The Dark Side of Virgo

(Moon Sign Based)

No one is born perfect, not even a Virgo. Even though they strive for perfection, they are also full of flaws like everybody else. Virgo Moons are highly critical, argumentative, and always in between extremes of two ends. Here are some intriguing facts that reveal the dark side of a Virgo.

The Dark Side of Virgo


You are born as a Virgo, the one who gets the title tag of becoming the hygiene freak in each aspect of life. However, you are also that Virgo who has the cosmic intelligence to make everything clean, and at the same time brings about rejuvenation in every aspect of life.

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Instead of getting depressed, discouraged, or feeling crummy about yourself, start loving your dark shades; they are your shadow that will never leave you.

A Virgo has three different energies working inside as Nakshatras - the signing stars, which also need the dark strength to fight against the evil forces around you. However, they can overrule you if you fail to understand your dark shades’ strength, which has the cosmic power to save your positive traits being a Virgo.

  • You have a different dimension of life, in which you are traveling simultaneously and also being present at the same place. These various dimensions you are in, are your college life, school, friends, parents, relationship with your partner, your professional life, and the friend circle where you enjoy.

All these have three sets of rules and limitations but being present in the Virgo zone you will be very critical and sometime become the criticizer for each ‘if’ and ‘but’.

  • Don’t get stuck in the criticism and never ever try to quit your real identity, like being a hygiene freak, a hypochondriac, and a miser; because all of these will help you become aware of the negative things around you. Let us know how to use the sword of criticism to protect you and be the best cosmic and amazing divine rejuvenator with the Dark Sides of Virgo, whether it is your Sun, Moon, or the Rising Zodiac Sign.

Self-centered Virgo has good control over wandering thoughts

You have an expert mind, which can create innovative things. You also have a mind with amazing ideas, which will blow the minds of the people.

You will have the charismatic light of the Chitra Nakshatra being a Virgo, so don’t get distracted with the fussy noise of people who call you self-centered and accept this title by giving a flip to it as being an expert-minded person.

You have a brain which has control over wandering thoughts. This makes your dark side stronger, in order to get things done in your life.

You are a hygiene freak and also the master of all herbs and healing

Your relatives do not want to be in your company or to go outside with you because you are the professor of virology and hygienic behavior, which make them uncomfortable. You may also get tensed with your own behavior sometimes and try to change yourself.

You need to understand the cosmic energy of Hasta Nakshatra, which is working within you as a healer and always giving you the signal to keep the environment clean and green. You will apply this in all dimensions of your life, whether it is health or relationship.

Virgo criticizes to get the work done in the best way

Virgos have an in-built nature of guiding people where they are wrong. You can opt for a career in counseling regarding relationships, career planning, or be a family Lawyer, as these would give ample scope to your innate nature.

Mercury, the prince among the nine Planets, rules over you as a Virgo, and blesses you with the intelligence to criticize others because Mercury is known for his wisdom and sharp intellect. Mercury thereby knows it all and shows you where one will make mistake, which can give the loss of time, energy, and money as well.

Accept the dark side of Virgo, which is expert in criticizing, and will convert everyone to give their best performance in life. Career-related to auditing, proofreading, editing, etc., will be the best one for you being a Virgo.

You are judgmental because being a Virgo, you have the best creative ability

People will always think that you are the one who shows off their knowledge to make them feel they are not experts in their work.

You will get the name as the one who judges each corner of other’s life, but this dark side of Virgo signifies that Virgo has the blessing of Uttar-Phalguni Nakshatra, which has the divine ancestral wisdom to make things perfect, creative, and have an out of box imagination.

Being the judgmental Virgo, you will do best in the bureaucratic sector and law. Be the one who you are as a Virgo with your dark side, to climb the ladder of success.

Argumentative Virgo makes things more transparent

The personality who is popular for his behavior of having arguments is you, Virgo. This is one of the most important dark shades of your identity, which can make your life easy with proper and intellectual use of your ability being a Virgo.

We all want to stay away from arguments and never ever want to face any such situations in any circumstances. But being a Virgo, you know how a healthy Argument can make things more transparent and how you can handle the inevitable disagreements.

You are a Virgo and have divine Nakshatra as Uttara-Phalguni. Your dark sides give you the intellect to have a healthy argument in a perfect manner, so that the matter gets resolved, and no one gets lost or depressed with the result. This is how you as Virgo, handle the inevitable disagreements.


Virgo as the master of gossip and backbiting – One who makes things clear about what is really happening around us

Virgo knows that talking behind someone’s back can lead to positive change. Ruled by Mercury, a Virgo has the intellect to manipulate the person based on the circumstances of y Dark Side which lets you to take part in Backbiting and which can open a new source of success in life.

If you are backbiting the right person, then it gives the reality check and makes things clear aboutwhat is happening around us.

Being a Virgo, you can heal stress and foster self-improvement. You know that through gossip, people feel relaxed because it relieves anxiety. You also know that all gossips do not have to be negative. Even when the gossip is negative, Virgo has the comic dark power to convert that into a positive outcome for those being targeted.

Use the dark sides Virgo as your protective shield, and move like the divine soul with the cosmic strength in you.


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