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International Day of the Elderly - How to keep your elders happy as per their zodiac signs

Happiness though is a state of mind, requires a lot of work – both at personal and family level. Keeping the elderly people happy is quite a task since they are more prone to fits of mood swings and bursts of impatience. Learn here, how you can keep your elders happy, based on their zodiac signs.

International Day of the Elderly - How to keep your elders happy as per their zodiac signs


Designated by United Nations General Assembly in 1990, the day 1st of October is celebrated as the day of the elderly or older persons. This is a day when the senior citizens of the world are celebrated and their contributions to the society is recognized. This Day is also observed to examine and determine the various issues that affect their lives.

Ageism or prejudice against age is quite a prevalent concept. Often when one grows old, he/she begins to be deemed unfit, unbecoming and incapable. This discrimination and assumption that elderly people are incompetent leads often to neglect and abuse. Granted that with age, physical and mental prowess declines, but what is necessary is to not let that affect the morale of the elderly senior citizens. If they are treated with dignity and not as a dependent, they can have wonderful older years – something all of us should strive to attain for them.

It can be tricky as to come to a common ground as to how to keep the elderly people happy. Different personalities and different zodiac signs pose problems that are typical only to those particular signs. It is thus essential to understand how to keep the different elderly people happy.

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How to keep the elderly people happy based on their zodiac signs:

  1. Aries

Aries, being a fire sign will always remain energetic, bubbly and vivacious, no matter how old they get. Age will always be just a number for these spirited Aries senior citizens. With them, you would need to be spontaneous in order to keep them on their toes. Routine and mundane life bored them to no end, so you will have to inculcate the essence of variety and spice in their lives. They enjoy a competitive edge. They enjoy their individuality and independence, therefore make sure not to encroach on their space. Indulge their adventurous side, it will be bound to keep elderly Aries happy and lively.

  1. Taurus

Taurus, being an earth sign, will remain grounded and down to earth all your life. They will have a practical approach towards life and would like to keep life at a slower pace, as they grow old. The best way to keep elderly Taurus natives happy is to provide them with finer things in life – good food, fine clothes, proper vacations and the likes. Indulge with them in their hobbies like gardening and nature walks etc. You must create chances of equal and responsible household and outside work, which will keep them busy and occupied for them to remain positive and happy.

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  1. Gemini

Elderly Gemini natives are still a child at heart. They will always have a playful nature and an inquisitive mind. The best way to keep a Gemini elderly person happy is to patiently listen to his/her stories of their youthful days. Even as senior citizens, they still excel at communication. It is best to keep their mind active and introduce them to thought provoking intellectual books or movies or concepts. If you can avoid the monotony of life and introduce new things regularly to elderly Gemini natives, you will be able to keep them happy and energetic.

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  1. Cancer

The best way to ensure that elderly Cancer natives are happy is to provide them with love, emotional support and lots of kindness. They require stability and security in life the most. You should ensure that they have a cheerful living space and comfort zone. Being close to their family will make them very happy. You should ensure that their health and wellness are being taken care of. They love to nurture relationships and thus being around friends and family will keep them satisfied and gleeful.

  1. Leo

Leo is a fire sign and no matter how old they become, they will always be passionate, energetic and slightly overbearing. Since Leos are used to being in the spotlight, it must be taken care that they should always remain in the forefront as leaders. You should praise them often, in order to make them feel appreciated and validated. Keep monotony out of the daily routine. Engage with them in their new hobbies, passion and adventures. Elderly Leo natives will be the happiest if they are still able to live life king size, no matter their age.

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  1. Virgo

Virgo, being an earth sign, loves structure and solidness in life. Keeping elderly Virgo natives happy can be quite a task since they are so critical, with extra focus on detail and are often judgmental. Keep them happy by taking care of their health with clean and healthy living and eating, meditation and Yoga. However, a Virgo elderly person will keep them busy with their own career or personal life as they are not dependent on anyone else. You should spend time with them and listen to their success stories, which will make Virgo elderly very happy.

  1. Libra

Libra natives are known to be elegant, charming and beautiful. Even when they age, they age gracefully like fine wine. They love a hearty balance in life and enjoy all things that are beautiful and aesthetic. Keeping them happy means you will have to make sure that they still are able to enjoy all the finer things in life. Maintaining a healthy and wealthy lifestyle will keep them content. You must also engage in their intellectual pursuits. The best way to keep a Libra senior citizen happy is to make sure that they have love and friendship in life, surrounded by their social circle.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio natives, even when getting old, remain intuitive, mysterious and passionate. Scorpio natives are not high on emotions and do not share their sentiments with others. But when someone cares and genuinely reaches out to them, it makes them happy. You should encourage and engage with elderly Scorpio natives in their adventurous and exercise regimes. However, make sure not to interfere in their personal space and let them maintain their distinctiveness, which will keep them happy.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius natives never give up their passion for travel. No matter how old they get, the yearning for travel and mobility will always be there. You must make sure that you never curb their desire for movement. Instead, take them along with you during your trips and outings. Make sure that you keep the elderly Sagittarius native in a healthy lifestyle and pose no restrictions of any kind on them. Keep them engaged in outdoor activities and your elderly Sagittarius will be very happy.

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  1. Capricorn

A Capricorn native would have long planned how exactly they would like to spend their senior years. They will have a proper time bound plan after their retirement. They will have taken care of their health, finances, relationship and remain determined to follow their methodical way of living. You must help the elderly Capricorn to stick to his timelines and his plans and ensure that everything that they wanted, is happening on time. Take the traditionalist approach with them. Being an earth sign, they are quite rooted and grounded. Keep things simple and stick to their life plan, nothing will keep the Capricorn senior citizen happier.

  1. Aquarius

Aquarius natives never stop being quirky. The best way to keep elderly Aquarius happy is to keep them intellectually stimulated and give them new problems to solve. They love technology and buying them new technological gadgets and tools will make them very happy. They will be able to conduct their own experiments and innovations and keeping busy in such a manner will be helpful. It is vital that you help them build a strong social circle and a community, which will give the elderly Aquarius a lot of happiness.

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  1. Pisces

Not even old age can shake the creativity and talent of the Pisces natives. They are super talented and are artistic. As they grow old, they would like to be supported in their various creative ventures – be it art, music or anything else. As long as their emotional wings are not clipped, the elderly Pisces is happy. You have to let them go with the flow and allow their inventive and imaginative mind to flourish. Having a social circle and practicing healthy activities will keep them content and happy.