored baskets of fun and play so it is natural that their colour would be yellow in terms of clothing, which is the colour of creativity. So, this year yellow colour will help to manifest more happiness to cover up any previous setback in any aspect of life.





Lucky Colour- White, Red and Chocolate, Dark Yellow, Orange

Avoid Colour-Blue and Green

Nature- Fixed and Watery Sign

Emotional Quotient- Jealousy

Lucky Day- Tuesday

Lucky Gemstone- Red Coral

Colours of Clothes - Scorpio’s have bundle of surprises in their 2021 year bag, which is not appreciated by these individuals. So, to prepare them for these changes electric Blue colour clothes will fulfill this job by bringing the expected action and excitement in their lives very smoothly.



Planet- Jupiter


Lucky Colour- Dark Yellow and Orange, Green and Cream

Avoid Colour- Blue

Nature- Fiery and Dual Natured

Emotional Quotient- Wise but Careless

Lucky Day- Thursday

Lucky Gemstone- Yellow Sapphire

Colours of Clothes - Sagittarius native’s journey through the year 2021 will be the base of releasing your past in order to make way for the progress of events for future. Dark colours and rich textures like deep blues and forest greens will help you to shed your old weakness and accumulate new strength.




Colour- Black

Lucky Colour- Khaki, Black, Purple, Dark Green and Dark Brown

Avoid Colour- Red and Yellow

Nature- Moveable Earth Sign

Emotional Quotient- Boredom or Pessimistic

Lucky Day- Saturday

Lucky Gemstone- Blue Sapphire

Colours of Clothes - Capricorn natives will have the theme for the year 2021 is the catering of monetary gains and manifestation of power, which is similar to their nature. So wearing dark green will help the Capricorns to attract abundance of monetary gains in their wallets also progress in other aspects of life.





Lucky Colour- Light Blue, Purple, White and Bright Colours

Avoid Colour-Dark Blue and Green

Nature- Fixed and Airy Sign

Emotional Quotient- Loneliness

Lucky Day- Saturday

Lucky Gemstone- Blue Sapphire

Colours of Clothes - The strength of the Aquarians in the year 2021 is to move ahead with improvisations of new innovative ideas and these are best visible in your traits more by using the colour of royalty and stardom –Gold in your wardrobe and clothes which will enhance you among the crowd.





Lucky Colour-Yellow, Orange, and Pink

Avoid Colour-Black and Dark Bright Colour

Nature- Dual Natured and Watery Sign

Emotional Quotient- Patience and Sad

Lucky Day- Thursday

Lucky Gemstone- Yellow Sapphire

Colours of Clothes - Pisces during the year 2021 will bring forward dreamy vibes and romance, making the colour pink to wear, as they move ahead in the year. Pink is associated with inner peace and harmony and this trend will be prevalent the whole year around.