Maharashtra Day- Analysis of COVID wave, when will it subside

India is currently grappled by the second wave of COVID 19 virus. Even with roll out of vaccines, the surge is cases are extremely high and has brought life to a standstill once again, after the aftermath of 2020. We present to you an astrological analysis to show the seriousness of the situation and prediction for better times to come. Read ahead…

Maharashtra Day- Analysis of COVID wave, when will it subside


Corona virus has gripped the whole world with its invisible claws and the whole humanity is writhing with pain and confusion. The high surge of cases in India is also escalating the fear of this disease. With the increasing number of Covid -19 cases in Maharashtra in the month April 2021, with the cases catapulting to varied heights every day, the situation has become very scary. Until 19th April 2021, the surge of Covid-19 cases have spiked as high as 68000 cases per day which is a very large number of patients, for any health care system to handle.

So we will try to create a virtual astrological semblance of events over the corona pandemic in the year 2021.

The mundane astrology of any country comprises of shadowy planets, Rahu and Ketu, as the significator of epidemics and infectious diseases. The involvement of Saturn plays a significant role in the epidemic, as it signifies mass death. Jupiter is called the savior or the Satvik planet, which will give everyone the wisdom and help to save humanity. There are several reasons for this out break but most important in astrological sense, is the collective karmic cycle of humanity which has given back the toll offered to nature by humans.

An astrological tour of India’s horoscope reveals that India comprises of Taurus Ascendant and certain astrological planets combined with each other caused this to erupt into a pandemic. Rahu is posited in the ascendant sign in Taurus and Ketu is posited in the 7th house of partnership and public exposure, which gives them a contradictory axis with each other in the natal chart making India more prone to infectious diseases. Today certain parts of India comprise for the total number of Corona cases due to the placement of Transit Rahu in the ascendant in Taurus sign over natal Rahu. It reveals that Delhi and Uttar Pradesh in the north [ascendant], Maharashtra in the Southwest where Rahu has aspect over this region [5th aspect], Karnataka in the South with Rahu aspect [7th aspect] and Chhattisgarh in the east, where Rahu has aspect over this region [9th aspect] signify the wide spread of this disease.

The presence of Ketu in Scorpio sign and the placement of Mars in the 2nd house in transit gives aspect over 8th house of mass death. This will not be supportive during the month of April. But, as it will move forward, by June in the 3rd house of courage and the aspect of Mars over the 9th house of fortune, there will be partial respite through the decline in corona cases in Maharashtra, provided all the residents follow the life saving protocols with honesty.

The placement of 8th house lord Jupiter in the 10th house of status and 11th house of gains will bring respite after preliminary loss of lives and increase in infection by its aspect over the 6th house of country health. So it is very clear that at this juncture that the natal horoscope of India will be less supportive as-

  • Saturn will tend to retrograde in June in the 9th house [luck] and its aspect over the 6th house of health will bring the tally of cases under scrutiny once again. There will be a spike of cases in Maharashtra because Saturn will be closer in degree with both Rahu and Ketu this time. Despite there being control over COVID cases, through much organized approach by the people in power, doctors and common public, preventive measures will need to be taken in coordination with each other throughout the period, to arrest the spread of the disease.
  • At this point Mercury will be retrograde along with Rahu in the transit chart of India, so the natives with breathing problems will have to take extra precaution towards their health. The conjunction of Rahu with Sun and Mercury will not cause ultra rays to penetrate the atmosphere, which will increase health issues in people with breathing problems.
  • The retrogression of Jupiter in Aquarius sign towards Capricorn sign with Retrograde Saturn in the Capricorn sign will cause stagnation of this COVID epidemic. There will be less precaution among people. However, it evident that both retrogression of main planets Jupiter and Saturn will cause an increase in Covid cases and till August. Cases will be there with inconsistent strength depending on public health protocol behaviour.
  • Covid cases are estimated to start taking a progressive turn after the month of October, when Jupiter will become progressive towards Aquarius sign and the coordination of public and power will form a healthy union. Saturn will also become progressive in Capricorn sign, so you will see surge in recovery cases as vaccinations will also have been inoculated to most of the people, which will be an extra push to tackle this epidemic.
  • Jupiter the ruling planet of India [Amtya karak is the second best planet of the horoscope] will be progressive in its path in the 10th house in the latter half of 2021 and will move towards its own sign Pisces in the house of gains and income in 2022. Saturn will also move forward in its sign in the coming years, beyond 2022.

So it can be concluded that till September 2021, the Covid cases in Maharashtra will face mixed strength and will not be surpassed completely but the healing process will be visible more after the month of October when Covid-19 case load will be less. However, lot will depend on the progressive disciplined behaviour of one and all individuals towards this pandemic even during their times of celebrations of functions or festivals.

Return to your roots by adopting Satvik life style. Simple living is advised and over consumption of resources from Mother Earth should be avoided to prevent the brunt of Mother Nature. We must go back to our roots and choose a holistic lifestyle for better and healthy living.