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What Power Color to Flaunt if you are a Libra!

The Power of Colors

Colors have exceptional powers and strength to themselves. In this world where we have to be in constant hope of being stable enough to live a happy and fulfilling life, there are just a few things that give emotional stability and peace. One of the most giving among them being nature. Nature in all its beauty and variety, has the power to rejuvenate our senses and give us a feeling of fulfillment. With the diverse beauties that nature presents us with, colors add their own charm to it to make it all the more beautiful and pleasing to us. With so many colors to enjoy and choose from, every one of us has our own very on favorite that we go back to every time and use it in our daily life. Thus the reason why everyone of us chooses a different color as the most favorite and why not everyone gets a serene feeling with the use of an universal choice.

Our temperament, emotions, feelings, and sentiments are all affected greatly by colors, and so, the kind of color our heart gets attached to is greatly influenced by what kind of a person we are and what vibes our stars have kept ready for us. Vedic Astrology believes that every zodiac sign has its own power color, which is the luckiest for them. using this power color, would definitely give the native an advanced form of energy to deal thing with, and also give him/her the positive vibes, luck, and fortune required to get ahead in life. Apart from this, the power color meant for you would also bring about an agitation towards a hostile rival, and motivate you by empowering you to take action. It would also bring about a healing energy when you need to de-stress and calm yourself from all life’s tensions.

How is ‘Pure White’ the Power color for a Libra?

It has often been said that nothing is as simple, pure, and strong as the color ‘white’ as it has every other color of the spectrum in it. As a result, white has the most powerful of all vibrations, and also is the one color that is related to the highest level and most powerful of all spiritual experiences. White symbolizes youthful innocence, purity, humbles, and peace, and is also representative of the element of Air. The beauty of White on the substantive level can be felt, seen, and experienced and everyone of us knows that no matter how bright the colors might be, white has its own aura, and one that speaks of royalty in itself.

The color ‘pure white’, is the color of the planet ‘Venus’, and as Libra is ruled by it, so the most luckiest color for this zodiac sign would be ‘pure white’. The power color ’pure white’ can present a very subtle, serene, and peaceful vibe, to all those who embrace it; and this is evident from the way it emanates positivity all around itself.

Vedic Astrology believes that the color best suited for us as per our zodiac signs, would give us positivity and the energy to go on doing things that demand our utmost attention and our luck and fortune too. Regarded as an inherently positive color, it is associated with purity, virginity, light, cleanliness, heaven, safety, brilliance, illumination, understanding, and faith. Apart from these qualities, it also is an embodiment of spirituality, new possibilities, sincerity, protection, humility, perfection, and has the energy that gives us the zeal to start something new.

Before the start of something new, or at the beginning of a successful start, the faith that the color white would give is incomparable to any other. Its depiction of faith and purity, helps represent coolness and simplicity, and also lets anyone in and around the color feels its vibe. Since historical times, white has been used as  a traditional color that calls out for purity, spirituality, and peace. There is a sense of freedom in peace with the color white.

Since the color white being your power color needs to be embraced and used, keep it in mind to wear it when you go for important occasions or have  a very confused state of mind when you need clarity. White would be your support for luck and be with you in all cases. Also try to inculcate white in and around you, in your home and workplace so that the positive vibes it would have for you does not leave you easily. It aids us in the purification of the mind by aiding mental clarity, and promoting fresh beginnings and renewals of old thoughts that need to be cleansed. It would also assist you in removing the clutter from your mind and house and steer you clear of the obstacles, and then encourage pure thoughts and action.

The gemstone for Libras, which are power stones for them, would be Diamond or Opal, as they are believed to create new beginnings, remove prejudice, and pre-conceived notions. These stones are the representative of the planet Venus and empower the wearer to see the innocence in others, and to remove emotional clutter, and also silence the inner critic which stops us from getting ahead in life with a clear mind.

Friendly colors for a Libra

The colors that would be friendly for a Libra are Blue and Green. These colors apart from pure white would be best for any auspicious occasion, and would thus bring a sense of fulfillment, fortune and positivity for the native who uses them, being a Libra.

Colors to avoid for auspicious occasions

Vedic Astrology also believes in the fact that apart from power colors suited for every zodiac sign, there are colors, which are of least prominence for every sign, so much so that we should avoid using them in times we need luck and fortune to be on our side, like during auspicious occasions. For a Libra, the colors that should be avoided, as advised by Vedic Astrology, are Red and Pink, as they are the colors of the enemy planet of Venus.