How Lazy Are You: An Astrological Analysis of Zodiac Signs

(Moon Sign Based)

Who doesn’t love to laze around in their free time? While for some of you, being idle can be a way to spend some alone time, while for others being lazy is simply the way of life. Check out which one you are, based on your zodiac moon sign.

How Lazy Are You: An Astrological Analysis of Zodiac Signs


Life is very hectic and full of activities to fulfill our professional targets and personal aspirations. So, to meet all these dimensions, we as humans spend a lot of time working and following a busy and hectic schedule.

Imagine a Sunday – no pressure of going to work, no slogging the whole day through. A Sunday with no responsibilities, where you can just be cooped up in your bed, order in good food and binge watch movies. Is it ideal or idle for you?

While for some of you lazy souls, this might be the idea of a perfect Sunday, while for the other lot, Sunday would be spent in fulfilling the domestic and personal responsibilities in life. Not that we judge, it’s perfectly alright to spend your free day at your own leisure. But the mindset behind how you spend your free day determines how lazy you are. Not that being lazy is bad, but you’d have to be really smart about it so that you are not called out on it.

This forecast is based on your Vedic Moon Sign. If you are not aware of your Vedic Moon Sign, find out instantly for free by filling the data below:

Each sign of the zodiac has their own distinctive way of doing every activity which reveals the depth of their laziness. The exclusive laziest thing that each zodiac sign will do, depends on the unique ability of astrology to reveal the individual’s personality traits and how each sign will act and react towards any prevailing situation.

Find out here how lazy your zodiac sign is, based on Vedic Astrology principles.

How Lazy is your zodiac sign?

  1. Aries

You are energetic and dynamic and far from being lazy. You are one of the hardest working zodiac signs out there, always beaming with youthful energy. As an Aries native, you are goal oriented and always like to be on the top of your game. You are motivated and often inspire others to work towards achieving their goals. You do not believe in procrastination and work spontaneously to get your job done. It is not that you do not believe in lazing around, spending idle time by yourself but you are far too motivated to be wasting time when there are so many important stuffs that needs to be accomplished before time runs out.

  1. Taurus

You are a homebody who loves the comfort of your homes but the same time you are a responsible and dedicated individual. Taurus natives are tenacious and slog off to finish your work on time. You are not afraid of working hard. However, what you dislike is working too much. Your fondness for comfort gives way to complacency at times, earning you the title of being lazy and laidback. You treat work as a responsibility which you carry out with sincerity. However, it is not a high priority. Comfort supersedes everything else. You enjoy doing nothing and just idly spend your time.

  1. Gemini

Being the dual sign that you are, you tend to be selectively lazy. At times you are super pumped up and motivated to get all your ducks on a row. At other times, when the work is mundane and not exciting enough for you, you tend to slack off. You are talkative and curious and have too much dynamism in you to be labelled lazy. You are intelligent and have the ability to use all the information that you have gathered in a versatile manner. In terms of work or academics, you are highly driven. However, when it comes to your personal life, you lack the vigor and activeness to do something about it.

  1. Cancer

You are a slow and a steady worker. You are emotionally driven and prefer to work at your own pace. As a Cancer native, you are not competitive and believe that everyone has their own speed and rhythm that they adhere to. Home is your safe space, and you enjoy that comfort a lot. You are not outgoing and enterprising. Generally, you prefer to stick to your comfort zone. Sometimes your high emotions interfere with your productivity. You are prone to procrastination and can laze around all day. Cancer natives are over thinkers, and you can spend time fretting about a possible problem and worry yourself about the outcome. In a nutshell, you are possibly quite lazy and not driven by the rat race.

