Yantras: A Powerful Astrology Remedy

Yantra is a Sanskrit term which means tools. Yantras work as protective spell, warding off negative energies of the planets in your horoscope. Know the significance of this Vedic remedy, and how it can change your life.

Yantras: A Powerful Astrology Remedy


Yantras are geometrical figures with auspicious values in our lives and each has a unique importance. Each Planet has its own yantra including Rahu and Ketu. It indicates positive cosmic energy to diminish the evil or negative effects of the planet or Yoga. It symbolizes the divine power, and they are worshipped as other Gods to increase positivity and strength in you.

We can use these yantras in astrology as a remedy for each planet. Placement of different planets in the horoscope gives different results and, on basis of that, we usually suggest remedies. Each yantra has a significance that is peculiar and uniquely related to a planet. It can be used as a gemstone to derive similar benefits as a healing gemstone.

The yantra is cleansed and then purified by holy water, then it is energized through chanting related mantras and worshipping it. Energizing the Yantra makes it charged to be used as a remedy whenever needed.

Importance and use of each Yantra

  1. Sun

Sun is the soul of a native. Sun signifies father, boss, government, leadership, and the likes. Yantra for Sun is useful when Sun is weak in your chart and not capable to give the expected results. Yantra of Sun will help or support you in overcoming problems faced by you in related fields.

  1. Moon

Moon signifies emotions, strong instinct, thoughts, and mind. When Moon is malefic in your horoscope, Moon Yantra proves to be useful to increase the strength of mind and maintain your mental and emotional balance to make you confident.

  1. Mars

Mars in astrology signifies the ability to act towards something. It also represents anger, leadership, energy, and desire. When Mars is malefic in a chart or not capable to give pronounced results, Mars Yantra will be helpful for your career and to increase endurance and energy. It also will be of great use in Marriage or to reduce mangal dosh from your horoscope. It can remove the ill-effects malefic Mars.

  1. Mercury

Mercury in astrology signifies communication, messenger, logic, intelligence, and analytical power. Benefic or favorable Mercury will bestow you with good analytical power and intelligence. If it is malefic in your horoscope, it will affect these things. Mercury yantra will be very much helpful for students, if this yantra is kept on the student’s table and if every day before starting their studies, student offer prayer to it, it will give tremendous results.

  1. Jupiter

Jupiter represents expansion, knowledge, and learning. It will also indicate growth, prosperity, and good fortune. Jupiter Yantra is helpful in strengthening your Jupiter and removes the negative effects of Jupiter in your chart. It will nullify the malefic effects of Jupiter and bless you with power, good position, good health, good money, good children, and family. Also, it increases spiritualism and moral values

  1. Venus

Venus in astrology signifies love, romance, beauty, sensuality, reproduction, sex, marriage, luxury, and pleasures. Venus Yantra is helpful for a good marriage, curtail hurdles in your love and married life. Worship Venus Yantra as it will bestow you with good wealth, luxury, comfort, and happiness. It also increases your charm.

  1. Saturn

Saturn signifies karma and justice, hardship, discipline, principles, property. Saturn Yantra reduce the malefic effects of the planet and gives benefits in your job or business. It increases discipline and sincerity in an individual. It blesses you with honor and respect in society or politics. It also aids in correct judgment.

  1. Rahu

Rahu signifies materialism, mischief, confusion, illusion, addiction, allergies, infection, etc. Rahu Yantra protects you from all evil things like accidents and mishaps. It will bless with good health, longevity, peaceful life. It will give you relief from addiction too.

  1. Ketu

Ketu signifies karmic collection, spiritualism, intelligence, detachment, instinct, etc. Ketu Yantra increases the benefic part of Ketu. It brings prosperity and maturity in an individual. Removes the effects of snakebite or any other sort of poison as well.

Yantra according to your moon sign:

Let us learn about the good and positive effects of different Yantras on the Ascendants (Moon Sign).

Aries - As per the Aries Ascendants (moon sign), Jupiter (Brihaspati) Yantra, Mars (Mangal Yantra, Chandra (Moon) Yantra and Sun (Surya) Yantra will be beneficial.

Taurus - According to the Taurus ascendant (moon sign), Venus (Shukra) Yantra, Lakshmi Yantra, Shree Yantra, Mercury (Buddha) Yantra will be highly effective.

Gemini - As according to the Gemini Ascendant (moon sign), Mercury (Buddha) Yantra, Shree Yantra, Venus (Shukra) Yantra, and Saturn (Shani) Yantra will prove to be extremely beneficial.

Cancer - For the Cancer Ascendant (moon sign), Moon (Chandra) Yantra, Mars (Mangal) Yantra and Jupiter (Brihaspati or Guru) Yantra will be highly profitable.

Leo- Leo as per the Vedic astrology, for the Leo ascendant (moon sign), Sun (Surya) Yantra, Mars (Mangal) Yantra, and Jupiter Yantra is going to be highly effective and beneficial.

Virgo - According to the Vedic Astrology, the Yantras beneficial for the Virgo ascendants are namely, Mercury (Buddha) Yantra, Venus (Shukra) Yantra, Shree Yantra, and the Saturn (Shani) Yantra.

Libra- As per the Libra Ascendant (Moon Sign), Shree Yantra, Venus (Shukra) Yantra, Mercury (Buddha) Yantra, and Saturn (Shani) Yantra are highly beneficial.

Scorpio- According to the Vedic Astrology, and the Scorpio ascendant (moon sign), Mars (Mangal) Yantra, Jupiter (Guru) Yantra, Moon (Chandra) Yantra, and Venus (Shukra) Yantra are the most beneficial Yantras.

Sagittarius- For the Sagittarius Ascendant (moon sign), Jupiter (guru) Yantra, Sun (Surya) Yantra, and Mars (Mangal) Yantra are the most apt Yantras according to the Vedic astrology.

Capricorn- For the Capricorn ascendant (moon sign), Saturn, (Shani) Yantra, Venus (Shukra) Yantra, and Mercury (Buddha) Yantra are the primal Yantras that will bring huge benefits and positive effects in the native’s life according to the Vedic astrology belief.

Aquarius- For the Aquarius Ascendant (moon sign), Saturn (Shani) Yantra, Venus (Shukra) Yantra, and Mercury (Buddha) Yantra are the most perfect Yantras that will earn good result and will prove beneficial for the native according to the Vedic astrology.

Pisces- As per the Pisces ascendant (moon sign), Jupiter (Guru) Yantra, Mars (Mangal) Yantra and Moon (Chandra) Yantra are the most profitable and benefit yielding Yantras according to the Vedic astrology.


Thus, in order to conclude, we can say that if you are looking for ways to curb your financial crisis or personal issues, you may find solace in a number of Yantras available in today’s time that would do wonders for you according to your moon sign. Like for instance, Shree Yantra or Kuber Yantra; both of the Yantras are good for the financial gains and hence, will prove extremely beneficial or profitable for the various moon signs.

All the aforementioned Yantras are according to moon signs considered one at a time is highly effective for each of them in terms of Health, Wealth and Prosperity.