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Mind Blowing Facts about People Born in October

People born in the month of October have a distinct personality. Whether it is by the influence of their moon signs or any less scientific understanding, people born in October are held together by an invisible thread. Find out here some of the most amazing facts about people who are born in the month of October.

Mind Blowing Facts about People Born in October


The month of October is ruled by the planet Venus is mostly ruled by the sign Libra in the first half while the sign Scorpio appears in the picture at the end of the month. October born individuals are peace loving, harmony oriented and love to be surrounded by beauty. They are family oriented and with the help of unconditional love, honesty, affection, and mutual respect, they are very good at keeping their family united.


  1. They are Honest People

People born in the month of October will always adhere to their honest perspective, no matter how hard and adverse the situation they may have to face. They love to stick to their honesty quotient and expect the same from their loved ones. So, they avoid being near those who are spurious and fickle.

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  1. Peace Loving People

They are peace loving and prefer to stay in a calm environment and for maintaining peace and harmony, they try to avoid all types of conflicts with the people around them to maintain peace in their lives. They know how to foster a healthy relationship with others and will never complicate anything. So, they will make sure that every person and situation in their life holds its righteous position.

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  1. They Have a Romantic Heart

You are lucky if you are dating a person born in October and you will be surprised that he/she will be a very good partner as they have the romantic streak in them in abundance. They know the recipe of making their relationship healthier and happier. Love is the vital ingredient in their life, so they invest their emotions and time in the relationship to make their partner feel special with love and affection.

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  1. They Possess Creative and Intelligent Minds

They are very highly creative as the October born brings out intelligent and creative ideas out of their pandora’s box which makes everyone surprised and amazed at their talent. They are so intelligent that they bring out the beauty in everything with their insight and add a personal touch to any task assigned.

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  1. They Are Emotional and Calm People

They are emotional beings but will never be seen lamenting too much or crying their heart out. They possess the emotional intelligence which they utilize to deal with problems around them. They will always lend a helping hand to those in need but are intelligent and cautious of those who are fickle minded and will not let anyone take advantage of them.

  1. They Have Perseverance

These people are very perseverant and whatever task they undertake and start, they will finish to the best of their ability. They will make sure to accomplish the task as a challenge with their hundred percent efforts to complete the task. They will work alone rather than a greater number of people and achieve greater level of success. As a result, they have a will settled and stable life.

  1. Love To Spend Money

The people born in October have the flair for luxury brands and luxurious stuff. They will buy the best of the luxurious items if they can afford to buy it right away but if they are unable to afford, they will save money over long period of time to buy what they desire. They are extravagant with not only themselves but will also spoil their loved ones by gifting them with expensive gifts.

  1. October Born Live in the Present

Natives born in October are very optimistic and believe that life is to be lived in the present with lots of fun. They believe that each moment has something to give and so, it should be lived to its fullest. They will neither care for the future or past and will perform all their chores or responsibilities with diligence and only worry when faced with a problem on the fact how to find ways to solve it.

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As per astrology, the people born in October are trustworthy as a partner, warm as a lover, affectionate as a parent or sibling and last but not the least they are earnest, kind, friendly and do not like to be counted in anybody’s bad books. Thus, they try to make effort to deal with every person and situation nicely and with dignity, so as not to hurt anyone.