5 Vedic Planets Practices That Transmits Positive Vibes

As per Vedic astrology, every little thing in our life beams with energy. Sometimes, we possess positive strengths that push us to greater heights. Other times, we turn ourselves to dark corners with low spirits of life. Today, we discuss how five important Vedic practices can lead us to become assertive and confident in life.

5 Vedic Planets Practices That Transmits Positive Vibes


Home is an extension of your mind and soul. Do you feel a sense of calmness and peace around you or is your mind completely hay-wired right now, at this moment? Both of the feelings are connected or linked with the nature of flow of the energy that is surrounding you currently. With the positive energy, you may feel at peace with your surroundings and yourself but just in case you feel restless, it can be a possibility that negative energy is overpowering the positive one in your life and you need to balance them out.

As per Vedic astrology, there are both positive and negative energy present in every native’s chart. With some simple tips and practices, we can enhance our quality of life by diminishing the bad effect of negative energy and enhancing the good power of positive energy in our life by making these simple tips and practices a part of our daily routine without fail. One should also keep in mind that every tip may not be equally effective for everyone as the effect of these tips and practices also depends majorly on your natal chart.

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Here we will discuss few Vedic Planetary practices that will help in enhancing the positive energy level in your life.

Color Therapy

For ages now, color has been used to cure multiple diseases as they just do not appeal to our eyes but also have positive effects on many problems. The art of using colors for various remedial uses is commonly known as the ‘Color Therapy’. In Vedic astrology also colors play a huge role in maintaining the balance of positive and negative energy for the various individual based upon their ascendant sign or zodiac sign. Negative colors badly affect your decision-making ability, causing mental disturbance and confusion. On the other hand, positive colors enhance the core of a person thus helping in a quick decision, determination and confidence in oneself.

Just in case if you belong to Aries or Cancer or Leo or Scorpio or Sagittarius or Pisces Ascendant (any one of them); the use of the colors such as red, pink, orange, yellow and white will enhance the positive energy flow in your life and will immediately send out positive vibes to you.

Avoiding the use of colors such as Black, Grey, and Dark Green will keep the negative energy flow under a tap for the above-mentioned ascendants.

On the other hand if you belong to either Taurus or Gemini or Libra or Capricorn or for that matter, Aquarius as your Zodiac Sign (Ascendant) then choosing Navy Blue, Black, Purple, Sky Blue, Cream, Grey, and Green are few of the auspicious colors and will help you in enhancing the positive vibes in your life. Avoiding colors such as Red and Orange is highly advised as it may increase the flow of negative energy for you and you may not like the outcome of increased negative energy flow in your life.

Offering Water To Sun

If you offer water to the Sun before breakfast and after you have taken a shower in the morning, this will also keep the equilibrium of the positive-negative energy balance on track. Offering water increases the power and strength of the Sun in a person’s life. As we are aware that Sun represents name, fame, success, and stability in a person’s life and Sun is the only God who is physically visible in its real form to the world (unlike the other who we worship in form of idols and pictures). Therefore, offering water to Sun enhances and improves the power and strength of the sun hence, assuring all the good elements of life to stay in your favor (such as name, fame, success, and stability).

Feeding Birds and Fish

Feeding birds and fishes between the early mornings up to sunset will improve the level of positive energy in life. This is an auspicious practice or extremely beneficial tip for you especially if you who have malefic effects or bad effects of Rahu or Ketu or both in your natal chart. It is effective also in the occasion or a situation where you are planning to move out of the country to settle abroad.

Feeding Ants and Insects

Feeding a Half or a spoonful of the mixture of sugar and wheat flour to the ants and insects increases the flow of positive energy around you. In order to do so, you need to place the mixture at the corner or a park or field or under a tree where there is no water stored so that ants and insects can access it and eat it. This practice is specially crafted for you if you are suffering from the malefic effects of bad planets in your natal chart. It will start showing immediate results and you will feel a positive vibe around you if you make it a daily habit.

The Right Step!

We generally tend to ignore our step and how important it is to be mindful of what step do we put out first while leaving from our house. It is essential to know how to increase the positive flow of energy in your life by just keeping a small tip in mind. Before leaving the house, you should always take your right foot out first while moving out of the house. This is a useful tip for everyone irrespective of their zodiac sign (ascendant). This invites positive vibes to enter the house and immediately shows symptoms of positivity around.

Everyone wants to lead a hassle-free and peaceful life and therefore, these practices and tips will prove extremely beneficial for decreasing the negative effects of any malefic planet present in your natal chart and will also decrease the bad effects of your previous life’s karmas. Hence, with all the negatives taken care of in your life, all you will remain with is positivity and hence the level of positive energy and vibes will increase helping you experience positive and healthy growth for a lifetime.