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Which planet is responsible for the family?

In this article we explore the significance of Sun, Moon & Jupiter as the father, mother and children of the family and what makes into a happy family unit, as per Vedic dictums.

Which planet is responsible for the family?


A family is a unit comprising the parents, children basically and the relatives. It also contains the hopes and wishes of the family members. A family is perfectly made when the members have concerns and care for others. All over the world, the setup of the family can change as there are patriarchal and matriarchal families. In some family, polygamy is accepted. In the Puranas, we read stories about the men marrying hundreds of women. Likewise, in Mahabharata we see Kunti and Draupadi having an association with more than one male. A family is complete with children as well.

According to the astrological principles, the Sun is known as the father. It is the center of the solar system and all other planets orbit around the Sun. Other planets are dependent upon the Sun for their existence. The Sun in astrology is a huge force. It not only indicates father, but also soul, ego and vitality. The Moon represents the mother in astrology. It indicates peace, nourishment, and comfort as well. Children are represented by Jupiter and as it is known Putrakaraka. These are the three main planets which represent a perfect family. So, we should deeply analyze these three planets to understand the quality of the family.

  1. The Sun in the Chart

The Sun rules the sign of Leo and it is the sign of forefathers. The Sun is a fiery planet and it likes to be at the forefront of the chart. In a natural zodiac wheel, Aries rules the first house and the Sun is exalted in the sign of Aries. When the Sun is in Aries, the person will learn a lot of good things from the father. The father will be a respectable person in the native’s life. This goodness will be added if there is a positive aspect from other planets. However, the Sun should be placed in the top place of the chart as it doesn’t like to be in a hidden place.

The Sun is very strong when it is in the 1st house, and the 10th house. If your Sun is in these houses, then there are chances for the father to be a person with a lot of will power and self-made man. He will have a lot of principles and that became a guiding light for the native. So, the Sun will show the quality of the father figure in astrology.

  1. Moon as the Mother in astrology

Mother is always represented by the Moon in astrology. Moon is a very fluctuating planet and it is watery energy. It owns the sign of Cancer and it is also a water sign. So, Moon in Cancer is the example of a very sensitive mother. Moon represents not the only mother but also so many things connected to a family-like, emotions, nourishment, comforts, material comforts, peace, and happiness as well. If the Moon is in a good sign, without any negative effect then it shows a very sweet mother. However, every planet will have one challenge to overcome. So, every mother, father or person will have to go through some challenges.

  1. Jupiter as the representation of Children

Children are represented by the most benefic planet in the zodiac as it indicates luck and fortune. Of course, children bring fortune and happiness to our life. It is a matter of happiness to be a parent. Jupiter is the planet for happiness as well. So, a well-placed Jupiter indicates happiness from children. Jupiter owns two signs; they are Sagittarius and Pisces. Among these Sagittarius is the favorite sign of Jupiter.

  1. The Challenges of a Bad Sun in family life

The Sun, when placed in the sign of Libra, despite the houses, gives many challenges to the native. In Libra, the Sun gets debilitated. So, the native will naturally have issues in getting proper nourishment from the father. The Sun likes to be in the forefront, so when it is pushed to the hidden houses like 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and the 12th house can bring difficulties in the relationship with father.

  1. When Moon is in a bad placement

The Moon always like to be on a friendly planet. It is friendly towards all the planets, but Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu do not share the good vibe with the Moon. So, when the Moon is with these planets, then it shows challenges for mother. Moon is unhappy in the sign of Scorpio and it gets debilitated. Such a person can feel a lack of nourishment due to various reasons. Especially when the Moon is in Kemdrum dosha, ie, when it doesn’t have any planet in the 2nd and the 12th house, then the person will feel lonely.

  1. When Jupiter is in a complex placement

Many couples are devoid of happiness from children. It can happen in many ways, lack of children and disobedient children. Jupiter gets debilitated in Capricorn. When it is debilitated, combust or retrograde, then it indicates challenges from children.

All the challenges can be reduced by a single aspect. So, it will not be ideal to say looking at a single matter and judge the lack of happiness as well.