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Will you be super rich in this life: A Vedic Astrology Perspective.

Today is the 'National financial Crime Fighter Day'. This day acknowledges the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti Money Laundering professionals. These people include variety of people including law enforcement executives and other government servants dealing with such issues. Related law in the form of the Money laundering Act prevents financial crimes. Let us understand the astrological aspects associated to the prevention of crime leading to making people super rich. Ever wondered why some people are super rich and others go through a difficult time to make wealth? What are the yogas and planetary combinations that decide if you will lead a rich and prosperous life.

Will you
Is it possible to know about the life style of a person by reading his Horoscope through Vedic Astrology? The answer is yes and quite definitely so!

For a learned and experienced Astrologer, who besides his dominion over the subject should also have good knowledge of Desh (place), Kaal (Time) and Patra (Person), can deliver amazing predictions about a native’s lifestyle. I am reminded of a magazine article (published many years ago) where the reporter took the Horoscope of Bill Gates to an old astrologer in a village. The astrologer had no way of knowing whose horoscope was that and even if he was told, he would not have known Bill Gates. However, after studying the Horoscope, he remarked that this was the Horoscope of a very wealthy person and a ‘big man’ in his field. Here the Astrologer was correct in his calculations but had no idea about the field. Hence there is a need for the astrologer to be well updated about his surroundings also.
Coming back to the topic, how the Astrologer can tell about the life style, girl friends / love partner / spouse and the cars and other worldly possession etc. of the native. Well the process is simple if applied systematically and thoroughly.

The Astrologer needs to check certain specific houses in the Horoscope (there are a total of twelve houses) and the planets posited there, the planets aspecting those houses and the certain specific planets need to be studied which represent luxury, love and lifestyle. There are a total of nine planets – as per the system of Vedic Astrology. Let us start from the beginning.

First House

Do you know that a good Astrologer can reveal a whole lot of information about the person by simply looking at his first house alone? The first house is also called by other names such as Ascendant and Lagna. This house reveals almost everything about the person such as - Face, Nature, Personality and Mind Set. Therefore this is the most important house of the entire Horoscope.

If you have ever heard two Astrologers discussing with each other the horoscope, they would invariably talk about the rising signs. "He’s a Scorpio rising, so you better be careful or he is an Aries with Venus in the Ascendant, so he must be very handsome" Beginning with general ground like this one helps the Astrologer buildup his base of readings and predictions.

The 1st house represents the starting point on the path of life. Is the native going to have a comfortable life full of luxuries given to him by his parents or will he be a self made man? The first house is capable of giving quite a bit of information including the energy level, temperament etc.of the person.
Let us take an interesting example. The famous Bollywood Hero Salman Khan has Aries Ascendant. Mars is the ruler of Aries and his Mars is quite powerful and well placed. Those of you who know some Astrology would appreciate the information that his Mars is exalted and being in the tenth house it is digbali. Therefore, he gets all the macho looks which he uses so well in his career. Also this is what gives him a bold, courageous and ambitious nature.

Second House

Once we know the basic nature of the person and his inclination towards the kind of life style he wants to lead, there would be a need to check if he would have the money to finance his aspirations and dreams for cars and other riches to go on expensive dates.

This would be seen from the second house. This house is also called the dhan bhava and among other things depicts Wealth & Speech. Needless to say if there are good planets in the second house or are aspecting then the person would be ultra rich, will gain good primary education, high class family and would be good in the art of conversation. Readers would agree that whether it is the passion for sports cars and super luxury cars or the luxury of having beautiful girl friends, one needs money, status and good conversational ability.

Here it would be interesting to quote the example of the horoscope of Dr. Vijay Mallya –a personality well known for many interests and tastes and he is also the chairman of UB Group and Kingfisher Airlines. His second house is unblemished and its lord is Jupiter which is well placed in a kendra. To add to it, in his case Jupiter is also the lord of 11th house (denoting gains and earnings). Jupiter is a benevolent planet and is also expansionist by nature – it expands many times over – whatever it represents in the horoscope of the native. Hence the reason for all the extravaganza – cars, aircrafts, models and much more in his life.

Fourth House

From the stand point of the topic of this article, a good and strong fourth house depicts properties, comforts in house, vehicles (cars) and a comfortable life. If the fourth house is strong, then person would have all these benefits. He should enjoy nice house(s), good clothes and comfortable vehicles. Of course, a good fourth house also indicates a good domestic life of the person.

Let us once again refer to the horoscope of Dr. Mallya is the lord of 4th house, which is in Taurus sign. Venus also known as Shukra is the planet connected with luxury, beauty, sexual pleasures in life. His Venus is quite strong as it is a Yogakarka and it is well placed in 11th house (Sarva Abhistha Sthaana). This is the house of all achievements; hence Venus here has given him all kinds of comforts and luxuries in his life. Of course, the presence of Ketu in the fourth house makes his a little crazy about his luxurious life style.

Fifth House

So far we have seen the nature of the person, his life style, comforts and how deep are his pockets. But what if he has no taste for worldly affairs, what if he does not get attracted towards the materialistic pleasures. The answer is simple that despite the resources he will not make efforts to acquire big cars, super luxuries or chase his dream girl.

Conversely, his horoscope may make him go to the other extreme too. So how would an astrologer know that? The answer is again simple – it is the fifth house which needs to be examined.
This is the house of joy and spontaneous self-expression. It's the house of emotions, thoughts and hence the love affairs too.

This is the house which tells if a romance is on the horizon?
I am once again tempted to quote the case of Dr. Vijay Mallaya. His fifth house is being aspected by three planets - Venus, Sun and Mercury.

There is vital force and strong energy in his 5th house. The enthusiasm for life can be seen from his chart. One is vibrant and radiant. Sun, the fiery planet gives it the Fire and Heat. The Sun is also the king of celestial cabinet. Hence the person says "I am here!", “I am important”. The person expresses himself dynamically. It wants to feel special. It wants to love and be loved.

These attributes get enhanced all the more in his case due to the association of Sun with Venus. Venus is the planet of pleasures and passions. Venus gives ‘joy’.   Once there is the lord of the house Mercury which is also in the party - as if tripling the pleasures of life.  The style and nature of Dr. Vijay Mallaya should come as a natural thing to the astrologer reading his chart.

The combination of Sun with Venus along with Mercury aspecting his 5th house lets him live life king-size without an apology.

What about the earnings and income?

You may ask instinctively above question and most definitely you are logical. For checking this aspect of life, one needs to examine the eleventh house in the horoscope. This is a house of friends, networking, earnings and income or simply put - the gains from profession.

This house also describes our allies, the collective strength on one hand and on the other it represents hopes and dreams.

Therefore, in the context of the subject matter of this article, other things remaining favorable, a good and strong 11th house will confirm that the person will have good girl / boyfriends and big cars & super luxuries in his life.

Perhaps most of you may not know that 11th house is also seen for hopes and dreams.  Therefore, a person who has enormous income, big dreams is bound to be popular in his social circle and will have most of the best looking cars and the girl friends. Just check the horoscope of Vijay Mallaya – there are 3 planets – Sun, Venus and Mercury posited there and the lord of the house is the Jupiter himself – happy and smiling in the 7th house of partnerships – both marriage and business.