  1. Leo

It might come as a surprise to know that laziness is the biggest weakness of the Leo natives. Ruled by the Lion and the Sun, one would imagine Leo natives to be always active and industrious. You enjoy the limelight and the popularity that comes with it. However, you are not the biggest fan of hard work. You use your charm and the raw appeal to get out of difficult work and it often works. Sometimes because of your charisma, you get it easy in life and you maneuver your moves accordingly. Since you are already loved and adored, you do not feel enough motivated to put in the extra work. You love to enjoy your free time and fun activities and often that hinders your productivity.

  1. Virgo

The word lazy simply doesn’t exist in your life. You have no time to languish in life. You are driven, motivated and are known for your hardworking attitude. Being a perfectionist, you often end up taking more time and perfecting your work and act. Since you want the final outcome of any job to be perfect, you work more than necessary and are critical of your work. You leave no stones upturned with your detail-oriented work and ethics. That is why, you simply do not have any lazy bone in your body. You are easily the most hard-working zodiac sign.

  1. Libra

You are quite balanced in this regard – a perfect blend of hard work and lazing around. When you are high on energy, you get work done in a jiffy and with great expertise and efficiency. However, when you are fatigued, which is quite often, you become a master at procrastination. You enjoy group activities and are a great team player. In a social set up and with your friend circle, you are extroverted, energetic and high on vigor. You are not afraid of working hard or more when it excites you. However, having to do something alone, often brings out your stalling capabilities. Represented by the scales as you are, you balance this attribute perfectly.

  1. Scorpio

As a Scorpio native, you are highly determined and motivated. You are quite passionate about your work and responsibilities and are very attentive towards it. You like to be in control and command. However, you are sometimes marred by the emotional challenges that you face, but rather than confronting your emotions, you delve deeper in your work to keep yourself busy. You do not believe in short cuts and always give your 100 percent and work with commitment. However, you are quite drawn to finer things in life and often indulge in those guilty pleasures. You have a thirst for power and know how and when to work towards it. Lazy, you are not.

  1. Sagittarius

You are a happy-go-lucky person, who moves and grooves to your own rhythm. Lazy, you are not, but you like to slow cruise through life. You do not like being in a rush and gravitate in a slow motion, enjoying the little things. Sagittarius natives do not like restricting themselves and believe in real freedom. Not a fan of routine, mundane and daily chores bore you to no end. You are not particularly lazy. However, you just like to take things slow and live in the moment. You are active and motivated when it comes to being outdoors to have a good time or to travel. At the same time, you are extremely commitment phobic. So, for any important work, you cannot quite be relied upon due to your dilly-dallying attitude.

  1. Capricorn

Capricorn natives are driven by motivation and inspiration to work hard. You can give quite a stiff competition to Virgo natives in terms of being hard working and being committed to work. Moreover, you are a workaholic who prioritizes their work and responsibility over everything else. When you get any free time, you’d think of how you can use the time to do something constructive. You do not enjoy the idea of doing nothing. Therefore, being languid and idle is almost unimaginable to you. You are too ambitious and driven to allow any scope for laziness in your life.

  1. Aquarius

You are curious, intelligent, and unconventional. You do not have time for boring mundane work. As an Aquarius native, you are driven by social and humanitarian causes. You will put in all your efforts in manifesting the change that you want to bring about. However, for the daily tasks and work that you are entrusted with, you have no patience for them and leave them for the last moment. You are quite temperamental and have eccentric views on life. You are known to delay or prolong any activities which is not to your interest. Therefore, you can be called a glorified lazy or selective lazy person. However, you are quite prone to it.

  1. Pisces

Being dreamy and imaginative have earned you the label of being lazy. You would like to be quite a hands-on person. However, you tend to be all over the places due to the lack of focus. You love your fantasy world more than the reality you live in. Therefore, you tend to become masters of procrastination. You will delay any activity till the last moment, as you will be busy with your own ingenious world. This world is far more interesting than the mundane and ordinary world we live in. To sum up, yes, Pisces natives, you are extremely lazy.

Being lazy or super active depends a lot on your inherent characteristics. These attributes can be determined through your moon sign – planetary positions at the time of your birth.


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