The dark side of Leo persons

Leo moon sign makes for a generous and confident personality that craves for a lots of attention. However, being too much in the spotlight can make one anxious about losing their charm behind someone's shadow. Read more to understand the negative traits of a Leo moon sign.

The dark side of Leo persons


The most royal sign of the zodiac, Leo is the only sign ruled by the king of all the planets, which is the Sun. The animal symbol of Leo itself is Lion, the king among the animals. In astrology, Leo represents intelligence, emotions, intellectual and mental talents, memory, creativity, romance, sexual relationships, speculative gains progeny, wisdom, ancient sciences, training, fall from the position, social life, socialization, arts, and entertainment. The Sun is a fire planet and it is amazing the representative of sensuous things like arts, love, sex, children, and emotions.

Leo can be your Rising sign, the Sun sign or the Moon sign. Each sign should be studied in a different way. Yet all these signs have a general trait and we are going to see what they are

The Positive Side of Leo’s

Whether you are a Leo Rising, Sun and Moon sign it shows you are at various levels. Whatever it is the Sun is the major influencer in your life. The Sun is the representation of a loyal nature. It is providing support to the universe and it never stops its duty. The whole universe revolves around the Sun. So, the loyal nature of the Sun is visible in a Leo ascendant. Like the Sun, they like an independent existence. They like the crowd around them ad they know they are magnetic. We all know how the lion is in his group. They like to stay silent most of the time and watches everything around him.

For a Leo person, their family is very important. They may be very strict with their family and that may make their family members feel that they are little self-oriented, which can cause rifts in the relationship. Like the lion has a territory, these people don’t like anyone in the family crossing those lines. They have a fan following near them. They are very calculative in their communications.

There may be many animals in the forest, but when the lion roars, everyone becomes watchful. They want their children to be very disciplined and spiritual because Jupiter rules their children. They want to get involved in their children’s life. There will be some connection with the administration and government in their life. They will have an attraction for mystical sciences too. Leos will have their own political and religious views. It will be very difficult for them to leave their ideas. They can even have crazy ideas regarding their faith and belief system. They cannot be easily influenced.

They like to be the center of attraction and creative sector will be an ideal stage for their profession. They like getting applause and praises. They are very eager to know about their friends and they can have technical knowledge. Most of the Leo rising can have a long-term project with group settings. They are very confident about their group settings and main influencer among the group settings. They will try to take the lead and others may not have much problem with that.

The Negative Side of Leos

The King like corrections, but only when it is coated with a lot of praises. In the evening he may go to the bed and think twice about the advice and try to analyze it critically and brood over. Then he may come back the next day and act if he found anything offended him and disrupted his sleep in the night.

The Sun indicates ego in astrology and a Leo is also known for the same. They don’t like to get questioned or get corrected. The pride can be too much if a negative planet is aspecting the Sun. In the relationship, they will keep a boundary for everything. In marriage, this person will direct their spouse. They may be very direct and that can make others insecure.

The Sun is the indicator for the soul in astrology. The Leo Sun is very particular about truthfulness and they literally hate fraud and lies. It will be very hard for Leo to forgive and forget.

The Leo woman is known for their arrogant nature. They will naturally expect their spouse to follow their rules. They are always ambitious, without being realistic. Their spouse may feel uncomfortable as the Leo woman are always self-centered. That is their innate nature and the spouse has to make some adjustments and sacrifices to have a good life. The seventh house rules spouse and Saturn rule the seventh house for Leo, which is an enemy of Saturn, their spouse can have opposite qualities of the Sun. That may help them to sustain their marriage.

Leos are not good at being followers and for them, it will be difficult to take orders instead of giving. So, working under someone can give them an identity crisis. They like to be independent and own bosses.

They like praises and glories. So, the best way to appreciate a Leo is to appreciate, and be humble to them.