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Astrological Remedies for Moon

Moon is treated like an ascendant in Vedic astrology. It is the ruler of your emotions, happiness and sub conscious as well. Having Moon in strength in the horoscope is very important. What happens when Moon is weak or afflicted and what measures can be adopted to overcome some of the challenges the native faces.

Astrological Remedies for Moon

Moon is considered as the most influential of all the Nine Planets in Vedic astrology. She is the ‘Queen of the Planets’ and controls the emotional quotient and mental abilities of a human. The planet is a significator or Mother and happiness. Moon is known to control the mind of a person and hence has super control over how a human will react emotionally in various situations.

In the event that Moon is afflicted in a natal chart or is placed in a malefic houses such as the Sixth House or the Eighth House or the Twelfth House or has a conjunction with a malefic planet such as Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu or is debilitated in Scorpio in any birth chart or natal chart or horoscope then the required planetary remedies have to be performed in order to strengthen the affected or weak Moon and reduce the bad effects of the Bad Moon in your life.

Effects of a weak or afflicted Moon

When the Queen of Planets, Moon is in malefic houses such as the Sixth House or the Eighth House or the Twelfth House or is badly placed or has conjunction with any malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu or is debilitated in Scorpio moon sign, then the native may have to face problems such as:

Weakened Mental Ability: Since Moon affects the mind power of the native hence when the Moon is weak or malefic in nature then the native becomes a victim of mental stress, depressions, and mental disorders of all types.

Issues Related to Mother: when the moon is weakly posited in the natal chart, it signifies a disturbed and weak relationship shared between native and his mother. Also since Moon is the karaka of Mother in Vedic astrology, malefic or Weak Moon also affects the health of the mother of the native.

Impact on Professional Life: a malefic or weak Moon has a negative effect on the professional life of the native especially those who are in the traveling industry, Sales and marketing, trading, manufacturing, and supply of white-colored products such as rice, dairy, sugar, cotton, etc.

Pessimistic Approach to Life: When a native starts doubting every decision (big or small in life) and has a negative approach to life, it is one of the indicators of having a weak or a malefic Moon in his or her chart.

Therefore, in order to get rid of these above-mentioned bad effects of a malefic Moon, there are few remedies for the Graha Shanti of Moon (Chandra) that can be done in order to improve the quality of life of the native in general.

Remedies for Chandra (Moon)

Graha Shanti of Chandra (Moon) with Chanting the Bija Mantra

In this, the native should chant the Chandra Bija Mantra 11000 times early in the morning after taking a bath on an empty stomach or before having any breakfast. The native needs to sit still on a mat on the ground and meditate with full devotion while chanting the Bija Mantra for 11000 times.

Bija Mantra

“Om Shraam Shreem Shroum Sah Chandramase Namah”
It is suggested that the native starts practicing the remedy on a Monday. Also, one must note that completing the ‘Mantra Jaap’ of 11000 times of the Bija Mantra Chant will take more than a day. Therefore, it is better suggested to complete as many times as you can in one seating. Continue following the process as suggested above for coming few days till the ‘Mantra Jaap’ count is accomplished.

Once the Mantra Jaap is complete, try and donate white clothes or white products such as rice, cotton or sugar, milk, etc to the poor and needy on a Monday.

Aushadhi Snana (Ayurvedic Bath) to Strengthen Moon

The native should take a bath with water infused with ayurvedic herbs such as Gaudoodh (Cow’s milk), Shankh Seep (Conch Shell), Gangajal (Holy Ganges Water), Shwet Chandan (White Sandalwood), Sphatik (Crystal Quartz), and Gau Mootra (Cow’s Urine) on Mondays. This will help him or her eradicates the negative effects of bad or weak or malefic Moon and will also help in keeping a positive aura around him or her.

Argha To Moon (Chandra)

The native should offer Argha to the Moon. In the evening, when the Moon is visible after sunset, the native should offer water to the moon at a neat and clean place, especially on Mondays. Make sure that if possible offer white-colored water to the Moon by adding little milk or white flowers to the water to be offered. Seek moon blessing in the form of peace of mind, prosperity, health and well being of your mother, family, and friends, prosperity, growth, and success in every aspects and dimension of life. The Chandra Argha is an ideal habit that could be easily made regular with a little effort, it could be practiced for the rest of the life and especially on Monday, it is beneficial as Monday is the day for the Planet Moon.

Besides the above-mentioned remedies, there are various other effective remedies that help strengthen the Moon of the native. They are:

  • The native should never go against the wishes of their mother. They should pay respect to her and never quarrel or argue with her. Seek her blessings every day.
  • Try not to indulge in the dairy business with a Weak or Malefic Moon in the natal chart. Such people should offer sweets to young children, especially girls.
  • Offer white flowers at cemeteries I order to strengthen weak Moon.
  • The native should keep pets and feed them with milk on a daily basis.
  • The native should avoid spending time alone as far as possible.
  • Practicing meditation every day calms down the mind hence helps to get rid of the bad effects of malefic or weak Moon.
  • Offer milk to Shivaling strengthens native’s Moon.
  • Avoid having birds as pets as caging them could worsen the impact. The best thing to do is to feed free birds in the garden.
  • Eat Coconut and Wear White Clothes
  • Doing Anulom-Vilom Breathing helps strengthen the weak or malefic Moon
  • Try and avoid drinking Milk on Mondays.