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Which Power Color to Flaunt if you are a Sagittarius Native!

Colour therapy really works when used well. Vedic astrology assigns a specific colour to each planet. Based on your Ascendant or Rashi, using colours that are beneficial to you, can help you immensely. Here we will discuss the power colour for Sagittarius sign.

Which Power Color to Flaunt if you are a Sagittarius Native!


Enhancement of your moon sign with colour power

Colors evoke in us many varied emotions, ranging from happiness, to sadness, or even excitement to anger and aggression. Colors have always had a different way of expressing themselves, and humans have since time immemorial, had a very deep connection with their various hues and shades.

  • It is believed that colors and emotions are intricately linked to each other, and we have always made use of how to utilize it in our different moods. The significance of colors and its psychological impact on our behavior cannot be denied.
  • Color psychology has been used ever since we came to realize such effects on the human minds, and from then on, brands, designers, and companies have started using the same for giving due recognition to their products among the masses.
  • Colors have a number of elements due to which a person's feelings might be influenced. It could range from personal association, or maybe a certain affection for a particular color, or even getting naturally attracted to a certain color
  • It could even be cultural, or in sync with universal behavioral patterns, which has been studied since a very long time.

Vedic Astrology believes in the power that colors have on humans, and regards it to be as per the birth horoscope of a person. The zodiac sign of a person initiates the power color which could be lucky for him/her, and based on it, the influence that colors could have on them, bad and good, can be analyzed.

The Colour of your moon sign - Yellow for Sagittarius

The ruling planet of the Sagittarius zodiac sign is Jupiter, and thereby the luckiest color for a Sagittarian native would be ‘Yellow’. Therefore, the power color for a Sagittarius would be ‘Yellow’, and using this healing power would deeply affect and influence life, and give it a valuable meaning and significance.

  • It is a significator of knowledge and wisdom and is thereby regarded as the color, which acts like an instructor or teacher.
  • It is also held responsible for balancing the inner and outer energies, and therefore circulating the positive energy throughout the body.
  • It is effective in healing the mental stress and tension of a person, and letting him/her live life a little better.
  • If we dig deep into history and culture, we can find how Yellow has been inculcated in the customs, and how it provides peace of mind to the wearer.
  • Because of its amazing properties as such, it can be used for curing diseases, and also giving the chakras of the human body the freedom to open and spread energy in the body.

The Yellow Sapphire and the Topaz, are the stones of the planet Jupiter, and is regarded as the power gemstone for the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Wearing these stones would enhance the positive personality of a Sagittarian, and help them get an innate power within themselves and utilize it to the maximum, which otherwise would have remained hidden within us.

These stones are also regarded to benefit the wearer by rendering a power to them that allows them to take the right decisions, and make correct judgments in a situation. These stones also present the wearer with new avenues for earning money, and shower opportunities that could lead him to live a successful life ahead.

Lucky colors for a Sagittarius - Red, Pink, and Milky White

The lucky colors for a Sagittarius, as per the colors friendly for its ruling planet Jupiter, would be best suited for a Sagittarian, apart from the power color. Friendly colors bring out the best personality of the native to the forefront and help him/her progress well by enhancing their personality. The friendly colors for a Sagittarius native would be Red, Pink, and Milky White, which can be used by the native in all of their endeavors. Thus, use these three colors for your optimum benefit so that you are able to handle situations well, and realize that a little luck and fortune on your hands, can take you a long way if couple with hard-work and dedication.

What colors should a Sagittarius native avoid?

Since we have already discussed the lucky colors and your power color, as well as the influence they can have on your life with their abundance of luck and fortune for you, it is necessary for you to know which colors are not best suited for you. You need to specially take care to avoid these colors at occasions which need luck to be there by your side, and also at times when you are expecting profitable results and on important occasions in life. For a Sagittarius, these colors would be Blue and Black, as they are the colors of the enemy planets of Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius. Avoid theses colors on special occasions, so that you are saved from ill luck of misfortune, especially when you need to avoid them the most.