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The Good Moon and the Bad Moon: A Retro

The Good Moon and the Bad Moon: A Retro


Vedic astrology is totally based on the Moon. Moon is the indicator of emotions, mind, comfort, mother, and peace in astrology. In Vedic astrology Moon has the first place and the nakshathra which Moon resides will have a lot of importance in one’s life. Looking at the nakshrhra his maha dasa is detected. Any negative impact to the Moon is seen as a major issue according to astrology because Moon is the indicator for mother, home and family. An affliction to Moon indicates much more than home, mother, and family. Let’s look into those theories when the Moon is placed positively and negatively.

Technically speaking, every planetary placement has a negative as well as positive impact. It is not ideal to say a planetary placement is 100% good or bad. Every positive yoga has a negative impact as well. Still, the placement is giving more good results then we fix that planet as a benefic. The goodness and badness of the planet will change according to the lagna of the chart. For eg: Venus is known as a benefic planet, but for an Aries lagna, Venus is a negative planet, yet the placement is in a good house and conjunction with good planets will mellow the bad effect of Venus.

How Good is A Benefic Moon?

Moon indicates happiness and peace, so obviously, if Moon is benefic, then the person will have these things abundantly in life. Their peace comes from the secure feeling they carry within them. They are sure about their relationship with Mother and very sure about her love and they are properly nourished too.

They will have a comfortable home and family. Support from relatives will be a great quality of a benefic Moon.

Moon indicates females, they will have a good relationship with females. If the person is a male, then women will be naturally getting closer with him without any big effort. They will see this person as trustworthy and gentle. If the Moon is in 1st, 7th and 11th house for a male, then this person will have a lot of female friends. He may even work in a team with more female members.

A person with a good Moon will have an interest in those things which ladies are generally interested. A person with a good Moon likes fashion, styling, fragrances, he is a foodie as well. A person with a good Moon is a humanitarian as Moon indicates nourishment and care. They will be doing well in those domains which need care. They can be good medical professionals, supertaster, customer care professionals as well. Many of them can be working in a domain connected with liquids like mineral water distributors, soft drinks business and even as hydrogeologists.

Moon indicates name and fame also, so with a good Moon, the person will be well known for good deeds.

A Malefic Moon

When the Moon is placed in a bad mode, first of the Mind is very peaceless. The mind fluctuates and there will some issues in decision making. It will be hard for them to have a good relationship with their mother as well. More than good thoughts, they get easily influenced by negative thoughts. Their interest in fashion and styling can be not appealing to others.

It will be hard for them to earn good name early on in their life.

Examples of Bad Moon

  • Kem Drum dosh
    According to Brihat jatakam by the notable author Varah Mihir, the Kemadrum Yoga happens when there are no planets in both sides of the planet Moon in the chart. when there are no planets in the 2nd and 12th house of the Moon, that condition is called Kemdrum dosha
  • Amavasi Yoga
    When the Sun and Moon are joined together, then this yoga comes up
  • Vish Yoga
    This yoga happens when Saturn and Moon are together.

All these yogas are showing the lack of nourishment from family. It indicates a disturbed relationship with the mother as well. However, every negative yogas will be reducing their effects as the person grows in their age.

In the Sign of Taurus, the Moon gets exalted and in Scorpio, the Moon gets debilitated. Taurus is an earth sign and Scorpio is a water sign. A person with a Taurus moon will be very stable in his attitude. This Moon will be making the person with maturity and patience. While Moon goes to Scorpio, it moves into a very sensitive state. Then the person may find it difficult to have a good relationship with the females. It doesn’t have to be a mother alone. This Moon may make the person very vulnerable and sensitive. They can have a lot of destructive thoughts as well. A Scorpio is known for their vengeance.

How to Reduce the Malefic Effects of the Moon

The Moon has a greater role in Astro-psychology. It indicates mind, so the primary challenge of a person with weak Moon is to have a stable thought process. They need to focus on physical health as a healthy body is always connected to a healthy mind. Or only a healthy body can store a healthy mind Food, exercise, and gardening are ideal remedies for a healthy Moon. Such people should read more spiritual texts and follow the principles.