Astrological Remedies for Overcoming Delay in Marriages

Marriage is a turning point in our life. There can be many reasons, one being the unfavorable planetary combinations/placement in your horoscope for delay in marriage. Find out the astrological reasons and learn about the suitable remedies to overcome delay in marriage.

Astrological Remedies for Overcoming Delay in Marriages


According to Vedic Astrology, it is said that pious events like marriage, childbirth, etc., should happen at the right time, so that there are no additional problems due to the delays. The astrological combinations with certain planets in one’s horoscope determine the time and partner for marriage.

Certain planetary combinations may hinder and become an obstacle for an event to occur within a particular time frame. Marriage, any time after the native has turned 30 years old is considered delayed marriage in Vedic Astrology.

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Marriage: Personal Choice or Play of Planets?

Even though marriage is a personal choice, and we reserve no judgement for your choice, astrology of marriage is often manifested through influences and placement of planets in your horoscope.

The malefic aspect and placement of the malefic planets on the fifth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth house will put you in a situation where you might face delays and hurdles in your marriage. The influences of planets will be exhibited through your family, relatives, career, or your own thoughts as well.

Finding the Right Match:

Often finding the right match becomes tougher with age and time. These adds to the ongoing stress in your life. However, like it is said, marriages are made in heaven. Your soulmate is right around the corner and when you feel like settling down with your preferred partner, that is the right time for marriage.

But many a times it so happens that you are mentally prepared to marry and start your family, but your stars are not aligned. It may cause you to worry as well as bring pressure for your parents.

Career, study, finance, relatives, and family from different cultures play a significant role in making marriages happen. Getting married early, delaying the decision to get married, or the acceptance of the family in cases like above, will not come easily, and all of these can be analyzed through your horoscope.

Delay in Marriages:

Sometimes even after your marriage has been fixed, the malefic placement of your stars hinders the smooth flow of your relationship. Obstacles may come in the form of your partner unable to treat you the way you should be.

The sustenance of married life will develop question mark within you and your partner as well. In this tough situation, the Upa-Pada and second house from the Upa-Pada Lagana (Ascendant) comes into the picture.

Upa-Pada Lagana is the zodiac sign where your twelfth house lord gets placed in your horoscope. All these astrological terminologies will give you an in-depth information on how to plan for a good married life, even if it is a delayed marriage.

Astrological Reasons behind Delayed Marriage:

Based on your zodiac moon signs and houses in astrology, the following houses are of importance.

  • The fifth house signifies your love life and the children from marriage.
  • The Seventh house gives you the company of your spouse
  • The eighth and twelfth house play the role of sex in your life.

A malefic aspect on these houses will give hurdles in marriage.

  • Mercury’s placement in the fifth house will make you stay away from sex life.
  • Saturn, if placed in the 7thhouse might divert your interest towards elder partners, which might often lead you to delay your marriage plans, as the age difference might be a hindrance in getting married on time.

Remedies to get rid of delay in marriage:

  • Jupiter: Jupiter signifies the elders in your life.
  • If you want to improve the significance of Jupiter in your life, which is also a significator of marriage, then respect your elders and help them in their work.
  • Chant the Vedic mantra related to Jupiter to get rid of the problems of delay marriage.
  • Saturn and Jupiter: They are slow moving planets.
  • If these planets are connected to the 7thhouse in a malefic way, then delay is possible as they would postpone giving results for marriage.
  • Venus: Venus signifies the Venusians quality in marriage, and wife in the horoscope.
  • To have a Venusians quality of life, you need to improve your Venus.
  • Venus will be manifested in your life as a female relative in your life.
  • You can improve your Venus by helping the females in your family and having a friendly relationship with them.
  • Saturn: Saturn could be the reason for your delayed marriage.
  • It signifies that you need to improve your relationship with the people, who are working under you like your cook, driver, or your gardener.
  • Helping them and having a good relationship with them, will pacify the negative result of Saturn and delayed marriage problems vanish from life.
  • Rahu and Ketu: The shadow planets Rahu and Ketu may have malefic influence on your horoscope.
  • They signify the people such as orphans, aged people, and widows.
  • They can cause give divorce, denial of marriage, separation from a spouse.
  • To attain happiness and get rid of this malefic planet, be the kind human and help everyone without any expectations of gains.
  • Sun and Moon: Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati signify the Planets Sun and Moon in the Vedic astrology.
  • Worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati together to strengthen your seventh house from the Sun and Moon in your Horoscope which will help you in the marriage prospects.
  • Mercury: Mercury signifies relationships and is also related to the young girls in your home and neigh bour hood.
  • Offering them sweets, cosmetics, or clothes will improve the intensity and power your Mercury.
  • Upa-Pada Lagna: If you are in search of your life partner for a long time then Upa-Pada Lagna would be very important for you.
  • Fasts related to Upa-PadaLagna,would be very helpful for you. Keeping fast of the Upa-PadaLagna will give you an early marriage.
  • Chant Ganesha Atharvashirsha for the Retrograde planets in the seventh, twelfth, eighth house, if they are there in your horoscope.
  • This will give relief from the effect of the retrograde planets and bless you with a perfectly blissful married life.

Perform these remedies that are related to the houses and planets that brings hurdles in your life. With the help of Vedic Astrology, you will have a good and blissful marriage without any delay, and even stay happily married forever.

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