Guide to understand the significance Saturn return in Astrology

Saturn return is significant in a person's life. The planet teaches you valuable life lessons with its return. You will be able to notice meaningful changes in yourself after you rise above life challenges as thrown up by returning Saturn.

Guide to understand the significance Saturn return in Astrology


"Planetary return" In our birth chart, all the planets will be in different signs. These planets will be always moving, and they will come back to the same sign at one point in time. The process of the planets coming back to the exact sign and degrees where the planets were in the birth chart is called planetary return.

The nine planets in Vedic astrology move back to the same place, but the return of three planets are seen as important events. They are the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. Among these planets, the return of Saturn is seen as a very important event.

Why the Saturn Return is important?

Saturn is known as the planet of Karma. When it comes back to the birth sign, then the universe will remind you what you did until then. You will understand what kind of Karma you were following, and you will be getting the results of your past Karma. This is also seen as an opportunity to improve your life.

Saturn Return in Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic astrology, human life is 120 years. In these 120 years, Saturn will come your moon sign three times. In Vedic astrology, the voyage of Saturn to the moon sign is known as Sade Sati. This entry will bring changes from Saturn enters the sign 12th from its moon sign. Then Saturn will enter the moon sign after the gap of 2.5 years. After 2.5 years Saturn will be moving to the first house from the moon sign. In Vedic astrology, the birth sign here is the Moon sign.

Saturn Return in Western Astrology

In western astrology, there no complex calculations life Vedic astrology. It is just about Saturn coming back to the sign in your natal chart. Saturn returns to the birth sign every 27 to 29 years. This cycle of the move is called Saturn Returns.

Saturn takes around 29.5 years to complete one cycle through all the zodiac sign. The first Saturn return can come around 27 and 30.

What is Saturn?

Saturn is the planet for karma, structure, and discipline. Wherever Saturn is placed in your chart, the features of that house will take time to flourish.

Suppose Saturn is in the fifth house of creativity, children, and love, then there can be some obstacles in gaining happiness from any of these matters. The placement of Saturn in this house indicates, we have to spend a long time in bringing perfection into these matters.

If you are a person waiting for a child, then you may have to take some medical challenges, or if you have children, then you have to be very sacrificial towards children to get happiness from them.

Every Saturn will remind you of what you did to improve the situations. It will show you what your actions were in this regard and what you need to do in the future for the betterment.

There are 12 signs and 12 houses are in our astrology chart. Each house represents different areas of our life. There is nothing in our life which is not covered by astrology. These houses are connected with each other as every sector of our life. During the Saturn returns, the primary focus will be on the sign which natal Saturn resides, but all the other areas also will get activated.

So, during every Saturn returns there will be a tough situation and you will be moving in a serious mode.

The universe is basically reminding you that you are getting older and you need to use your time productively. You may feel like a crisis, but the universe is just shaking up your life. It is like Saturn grinding the gold in you to bring you out as a beautiful ornament. It is like the goldsmith turning a piece of gold into a beautiful ornament. If you are not a rebel, then you will see the goodness.

How to handle your Saturn Return?

You should have a good idea about your full astrology chart. Our natal chart is the promise of what we have to go through in our present life. It will show you the possibilities and challenges as well. You can get the help of an astrologer to understand the positives and negatives which you are destined for. Self-analysis is also good, but it may give you a biased view.

Check when your next Saturn return is and how much time is left for the next return. Make a list of things indicated by the sign and house where natal Saturn is placed.

Analyze what was your activity related to that matters. Good deeds and misdeeds. Try to correct the bad things you have done in the past. Prayer and meditation will be ideal to overcome these challenges. If you are an atheist, then you can, of course, take up a decision to preserve nature. Which is the best way to improve mental health, which is very much needed during Saturn returns?

If your Saturn return is over then always remembering the lessons, you learned and apply those in your life. Then your next Saturn return will be much productive.