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Vedic Astrology Reasons for having a Special Child

Celebrated on 3rd December around the world, International Day of Persons with Disabilities promotes the rights and well-being of people with disabilities in all sections of society. Along with that, it aims to increase awareness of the situation of individuals with disabilities in every section of political, economic, social, and cultural life. On this auspicious day, Indastro brings out this important article, “Vedic Astrology Reasons for having a Special Child “which means a great deal for those parents whose child is born with disabilities. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that there is a strong connection between past life karma and fate in this life. Previous life karmas and the house of progeny in your birth chart can reveal if you will be blessed with a healthy or a special child in this life. Read the article to learn more!

Vedic Astrology Reasons for having a Special Child


It so happens that sometimes we might have to face challenges regarding the health of our children. Be it any illness; like fever, pain, or stomach infection, it is sure to give us sleepless nights, being parents. The real challenge comes to you when you have a special child to handle for life long;and you would need to take special care of them. You will not have the peace in your mind and would always be worried about their future. A special child who suffers from an unknown disease which can not be diagnosed easily, will make them suffer, and this will make you have the same suffering with them, though not physically, but because your are so emotionally and mentally attached to them. This would be the real pain for you,because kids are our living aids, and their suffering phases are our lives’ most dreaded periods.

Nowadays, science has become very advanced and all types of diagnosis are available to cure almost every diseases. Even thenwe suffer from the problem of having a child who is not able to live their life as a normal child. There are many special schools running for the development of the lifestyle of these kind of specialand physically abled child all over the world.

The Fifth house and the Seventh Divisional chart (D7),will be the real significator of the child. Children complete a family and you will also have peace while having a conversation with the company of your child. Vedic Astrology playsasignificant role to give insights related to career, love, romance,marriage, health, wealth, money, and also the most important one in our life, ‘children’.

The connection of the Fifth house and our Children

The manifestation of our deeds in life is because of our past deeds. We all carry a bag of karma (deeds) from our past life and past deeds, which get flourished or gives pain in our life based on the good or bad deeds we did in the past life. According to theBrihat Parashara Hora Shastra,the authentic book of Vedic Astrology, the Fifth house stands for intelligence, discrimination power, deep pondering, chanting Vedic mantras, and good and bad mental inclination. The childrenwill come into our life because of our own good deeds. If we have good and healthy children, it signifies that we have done auspicious deeds in our past, and even in the past years we have lived until the time we had to get our child born. You can say that Karmic DNA will manifest in our livesboth physically or mentally, when we have a physicallyabled child in our life.

This is the main reason why our ancient forefathers and the royal king emphasised on performing the good deeds and fire ritualsto have a good and able progeny. The family will be completed with the birth of a child, so take care to have a close glance in your horoscope and the fifth house in it.

The major role of the fifth house in our life comes into existence in the following sequence:

  • The fifth house representsrebirth and auspicious deeds as well, which you have done.
  • Our intelligence, which we start using since our childhood comes from the fifth house.
  • When we are planning to crack an interview, the fifth house playsa significant role.
  • The due recognition in our life will come into existence in the time period of the fifth house only.
  • The beautiful flowers of love and romance will blossom in our lives if you have a strong fifth house.
  • The fifth house signifies the intelligence and the special skills you will have.

Affliction to the Fifth House and the challenge you will face with your special child:

There are malefic planets in Vedic Astrology whichare known as the punishment givers. They work like the ones who give justice and justice cannot be done if they became liberal, so these planets will become malefic for your horoscope. During the time period (Dasa period) of these malefic planets, the fifth house the fifth lord you decide whether or not you will have special children in your life.

Children will make you bow down and you will realize your shortcomings, when you would not be able to control the destiny of your children who will face the tough challenges given by the planets based on you and your children’s deeds.


Combinations which for the Special children in the horoscope:

  • If the fifth house has malefic planets, it will give problems to your child.
  • The malefic planetary aspect in the fifth house will give health issues to your children.
  • According to Jaimini astrology, the Rashi Drishti (Aspect) of the malefic planet will give bad suffering from issues related to the child.
  • Affliction from the Saturn in the fifth house or the fifth lord in the Navamsa (D9 chart) chart, will give the probability of having a physically Disabled child.
  • Sun and Moon’s close conjunction or the aspect of this conjunction on the fifth house, will give you the child who will face the challenges to have good mental strength. They migh be very slow in learning new skills, and will not show interest to participate in activities which requiresmental strength.
  • If the Shadow planets conjunct the Sun or Moonin the fifth house or the fifth lord of D9 chart, then the child will always be in dilemma, and will never have the confidence to take a decision.

Saptamsa or D7 (7th Divisional chart)

The seventh house is commitment to your spouse and the seventh division is the children, which isthe7th division of your ascendant, Known as the Saptamsa chart. This divisional chart signifies the children you will have, and how life will change after comingof a child in your life. Children are the divine knots for the happiness of your relationship with your spouse. Babiesare angels who blossom like a new spring flower even if a struggling marriage life does not improve.

We can analyze the D7 chart to know what type of child you will have. The challenges and sufferingscan be seen from the analysis of the Saptamsa chart.

The following parameters should be a judge before having any conclusion regarding a special child in your horoscope.

  • The fifth house affliction will give challenges to your children.
  • The debilitation of the fifth house will give problems related to physical fitness.
  • New Moon or eclipsed by the shadow planet in the fifth house or the fifth lord in the D7 chart, will give you children who will face problems in understanding new skills, and will not get interested in outdoor activities.

Our Ancient Rishi was a highly intelligent being who knew that our bad deeds will haunt and manifest in our lives in various forms like our parents, career, spouse, and in the most adorable for us, our children. The fifth house signifies the children in our life, so we need to take care of the significance of the fifth house. The fifth house signifies mantra chanting, and this is the reason why chanting mantras remove the karmic blockage and will bless you with the happiness from child.The fifth house is the house of pure consciousness, so the best remedies to have a good child, and have happiness for your child,don’t ever cheat anyone or don’t try to plot aconspiracy for anyone. All of these activities will deform the fifth house and indirectly also affect the life of your children, in a negative way.