World Book Day: Genres to Read Based On Your Zodiac Sign

One might say reading is a lost art. We have so less time and patience these days to be able to spend time lazing around and reading, especially when we do not even know what would appeal to us or where to start. We bring to you the best selection of genres based on your moon sign for an easy start of this engaging habit.

World Book Day: Genres to Read Based On Your Zodiac Sign


World Book Day is observed on April 23 every year. The goal of the day is to encourage and raise awareness about reading, copyright, and publishing. For everyone, there is a book genre out there, which suits your personality, and hence can be pinned down to your zodiac sign. Therefore, depending on your moon sign, here is one book genre that you should/would absolutely want to read.

  1. Aries: Action/Adventure

Aries thrive on adrenaline-pumping adventures. You need a book that can balance your ferocity and boundless potential as an Aries. You should read books that are exciting, larger-than-life, and are chronicles of daring adventures. It would be even better, if each chapter contains at least one narrow escape with death and/or being stabbed.

Example: Books by Jeffery Archer, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy.

  1. Taurus: Classics

Taurus, you are a patient, steady (and a little stubborn) sign of the zodiac. You have the patience to tackle those classics that some people might consider stale, outdated, and even boring. You enjoy reading a novel of a fine old-fashioned romance, lush green lowlands, and elegant costumes.

Example: Books by Jane Austen, Margaret Mitchel, Charlotte Bronte.

  1. Gemini: Science Fiction

Science fiction is a genre with a lot of complexity. On one side, it is packed with epic space wars as well as and bleak metaphors for the human experience. On the other side, it is made of goofy aliens and cute robots hanging out in space taverns. Science fiction, like Gemini, is a wildly variable genre that defies categorization. It brims with variety. Moreover, like Gemini, it has a tendency for being crazy and unusual.

Example: Books by H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Stephen King.

  1. Cancer: Memoir

Cancer is the most vulnerable sign of the entire zodiac cycle. Memoirs are also composed of emotions. It is therefore a perfect match. It does not mean that all Cancers like to cry for fun, but the majority of Cancers do enjoy an emotional roller coaster and drama. Like a Cancer, you like peering at other people's heads. Far-flung worlds are fun, but diving into a writer's mind, and seeing what makes them tick is even more so.

Example: Books by Mitch Albom, George Orwell, Haruki Murakami and any autobiographies of famous people.

  1. Leo: High Fantasy

Many of those "chosen ones" are likely to resonate with Leos. You can imagine fighting a massive battle against the forces of darkness. You will also enjoy dynamic political intrigue. You have always been a dedicated Potter fan. High fantasy is grand and artistic just like your enthusiastic sign who is also a natural-born king.

Example: Books by J.K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, J.R.R. Tolkien.

  1. Virgo: Historical Fiction

You may seem organized and shy on the outside, but the truth is that your heart beats for broad-chested Scotsmen and women making out in the rain. Historical fiction appeals to your logical, objective, detail-oriented side as well as your hidden desire to kiss pretty women dressed up in fancy clothes.

Example: Books by Leo Tolstoy, Antony Doerr, Toni Morrison.

  1. Libra: Literary Fiction

Libra, you are all about balance. You actually read a lot of science fiction and fantasy. You also enjoy a good book about ordinary people living ordinary lives in a fictional setting. You are a careful reader who enjoys complex intimate relationships over wild aggression and explosions (or rather, you like a balanced amount of explosions). You like writings about characters that seem to be genuine.

Example: Books by Margaret Attwood, Paulo Coelho, Haruki Murakami.

  1. Scorpio: Mystery

Scorpio is an enigmatic zodiac sign. You are passionate and loyal, but you are also secretive and meticulous when it comes to whom you trust. Over all, you are a hard worker. You are indeed an excellent reader of mystery, thrillers, and psychological nightmares. You like stories that compel you to keep reading. It is perfect if the lead is a mysterious figure with questionable morals, as long as the mystery is full of twists and sharp turns.

Example: Books by Gillian Flynn, Jeffery Archer, Dan Brown.

  1. Sagittarius: Humor

Sagittarius natives prefer reading a book with a good sense of humor. Perhaps better, if it will make you think! You like a well-crafted joke, but philosophically minded comedy is your absolute favorite. Your favorite books are as intelligent and amusing as you are.

Example: Books by P.G. Woodhouse, Sue Townsend, Douglas Adams.

  1. Capricorn: Non-fiction

Capricorn, you can enjoy fiction just like everyone else, but you are a more serious and concentrated sign of the zodiac. It is fine to read fluffy fantasy stuff, but every now and then, you need something with a little more crunch. You love reading and learning about your favorite writers. You love reading Wikipedia articles and are passionate about in-depth, investigative reporting.

Example: Books by George Orwell, Yuval Noah Harari, Stephen Hawking.

  1. Aquarius: Meta Fiction

Aquarius, you are a progressive thinker who enjoys books that some would dismiss as "weird." You understand absurd poetry, creative writing, and meta-fiction. When authors crack the so-called fourth wall, you get a kick out of it. A good book, in your opinion, is one that exposes you to completely different concepts and blurs the distinction between fact and fiction.

Example: Books by David Mitchell, David Foster Wallace, Leigh Bardugo.

  1. Pisces: Fantasy

Since the imagination of Pisces natives is vibrant and wild, they will find a lot to like in the fantasy genre. You have no trouble wrapping your mind around a new universe of laws that are not the same for everyone. You enjoy this dream world and often get lost in between the two realities.

Example: Books by Stephanie Meyer, L.J. Smith, J.R.R. Tolkien.