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Indo-China Aggression : 1962 to Doklam & Galwan Valley

India and China have seen some aggression on border since 2017 and then in 2020. This article explores the astrological yogas and planetary placements that have led to this situation.

Indo-China Aggression
India & China are the oldest civilizations on earth, making them contemporaries and as well as competitors. While the entire world was in its infancy, Indian & Chinese civilizations were thriving & showing the art of living to the rest of the world.

This co-proficiency is reflected in cultures as well as the astrology foot print that both the Indian & Chinese cultures have. Capricorn coincidentally covers both India (that reflects the original Indian culture - including Pakistan, Bangladesh & Nepal region) and China (covering the Northern China region that was the cradle to the original civilization and remains the power center for modern day China).

Border conflicts between India & China assume serious dimensions since these are the two major powers of Asia and the leaders of the new world. We have seen conflict between India & China on three occasions and we will try and understand the astrological mechanics behind these three incidents:

1962 :Indo China War - 20th October 1962 to 21st November 1962
This conflict was mostly seen as an action by China that was begun & ended unilaterally to assert its military supremacy and command of the region. The key indicator for both India & China is Saturn that governs the sign of Capricorn (China gets covered by Sagittarius in the new industrial parts).

During 1962, Saturn was transgressing the sign of Capricorn (effecting both India & China & similar to the current move of Saturn in Capricorn from March 2020 ). Saturn moved in its retrogression (backward movement) during the months of May to October, creating agitation and a need to react to India in the Chinese mind. Around the 10th October 1962, Saturn turned direct which could have been the time when China took a decision to use force and 20th October 1962 saw the military action.

Venus - the planet that rules Independent India (due to Taurus ascendant of free India of which Venus is the lord), was transiting Libra, in the house of enemy and it turned retrograde on the 22nd October 1962 when India realized the severity of the situation and the fact that a much stronger enemy had attacked it. The 22nd Oct to 4th December was the period when the collective psyche of India was demolished coinciding with Venus’ retrograde motion.
Mars & Rahu - both transiting the house of partnership destroyed the relations between the two countries that took decades to mend.

Since there was no closing planetary trigger around 21st November 1962, the aggression ceased without any terms and India was left wondering for quite some time.

2017 : Doklam - 16th June 2017 to 28th August 2017
The matter was related to a third country interest & therefore the planets connected were quite different too.
Saturn again had a main role to play in this event. It was transiting the sign of Sagittarius (12th from Capricorn & shows loss / foreign land & undesirable circumstances). The interesting part of the whole situation was that Saturn was retrograding at that time and it moved backwards & fell in Scorpio on 21st June 2017. Scorpio represents the 11th house from Capricorn (in a friend’s house for both India & China). Further Scorpio is a positive house for India independence chart signifying partnership. Movement of Saturn therefore prompted both friendship & partnership spirit that made both countries decide to settle the matter through dialogues, after 21st June 2017.
Mars was moving through Gemini (the house of enemies for India) leading to the ability to overcome enemies for India.

Saturn had finished its retrogression on 26th August 2017 & the impasse was removed on the 28th August 2017, giving a respectable outlet to both.

2020 : Galwan Valley - 15th June 2020 onwards
Again an unfortunate Chinese adventure has upset the balance in the region. The astrological events are eerily similar to 1962 but with a better hope and outcome compared to the last aggression.
Once again Saturn is involved. It is again transiting the sign of Capricorn (like in 1962), stroking fixed & fundamental feelings, both in India & China. Saturn started its retrogression around 13th May 2020 which makes us believe the build up & the intention to capture space on the Chinese side could have commenced around that time. Further Venus is also retrograding since 12th May 2020 just the way it was retrograding in 1962. Currently 4 planets – Saturn, Jupiter, Venus & Mercury are retrograding fanning mass & war hysteria.

What to expect :

Venus - this time, Venus is retrograding but in a powerful position for both India & China. Its retrograde action would end on 25th June 2020, leading to a sudden change in action & strategy on both sides. The real picture and the motive of these actions would start emerging then. India would do well to avoid taking any major actions till 26th June.

Jupiter - It has a role to play with it falling back into Sagittarius on the 30th June 2020. Sagittarius is the 12th house for both India & China. There would be a rise in expenses but probably not on the war. The war rhetoric could however go up along with the Covid19 infections in both the countries.

Saturn - would continue to affect both countries and will bring a freeze in relations that could last till end 2022 but some improvement can be expected after 29th September 2020 when Saturn would turn direct.

Mars - has a benign role to play but it could change 17th August onwards when it enter the 12th house for India independence and natural land & territory (4th house) for both the countries. The conflict could ignite again with some role of Pakistan possible in the picture too. Things should settle down by the 2nd week of September 2020.

Therefore it seems that a war like conditions could operate during the next 3 months but we might be able to avoid a physical combat if both the sides don’t rush into an aggression in the next 2 weeks

Let us hope for peace and happiness for the world!


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