Quadrantids meteor shower 2021

2021’s first meteor shower, Quadrantids meteor shower is taking place between 2nd and 3rd January in the northern part of the sky. Find out what the Most Spectacular Meteor shower means for your zodiac sign.

Quadrantids meteor shower 2021


Meteors are nothing but chunks or debris of space rocks that enter our atmosphere cause a spectacular show of light like shooting stars. In astronomical language, these are known as meteor showers. In total, we can witness as many as 112 meteor showers. However, on a separate note, they do not play a very major role in astrology. Some astrologers believe that this cosmic debris evaporates as soon as they enter the earth. Therefore, they do not have any major impact on us. However, the energy that these meteor showers create has some potential effect on us, especially those meteor showers, which occur regularly.

Considering the fact that these showers emanate from some constellations, they possess the characteristics related to that constellation. Even after the meteor vaporizes, the matter they bring with them is assimilated by the earth, and thus its effect cannot be negated at all.

Science says that meteors are stardust and the origin of life is connected with the stardust. The stardust is a bunch of elements that supported life in primitive times on earth. The presence of elements that constitute life in a meteor, signify its link and importance.

The transformation of these meteors into energy is a phenomenon that shows its impact on our connection with the universal cosmic world through the change of energy.

Understanding Meteor Shower: Astrological Significance

Astrologically, these showers being cosmic dust represent many things. These particles made of dust and ice, represent our hidden aspirations. These dust debris are always up there but they sparkle only when they enter the earth’s atmosphere. Hence, we can symbolically say that this is the right time to manifest personal desires and look out for the beauty or shine out of our dead dreams like dust.

It also represents the spiritual rise and gain of wisdom. One of the major impacts, which can be derived astrologically, is the change and transformation that takes place during the lunar or solar eclipse. The meteor showers bring positive energy and hope for looking forward to more exciting experiences.

January Meteor shower: Astrological and Scientific phenomenon

The first major meteor shower that we can see in the year 2021 is the Quadrantid meteor shower, which will take place on the night between 2nd and 3rd January in the northern part of the sky. In the U.S., the Pre-dawn sky of 3rd January would be the best to witness the show in the northern hemisphere. At the time of Quadrantids meteor shower, we can expect 30-40 meteors per hour near its peak time However, the peak will be extremely narrow in terms of the time. Also, the waning gibbous moon may hide the full spectacle.

This meteor shower retains its name Quadrantids from its original constellation Quadrans Muralis, which is not considered as a constellation anymore. The main brilliance or radiant part of this shower is seen near the brightest star Arcturus at the northern tip of the constellation Bootes.

Scientific astronomy states that the planet Jupiter has a significant role in the Quadrantids stream. Starting from the early research by W.F Denning and Mrs. Fiammetta Wilson in 1918 and then photographed shreds of evidence by S. E. Hamid and M. N. Youssef in the year 1963 proved that the streams parent comet was captured by Jupiter some 4000 Years ago and thereafter, the meteors developed on the path. Reference: http://meteorshowersonline.com/quadrantids.html)

Quadrantids meteor shower: Religious, Spiritual, Traditional and Astrological beliefs

According to Ancient Greek Astronomer Ptolemy, meteors resulted in the action of Gods looking upon the curtain between their and our world.

For the constellation Bootes, Ptolemy suggested its characters like Mercury and Saturn. He associated the characteristics of Arcturus with that of Mars and Jupiter conjunction. The famous Astrologer Alvidas however gave it the qualities of Venus and Mercury. Looking at the position of the constellation in the stellar sphere, the Arcturus constellation can be considered as the SWATI Nakshatra in the Vedic Astrology language. Swati is ruled by the demon head Rahu and is placed in the Libra sign whose lord is Venus.

Thus, the effects can be considered as a combined reflection of Mercury, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter along with Venus and Rahu. Ptolemy said that those who are born under this constellation are likely to incline towards occult science. Also, they may develop strong desires and attain professional success in life.

Kabalists however associated Arcturus with the Mercury-oriented characteristics where they believed that the major thing would be to handle the King’s treasure. In Greek philosophy, Bootes is considered as the protector just like Jupiter.

Considering the above co-relation of the major planets and their impact on the constellation, Bootes and the planets associated with Quadrantids meteor shower state that the intellect of the planet Mercury combined with the wisdom of Jupiter, courage from Mars, and prosperity and dreams from Venus can bring about a completely new transformation and structure.

During the time of Quadrantids showers this year in 2021, there are some significant planetary transits taking place.

Even though Jupiter is debilitated in the Capricorn sign, yet it shows a rise after fall. This is because its Lord, Saturn, will conjunct Jupiter during this period.

Similarly, Sun will conjunct Mercury in the sign of Jupiter which reveals that a royal power will be retained after making wise decisions based on intellect.

Mars will be in its sign and opposition to the mutual aspect with Libra. This is the home of the constellation where the meteor shower will take place in 2021. This planetary transit may make you short-tempered causing stress in life.

Saturn’s influence on Libra indicates something ‘very intense’. The hidden and suppressed ideas or insights on the economic, political, religious front may come out in public at this time. Public, government, society, and nation may go through periods of drifting apart from each other. As a result, groups may start forming.

However, all this transformation will ultimately change the world for a new paradigm shift and something more valuable and significant might come out.

The formation of meteor showers in the Libra sign and Swati Nakshatra, the centermost Nakshatra indicates balanced energies after a few changes.

SWATI is a Nakshatra or Godly star, which is moveable. It represents a person who loves to travel and can leave the material attachments. Swati is also known as an ‘independent star’ which signifies unorthodox thinkers.

Vayu, the God of Air, is the deity of Swati. which denotes temporary changes. Hence, the activities related to movements like buying vehicles, going on a journey or some temporary movement may happen during this period. Do not make any important decisions at this time. The intellectual airy sign will, however, make you introspect and will give the insight that would lead you towards more thoughtful actions.

Since Quadrantids meteor showers occur due to the debris constituting the different elements, we can see their effect on zodiac signs related to that particular element. As we know that all zodiac signs are classified into four different elements i.e. fire, earth, air, and water, the meteor showers have different effects on all four sets of the signs.

What the Most Spectacular Meteor shower means for your zodiac sign

  1. Fire Signs

For the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) the Quadrantids meteor showers of 2021 will bring auspicious results in your life. You will be admired for your determination and will walk the right path in life. You will feel more passionate about your job and work.

However, ensure that you do not let any temporary glitch distract you. Continue working towards success. You will face competition in life, however, it will be a temporary phase. So, do not let these things bother you. Eventually, you will come off with flying colors.

  1. Earth Signs

For the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) this event will bring you close to your luck and you will let your hidden potential come out of the closet. Listen to your intuition and work accordingly. Your family will support you in all your endeavors. You would need to take some time out of your busy schedule and live in the moment. Being practical is good, but, every action starts with a dream. So believe in yourself and don’t give up.

  1. Air Signs

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are generally very inquisitive and curious. The natives belonging to these moon signs analyze information before making any final decision. The Quadrantids meteor shower brings an important message for the natives born under Gemini, Libra and Aquarius moo sign -Calculation and strategic planning are very important while starting any new work, however, overemphasizing things can lead to the loss of opportunities. Hence, you should always be ready to grab any opportunity that comes your way. Also, there are strong chances that you will get amazing opportunities during this time because of which you will thrive at work.

  1. Water Signs

Natives belonging to the water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are very sentimental yet intuitive. These people have a philosophical message hidden in them which becomes apparent during the Quadrantids meteor showers. It says, “Let go of things not meant for you and stop clinging to the past. Also, believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go and things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they are right.