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Coping up with Diabetes through Astrology

With the advent of new-age technology and a bevy of gadgets to keep us entertained, while just sitting on the chair, our life has indeed become sedentary. Long hours at office, lack of play area, time constraints, ease of getting household supplies with just a call, and so on. The list is endless. Every single opportunity that let us get out and of the house and work physically, has been substituted by feasible options just at a stone’s throw. We have numerous reasons as excuses for being lazy and living a sedentary life, and that mostly happens in urban areas to be precise. There still aren’t enough people who take the initiative to take out at least an hour of their busy lives and invest in in self-care for the body’s own benefit. One can go walking, jogging, cycling, gymming, even practice yoga, or some kind of sport to stay active, as per their own liking. Somehow, most of us miss out on the positive effects physical activity bestows upon us, and slowly move an inch towards various lifestyle diseases that could be with us for a lifetime.

Influence of our lifestyle

 So, if an individual is lazy, irregular with their eating habits, skipping breakfasts, eating rich and adulterated foods, and all this while is avoiding exercise, he has high chances of developing Diabetes, and thus facing the consequences. Another major contributing factor is stress. Our day-to-day lives are marred by stress; high demanding jobs, peer pressure, erratic sleep and food habits, lack of exercise etc. It is thereby advisable to find out ways and remedies to try to either delay diabetes or prevent it from attacking us, by changing our lifestyle at the earliest. In addition, for all those who have already been a victim to it, Astrology does have remedial measures that can help you cope up with this disease and let you lead a better life.

Understanding Diabetes

Firstly, let us understand what does the disease Diabetes actually mean. In general, terms, Diabetes is a condition where there is too much glucose (a type of sugar) in the blood. The body uses glucose as its main source of energy. Glucose comes from foods that contain carbohydrates, which is released and absorbed into the bloodstream after the digestion of food. The glucose in the bloodstream needs to move into body tissues so that cells can use it for energy. Excess glucose is stored in the liver, or converted to fat and stored in other body tissues. Diabetes can be either type I or type II depending on various health conditions of an individual.

While diabetes is now an inherited disease, horoscope analysis through Vedic astrology is an effective medium to find out in advance whether one may or may not suffer from this disease. Fortunately, Vedic astrology also offers many remedies and solutions to battle diabetes. Let us explore the astrological reasons contributing to diabetes based on one’s birth chart/horoscope:

  • Undeniably, genes play an essential role in determining how much a person is prone to the disease. It could be inherited from one’s ancestors, parents – both maternal or paternal or even due to lifestyle. In one’s birth chart, Jupiter is the planet, which gives us information, about one’s past life, deeds and Venus indicates all information about the family in which the person has taken birth. Therefore, to know about diabetes, these two planets are analyzed. If Jupiter is not placed well in the horoscope, it can lead to obesity and issues related to the pancreas, which then leads to insulin imbalance, and therefore, type II diabetes. When one is piling on weight, it is an indication from Jupiter that their deeds are not being channeled in the right direction.
  • Analyzing Venus in the birth chart leads to the formation or diagnosis or type I diabetes. This is commonly known as inherited diabetes. If there is a family history of diabetes, the person maybe trapped in it. This is because Venus rules over family, i.e. house 2 which is ruled by Taurus sun sign. Bad Venus damages the white blood cells when protecting the body from toxins and in the fight against harmful viruses. This weakens the body, requiring one to depend on medicines and irregular lifestyle. This leads to diabetes. The damaged blood cells are inherited by following generations and hence, even the type I diabetes.

Astrological Factors that might aid Diabetes

There are some astrological transits and aspects, which might predict that the native might have chances of procuring diabetes. Moreover, knowing about the prospects could help us understand our body better, and also work on it so that we are able to avoid it.

  • When Venus or Jupiter transits into the 6th house or 8th house, the native might be prone to Diabetes.
  • The malefic influence of some planets on Venus and Jupiter might also lead to falling prey to Diabetes.

Apart from these, there are a number of factors that astrologically detect the onset of Diabetes or probability of developing the disease. To read in detail, please read our detailed article on the same.

Remedial Measures

Some remedial measures can be followed for all those who have been afflicted with diabetes or have the risks of being prey to the disease.

  • You can donate food related to the Jupiter, like chickpeas, and Venus, like Fox nuts, so that you strengthen these planets.
  • Venus signifies clean water to be surrounded around you. So take care to not let water be store near your house, or in the drains, as water logging and blocked water would become stinky and weaken Venus.


The use of gemstones helps considerably when it comes to keeping health affects at bay, and even controlling it. We suggest you wear a ring with an opal or a yellow sapphire, set in gold.

For your specific needs our astrologers can help you know what would be exactly best for you, referring to your birth horoscope.