Which Power Color to Flaunt if you are a Cancer Native!

Colour therapy really works when used well. Vedic astrology assigns a specific colour to each planet. Based on your Ascendant or Rashi, using colours that are beneficial to you, can help you immensely. Here we will discuss the power colour for Cancer sign.

Which Power Color to Flaunt if you are a Cancer Native!


Enhancement of your moon sign with colour power

The Universe has given us many things to rejoice and enjoy during our stint as a human. Among the various things that we adore, love, and admire, are the varied colors that beautify the many bounties of nature and increase its appeal manifolds. Since our younger days, we have been rejoicing in the happiness and joys that colors bring along and each one of us have our own selection of favorite colors and the ones we most adore.

  • Humans have a very deep connection with colors and the various colors greatly affect our moods, emotions, feelings, and the way we process a certain thing, owing to the color it projects.
  • Every color has different meanings concerned with its shape, effect, and nature, and we have that ingrained in our minds since a very young age.
  • If we see closely, we would realize that every color has its own vibe and energy, and we are only able to process it as per our mind’s reach.
  • Varieties of factors are responsible for us being dependent on various colors as per our moods, and this depends on the upbringing we have had, our surroundings, and the kind of person we are.

Vedic Astrology greatly believes in the power of colors, and that every person has a definite color that would be beneficial for him/her, as per their birth chart and zodiac sign.

The Color of your Moon Sign - ‘Milky White’ for Cancer

For a Cancer Native, the ruler ‘Moon’ would be the planet, which casts its blessings over them. If their power color was to be noted, it would be ‘Milky White’. This color is the luckiest among all the colors of the spectrum and anyone who uses it from the Cancer moon sign, would be able to enjoy its benefits to the fullest.

The power of this color is associated with divine light, goodness, innocence, and purity. It is also the color of perfection, which has no flaw in itself. Such will be the result of this color in your life. You will lead a life, wherein you are very sincere with your actions and will be careful in all your endeavors.

  • The color ‘milky white’ can be is regarded as an epitome of purity, cleanliness, and safety, and it has a certain kind of positivity to it.
  • It has an aura of faith and purity, which showcases goodness, cleanliness, and humility, as per color psychology.
  • White is a color so very widely used and easily accepted by everyone, thus giving evidence to its popularity and ease of being everyone’s one of their favorites.
  • It is one of the colors, which is very adaptable and easily mixes with another.
  • This color would also makes you loved, appreciated, and admired by all as it would give you the power to shine among others, with a heart that is pure and made of sparkling pearl.

The astrological gemstone which is regarded as the power stone for Cancer, would be the ‘Pearl’.

  • It would bestow the wearer with an abundance of appreciation, depth in sensibility, and decisive awareness.
  • It is advisable to adorn a pearl if you as a Cancer native and are unsure of what lies ahead of you, and have difficulty taking decisions easily.
  • It also has a very soothing and calming effect on the wearer.
  • It is also a symbol of purity, wealth, wisdom, and integrity.

Lucky Colors for Cancer – Red and Yellow

Every Moon Sign has some friendly colors for itself, depending on the friendly planets of its ruler planet. In the case of Cancer, it would be Red and Yellow. Apart from the power color Milky white, which would give an abundance of luck to a Cancer native, the colors Red and Yellow are also capable of bringing out the best in you. They would surround you with a positive aura, which would keep you rejuvenated at all times, and make you feel lively and refreshed. Add many hues and shades of these colors in to your wardrobe, and your surroundings, be it your home, workplace or any place that you frequent a lot. These colors would help you a lot in improving positivity and bring goodwill to you.

What colors should a Cancer Native avoid?

Though it is fine to use all the colors of the spectrum by everyone in this world, it is very important that, at times, we maintain certain rules and guidelines laid down by Vedic astrology. This is to benefit from all its bounties, and take care to sincerely remember the times when it makes us aware of certain discrepancies that might occur. Such is the case with colors as well.

The colors Blue and Green are not regarded as very auspicious colors for a Cancer native. Try and avoid its use while you are going for something very important or for any other auspicious occasion that would need a lot of positive vibes and luck and fortune.

All you can do is limit the usage of these colors to the minimum, and use the colors best suited for you when you need luck and fortune to be on your side.