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The Phases of the Moon and Your Sex Life

Moon has a stronghold over mind. Sex and Astrology are both intertwined with each other as the placement of the Moon and other planets in a person’s horoscope can influence the kind of sex life one will have.

The Phases of the Moon and Your Sex Life


The Moon and its Powers

The Moon’s influence on human moods, feelings, and emotions, has been a matter of fascination and mystery that has garnered the interest of many since the ancestral times. This speculation has grasped the excitement of everyone who has tried to read and understand the relation between various aspects of our lives and the Moon.

As per Vedic Astrology, it is believed that the Moon represents our mind and rules it, and also has the power to influence our mental state. This is a known fact to almost everyone who knows even a tab bit about Vedic Astrology. But, apart from this, do we also know that the Moon, and its phases, is also capable of affecting our libido or sexual drive, both positively and negatively. Now that we know, we can easily deduce that if Moon has the power to control the tides, it could very well be able to control our sexual desires as well.

The Mysterious Connect

If we notice, we will be surprised to know that a woman’s menstrual cycle duly corresponds with the duration of the lunar cycle, both being of 28 days. Interesting, right? This means that it can mostly affect a woman’s hormones and thus her sex drive, but that does not mean that the men do not fall prey to the powerful spell of the moon. If we consider the farfetched information, we would come to know that babies are mostly born all around the world during a full moon, as compared to other times. This does mean that by the natural laws of the Universe, the Moon is capable of influencing our behavior and hormone, thus giving different outcomes in different times.

The Moon and its Relation to our Sex Life

Now that we know how impactful the Moon is, we should also be aware that the lunar cycles give us an in-depth insight into our emotional well-being. The moon helps us nurture ourselves and know the feelings we are processing inside our hearts. We can interpret the moon’s influence in different ways for different couples, or different relationships. For example, in the case of a couple in love since long, who are going strong, the energy of the full moon would mean a night filled with ecstasy and passion, making it a night to remember. For all those who are still experimenting, the full moon might not do justice to them, and their expectations might go mayhem. Thus, we need to know that the moon might not give same results to everyone, and it all depends on factors, which also decide our fate, and the way we deal with things.

The Romantic Energy of the Moon

There is one thing that would always guide us while we are going through the dating phase, or are in a relationship. The phases of the moon would very well be our guide and help us know when to slow down, go faster, or just stop with our sexual urges, as well as our relationship.

Read on to know how the different phases of the moon can affect your romantic life, how to deal with it, and how to maximize its essence in your life. Know how the moon has a relation to your sex life, and how to harness it for a more powerful, and connected relationship.

NEW MOON: Get Ready to Take Off!

The New Moon Phase is a great time to start something new, and is the perfect time to start with what you have planned for, and what you aspire to get out of life in the future. This phase is the time for new initiatives, is the best time try out new experiences with sex, and move further with your partner in the relationship. If you have it in mind to surprise your partner, do not hold back, but instead, try to rekindle the flame which might be flickering. This would help take the relationship to the next level, not only with sex, but also for the future. You might decide on making your relationship official and this would be the best time to do it.

As this new moon phase is an avenue for new connections and new circumstances, if you are committed, you need to pay attention to your existing relation and give it your time, importance, energy, and obviously the spice it needs!

For all those single souls out there, this is a very good time to go out, start your dating game, and score high on it! Find out who suits best your dream relationship qualities, and let your vision be manifested this new moon.

WAXING CRESCENT MOON: Keep going Steady!

The phase of the Waxing Crescent Moon is the perfect time to build up the momentum in a relationship and start ahead with new projects and experiences. For all those who are single, you can start to look out for prospective partners to date, and start over life with a new lease. You could even think of marriage and look out for suitors, as this is the time for doing what you were thinking of since long. While dating or finding your suitor, this phase should be used to focus on learning about each other, and figure out how you could make your lives fit together.

For all those who are already committed and planning on to start a family, this is a good time to make love for the best of reasons, to bring life. You can try planning for babies, and use this phase to let your love bloom into a beautiful life. You should also try connecting with your higher self, and line up all the must-dos to be done. This phase even calls for healing relationships, and creating new habits that would help mend it. Trying new things in love would definitely lead you closer to each other and get deeper in love.

FULL MOON: Reflect, learn, and calm down.

The Full Moon is the time to slow down and observe things around you, process them, and learn from them. Reflect the various things around you in life, and allow them to be moving at their own pace, while your learning helps you prepare for your next move.

For the singles, there might be a slowdown in your dating life, thus meaning that sex would not be on the cards for you now, and chances of you having a romantic night would be dim. You might even face untoward situations like your date cancelling out, or you knowing a grave secret about him/her, or it could so happen that you might end up fighting. So, just remember to manifest the energy of this Full Moon, and discover yourself and how you relate to others.

If you are already in a relationship, there might be good news awaiting you, as your partner might want to make the relationship official. This would thus be an ideal time to make love all the way to keep your love growing, and making you feel more energetic. Sex during this Full Moon phase would be the best way to channelize your energy, as you will feel filled with zeal and enthusiasm. Your senses would be multiplied and stimulated during this time. So make sure that you get on board, enjoy your sex time, and avail it to the maximum benefit!

WANING CRESCENT MOON: Revive and Rejuvenate!

The Waning Crescent Moon Phase would be all about trying to absorb the information gathered during the Full Moon phase and then integrating the same into our lives, and trying to make it better. For all those who are trying to get on the dating game, try to stay calm and patient, and don’t take just any decision on the first meet. Apply whatever you would learn from the Full Moon phase, and use it in your second and third dates, or your already established relationship, and you will feel restored with energy.

You might feel vulnerable and emotional during this time, but don’t worry, as you will anyhow now how to use it to deeply connect with your partner, and are keeping up with self-love and care. Making love in new ways would not be given any high importance, but it is possible that such acts might rekindle the earlier romance with you.