Ice cream for your Soul: Flavours of Frozen Goodness that suit your Zodiac

(Moon Sign Based)

Now who doesn’t like ice cream? We all have a favourite flavour which we turn to when our mood is good or we are upset. A certain craving paves way for us to choose our favourite ice cream flavour. What better way to find out why we like a certain ice cream flavour better than others, than to use learnings from astrology.

Ice cream for your Soul: Flavours of Frozen Goodness that suit your Zodiac


An ice cream a day, keeps all tension away. Winters or summers, this particular sweet craving just does not go away. We all have our go to ice cream flavours and it turns out, your preference of ice cream flavour can say a lot about you and vice versa. Popular ice cream flavours match the distinct personality of our zodiac signs.

Ice creams have been our constant dessert partner since time immemorial. This frozen dessert comes in as many different flavours as you can imagine. From the basic vanilla to the bizarre paan ice-cream, once faced with the multitude of options, even the most unyielding person can be faced with utter confusion and dilemma.

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It is no secret that our zodiacs affect our taste buds heavily. The kind of flavour that we like often depends on our intrinsic personalities, shaped uniquely by our zodiac moon signs. So whether you are a lover of chocolate or whether you prefer a fruity zest, it is all written in your stars. Without much further ado, do grab your favourite tub of ice cream and give this article a hearty read.

Ice cream flavours that suit your sign:

  1. Aries

You stand far away from anything that is considered boring and monotonous. You are always up for trying new flavours and new experiences. You prefer ice creams which satiate different parts of your taste buds. Some bizarre yet experimental specialties are your type. You are sort of a trend setter and a good one at that. Since you have got the curious bone in you, you settle for nothing less than what simply amazes and wows you.

Favourite Ice cream flavour for Aries: Peppermint and mint chocolate chip ice cream

  1. Taurus

You are quite traditional and classic at heart and therefore, do not much stray away from your tried and tested favourites. You like a certain richness in life and the same goes for your ice cream flavours as well. A rich creamy chocolate with fudge sauce is your go to comfort ice cream. You are an earth sign and very committed to nature as well. You prefer healthy living and opt for sustainable healthy ice creams, when you defer from your usual classics. You also like sensuality in life and that is indicated in the tropical and flirty ice cream flavours.

Favourite Ice cream flavour for Taurus: Chocolate Ice cream, Green-Tea/ Matcha ice cream, Banana or Mango ice cream.

  1. Gemini

You are smart and intelligent and probably subconsciously pick out your food with nutty content that enhances those brain cells. Nuts help you boost your memory and cognitive performance. And what better than to combine your dessert indulgences with something which mentally augments your personality. You are energetic and talkative and would prefer the ice cream texture to be such that it doesn’t melt away in the course of your chatty encounters.

Favourite Ice cream flavour for Gemini: Mocha Almond Fudge, Walnut Crunch, or Pecan chocolate cookie.

  1. Cancer

You are big on comfort. You are a homebody who loves all things traditional and home-made. When it comes to having an ice cream, there is great possibility that you will be equally satisfied with cookie dough. You have a special affinity for milk and augment it with chips and cookies, voila arrives your favourite ice cream flavour. For you ice cream is like a nostalgia and you tend to stick to your favourites as a child.

Favourite Ice cream flavour for Cancer: Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice cream, Fruity flavoured milk ice cream, or plain vanilla.

  1. Leo

You are passionate, bold and daring. You are open to experiment and are quite visual. You often go by the looks than by the taste and tend to pick up the ice cream which looks the most visually appealing. You are bright and outgoing and live quite a colourful life. Your life is a party and all about celebration. You opt for something that is super delicious and looks fancy as well. You too are not the fond of boring and monotonous classics, but something that will leave an after effect on you.

Favourite Ice cream flavour for Leo: Citric (Orange and Lemon Popsicles), Cotton candy flavoured ice cream or Berry Blast flavour.

  1. Virgo

You are quite a health conscious, mature and responsible being. You are most likely to choose healthy yoghurt than ice cream as a choice of frozen desserts. Given your love for work ethics and organization skills, you are more likely to reward yourself a treat with the successful completion of your work. You often forget to sit back and enjoy life. A fresh summary flavour filled with childhood memories is best suited ice cream for the workaholic Virgo.

Favourite Ice cream flavour for Virgo: Tangy Yoghurt or Strawberry Ice cream or healthy Green Tea/Matcha Ice cream.

  1. Libra

Libras do not prefer extremes. They generally stick to the classics. They are usually open to new ideas and experiences but at the end, enjoys what they have already tried and tested. For ice cream flavours, Libra prefers something which is neither too strong nor too bland. A perfect balance of tastes and flavours is what they prefer. Your indulgences are simple and satisfying. You cling to your comfort flavour but you eat it much due to genuine enjoyment than in fear of new things. You seek balance and stability in every sphere of your life and ice cream flavours are no exception to this rule.

Favourite Ice cream flavour for Libra: Classic Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry,

  1. Scorpio

You are passionate and mysterious. Often you prefer the road less taken, even when it comes to you trying out bizarre ice cream flavours. You are open to new experience and are totally fearless to try out new things in life. Boring is something you are not and you will not be satisfied if handed a run of the mill ice cream to you. You are sensuous and exotic and often find meaning in things that you choose for yourself. You have a slight dark side to yourself as well. Attracted to the colour of blood and darkness, your ice cream flavours often reflect the same.

Favourite Ice cream flavour for Scorpio: Pomegranate and Dark Chocolate Temptation Ice cream flavours.

  1. Sagittarius

You are the most adventurous among all the other zodiacs. You are independent, fiery and extremely free spirited. Your choice of ice cream flavour is something that satiates the cravings of an extreme. You like your dessert saccharine as well as bitter, healthy as well as super delicious, sweet as well as salty. This contradiction helps you to enjoy best of both the worlds and in it, thrives the adventure that you had been looking for all along.

Favourite Ice cream flavour for Sagittarius: Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Coffee Flavoured Ice cream or Peppermint Ice cream.

  1. Capricorn

You are a traditionalist and loyal to the fault. You are not very open to new experiences and stick to the basics or classics. You already have a pre-formed idea about what you like a dislike, and do not stray very far away from that. You take pleasures in simple things in life. You have the capacity to make the ordinary, fun. You have a strong allegiance towards ice cream flavours you grew up with and would happily continue with them for the rest of your life.

Favourite Ice cream flavour for Capricorn: Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream with sprinkles and cookies.

  1. Aquarius

You are rebellious and a non-conformist. You enjoy trying out new things to the point where your choices can be called eccentric. You are energetic, playful and fun to be with. Your ice cream flavours too show the same trend. You are the polar opposite of a traditionalist and reject things of the past, to make path for newer inventions. You are quick witted and enjoy a stimulating effect of your choices. You prefer deep flavours with lasting effects.

Favourite Ice cream flavour for Aquarius: Coffee Flavoured Ice cream, Passion fruit Ice cream or Blackberry Sorbet Ice cream.

  1. Pisces

You have a sweet tooth. You are caring and sentimental. Sugar rush always gives you a new kind of high and happiness. You are creative and artistic. You like new adventures and it shows in your choices of ice cream flavours as well. A blend of chocolate and vanilla works best for you. You like double flavours in life, not knowing what you are going to bite into next. Your dreamy and sweet natured disposition is what makes you stand out, just like your favourite ice cream flavour.

Favourite Ice cream flavour for Pisces: Praline Pecan Ice cream, Cotton Candy Ice cream or Rum and Raisin flavoured Ice cream.


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