Animal Welfare, Astrology & You!!

  • Oct 03, 2019
  • Pt. Punarvasu

How many of us have ever stop by on our way to work for an animal wild or stray to help them and get them the required medical aid or support? There must have been times when we might have noticed an injured dog, cats, or bird on our way and would have felt bad about its condition but did not think of it as a good idea to step out and help the animal get the right medical aid so that it can be saved. Instead, we would rather hope that someone might see it and take it to the animal hospital or vet’s clinic. People who love pets and animals including the larger and wild animals are the kind of people the world needs right now with the depleting numbers of the endangered species. Thanks to mankind’s misuse of natural resources, humans have ruined the ecological balance of Mother Nature with the overuse of synthetic and non-biodegradable waste that resulted in high levels of air, water, sound, and land pollution.

4th October is celebrated as the World Animal Welfare Day. The day commemorates the basic necessities of us humans to realize the importance and need of supporting animal welfare across the globe. It is known as the Animal Lover’s Day as well. 

In order to keep the balance of the ecosystem, it is imperative that we keep the animal kingdom safe too. Every animal in the ecosystem has an essential role to play in the well-being of the world. It is a proven fact that the human race will become extinct if all the animals siege to exist in this world. Animals are the human’s best friend even if when they are not your pet as on a daily basis every species of animal is helping humankind in various unnoticed and unappreciated ways.

Does Astrology Help in Knowing If You Are An Animal Lover?

Generally speaking, the Sixth House represents diseases, challenges, competition, and other mundane things. But did you know that with the analysis of your Sixth House in your natal chart or horoscope, you can also find out if you will be a pet or animal lover or not!

Your moon sign determines how and when the event will align or manifest in your life that will lead to the clues to your inclination towards animals that will further provoke you to provide the love and care to the animals they need. In the general term of things, every moon sign personality has a natural tendency to love the creation of nature and feel a close and strong connection with animals. This is because of the energy that is present in the Sixth House from your Moon Sign. Therefore, we can say that the Sixth House from your Moon Sign is the main house for your strong inclination towards animals and pets. It also depends on the zodiac signs that are placed in your Sixth House which are the animated being that signifies what kind of animal can you keep as your pet in future or would dream to have as a pet and will also determine your behavior towards animals. 

The Nakshatra of your Moon Sign will decide what are the negative qualities and inhibitions that will bring or create obstacles for us in order to meet our life’s challenges. The animals connected to your moon sign’s Nakshatra, then feeding animals connected with those moon signs will help you find relief from most of the challenges thrown by these planets.

So what are the astrological factors that make you an animal lover? Well, there are few astrological reasons behind you having affection for the animal kind. The most important of them is the planet placed in your Sixth House. If the planet placed in your Sixth House is placed well then you will have a sweet and harmonious relation with your fur and non-fur buddies. The presence of Ketu or Rahu in the Sixth House is also a strong indication of the fact that you will be a proud buddy of a wonderful and brilliant animal as your pet.

Just in case there is an exalted (at a high or powerful level) planet or planets in your Sixth House, it will get your a good animal pet both furry and non-furry who will need your love, care and attention just like your baby.

How Your Generous Acts for Animals Affect Your Life

Taking care of animals not only food for your soul but it also is connected to various astrological significances. This is because different animals are associated with different planets and taking care of them or feeding them will help you get relief from the malefic effects of those planets. To clarify the point further, if you have any connection with Rahu or Ketu in your Tenth House or the Sixth House, taking care of animals will help you in getting work related to your career. The planets present in the Revati Nakshatra will also be responsible for you to have a soft corner for animals of all kinds. Various planets have different species of animals that will bring good results and luck to you if you plan to take care of them. Some of the following are mentioned below:

  • Protecting, caring and feeding cats, crows and ants will bring good results and blessings for you from the planet Rahu.
  • You will receive good news and positive outputs for your efforts if you feed and protect dogs around you.
  • If you have any planet placed in Ashlesha or Purva Bhadrapada or Uttara Bhadrapada, it will be good if you protected, rescued, and fed snakes of all species around you.
  • Feeding birds such as Parrots and Pigeons will bring luck and positive news from the planet Mercury.
  • Protect cows to attain the blessing of health and wealth and other auspicious results from Jupiter.
  • Protecting and providing for the aquatic animals and life will help you strengthen your Moon.
  • If you want your mars to stand by your side, providing your love and support to animals like goats and monkeys will do you good.
  • Feeding and protecting dogs will bring amazing and positive results from Saturn for you.

Animals have an equal right to live safely and freely in their natural habitat as well. It is imperative that we all start looking after the animals and their welfare if we want this world to be a better place for our future generation to live in and it is only possible if we all work towards it on our personal level and start being a little kinder to animals. For more search Vedic remedies click here

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