Lucky Colours for Each Day of the Week

Colours have their own significance and cultural importance. We are all drawn to different colours and yet, there is a lucky colour assigned for different days a week. Find out about colour therapy and what works the best for each day.

Lucky Colours for Each Day of the Week


Vedic Astrology offers a color theory for pacifying the planets based on the “science of light” or colours. Jyotish [Astrology] is one of the six scholarly disciplines that used to support traditional Vedic rituals.

The concept of Jyotish or Astrology originated in India that explains the planetary pattern which take place at the time of birth in any horoscope. The planetary strength/weakness combinations in the birth chart are the mirror to our potential.

There are numerous rituals, traditions or color therapy that can be implemented to enhance the strength of the planets.

According to Astrology, each day of the week has its own personal planet. The day/planet pairing is very clear by its name whereas some days have to be referred from the ancient texts for their pairing planet.

We will streamline the list of the importance of the colour each day of the week holds.

  1. Monday: First day of the week.
  • Colour - White
  • Planet - Moon


Moon represents mother, emotions, mind, power, happiness, interest, wealth, sleep, and water. Moon fosters the emotional quotient of our mind and body.

Therefore, Mondays is best for harboring your stress by energizing your positive energy.

The optimal of the light blue, white, silver and any similar hue of white will be beneficial for you.

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  1. Tuesday: Second day of the week.
  • Colour - Red
  • Planet - Mars


Mars represents courage, authority, property, and competition. Mars is a fiery planet which bestows zest and very strong and vibrant energy.

Astrology advises to avoid travel, marriage, conceptions, and negotiations etc.

At the same time, activities like athletic endeavors, competitions can be promoted on Tuesday.

The optimal use of red and orange colour or shades of red and orange will be beneficial for you on Tuesday.

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  1. Wednesday: Third day of the week.
  • Colour - Green
  • Planet - Mercury


The cerebral planet Mercury controls your intelligence, business prospects, logical reasoning, and academics.

It also exhibits your child like energy and wit through intelligent communication. Wednesday is the day to heal and take care of yourself.

The optimal use of green colour or shades of green will be beneficial for you.

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  1. Thursday: Fourth day of the week.
  • Colour -Yellow
  • Planet - Jupiter


Jupiter is a social planet associated with spending quality time with your loved ones. This is the planet of goodness, generosity, abundance, and luck.

On this day, the act of kindness and donating your time and money is considered auspicious.

The optimal use of yellow colour or shades of yellow on Thursday will enhance your luck quotient with abundance and prosperity.

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  1. Friday: Fifth day of the week.
  • Colour - White, Pink, light Purple
  • Planet - Venus


Venus is the divine planet, feminine in nature which is deeply connected with love. It signifies your marriage, love relationship, creativity, luxury, wealth, and beauty.

The optimal use of white and pink or shades of white and pink will muster up your brains and beauty in one swing to get creative in your personal and professional instincts.

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  1. Saturday: Sixth day of the week.
  • Colour - Black
  • Planet - Saturn


Saturn is the ruling planet of Saturday. It signifies age, debts, disease, cruel actions, anger, bad karma, and pain. On the positive side it offers possession of technical studies, foreign language, and agricultural business.

Saturday is considered to bring delay in your life process. However, at the commencement of the week it invites you to rejuvenate in your soul by purifying your mind and getting ready for another cycle.

The optimal use of black and navy blue colours or the shades of navy blue and black will be beneficial for your overall progress.

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  1. Sunday: Seventh day of the week.
  • Colour - Yellow
  • Planet - Sun


The last day of the week is Sunday and it is related to the planet Sun. Sun signifies glory, power, honor, ego, soul, and bravery. It also caters to relationship and bonding with you and your father.

Sun is believed to be the reflection of the soul therefore Sunday is considered a very auspicious day to dedicate it to your spiritual pursuits.

The optimal use of orange, red and yellow colours or shades of orange, red and yellow colour will bring the blessings of Sun in all your pursuits.

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In Vedic culture, the planetary combinations play a very significant role in the success and loss in any native’s life. It is well depicted in his/her horoscope. Colour therapy in astrology is considered as a boon for health, positive energy and over all progress.