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Zodiac Signs that are Introverts as per Astrology

Sometimes you feel like partying the whole night and sometimes you want to just curl up on your bed and never get out. Introvert and Extrovert natures exist in each one of us. Find out which is your more innate side of your personality.

Zodiac Signs that are Introverts as per Astrology


Different characteristics of our personalities define us and make us the person that we ultimately become. Some of us are socially confident and outgoing, who can mingle with any and every one. For them, world becomes place of opportunity, new adventures and unlimited escapades. Known as extroverts, people with such personalities are charming, popular and amiable. However, the introverts of the world are shy and reticent. They are more comfortable with their own thoughts and ideas and prefer the cozy security of their own homes.

But sometimes, we can be both extroverts and introverts, depending on the mood and situation. Having determined this innate quality, based on your zodiac sign, find out which category you fall into – introvert or an extrovert.

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Most Introverted to least introverted Ranking of Zodiac signs

  1. Aquarius:

Aquarius natives are believed to be the most introverted. You like to stay alone and refrain from socializing too much. You are happy in their own company and do not require any external help to keep them happy and satisfied. You are quiet and intellectual and love to spend time in your own thoughts. You are brave and even though you have friends and your own social circle, you like to keep busy with yourself. You do not like sharing your feelings and emotions with everyone and have a very small group of selected few, who you trust. Your emotions, which you often keep bottled up, is the reason for you being so introverted.

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  1. Pisces

Pisces natives are known for their creativity and artistic sense. You are intuitive and have a great sense of imagination. You are a creative introvert who loves to spend time in their own dream world. You love being engrossed in your own inner world of emotions and fantasies. You are also sensitive and shy away from sharing too much with others. You are perfectly content on spending time by yourself and exploring the realm of your imagination. You may sometimes come across as snobbish due to less interaction with the outside world, but in actuality you find the world inside your head far more interesting.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio natives are brooding and intense. You are very introverted and do not share any ounce of your emotions with others. You guard your secrets and thoughts like they are precious gems. You are rather sensitive and are a very private person. Your lack of expressions often render you as mysterious and moody. You need to have extreme trust on someone and only then can you open up about your feelings and sentiments. You are happy being far away from the spotlight and like to be on your own.

  1. Taurus

You are quite a private person and introverted in every way. You are not a very social person and like to stay away from the crowds. You are quiet and do not enjoy mindlessly engaging with people or form a bond, unless you very strongly feel about it. You seem a little detached. You have been hurt in the past due to your tendency of trusting others easily. So now, you are more contained and reserved. You believe in the idea of being self-made and thus you work towards your goals without a break, till the time you accomplish them. Naturally you will socialize less and work more towards your targets, which makes you quite an introvert.

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  1. Virgo

Virgos are a tough nut to crack. You are brutally honest and often quite cynical. Being overly critical and a perfectionist, you do not attract a lot of friends or followers. You have a suspicious nature and that is why you do not share your feelings or sentiments with others. You keep your personal life very private and often think that your expressions of vulnerability may be used against you sometimes. You choose your friends very carefully and have a small trusted circle. You value your alone time a lot. You can pick up on subtle energies and thus try to keep away from drama or dodgy theatrics.

  1. Capricorn

Capricorn natives are somewhat ambiverts but mostly they are on the introverted side. You are very intelligent, focused and career oriented. You know when to open your mouth and when to stay shut. Being business-minded and ambitious, you know exactly how to properly channelize your networking skills. In your professional life, you can come out of your comfort zone and socialize with potential people. However, in your personal life, you are quite an introvert, where you do not share your private matters much unless with your very close few friends. You are very independent and know that you can rely on your own capabilities rather than having to depend on others.

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  1. Cancer

Cancer natives are typical homebodies. You like the warmth and comfort of your own house. You do not prefer going out and socializing much. For you, you can create a world of your own well inside the periphery of your own house. Even though you let people in your own space, you still remain skeptical about how much to open up in front of others. You are represented by the symbol crab and are thus always safeguarding your heart with your protective outer shell. You are great at reading vibes and share your personal feelings accordingly.

  1. Libra

Libra natives are all about balance. Depending upon the situation, you chose to play the part of being introvert or an extrovert. You generally like to keep your personal matters to yourself and at the same time, you are a great public speaker. You are quite tactful and diplomatic. You know how to and when to don which hat in order to make the best of the situation. You are also intelligent and have great social skills. As much as a social person you are, you are very aware of your boundaries with others and you try to always remain graceful in your approach towards others, even if it is nit super friendly.

  1. Sagittarius

You are quite easy going and happy-go-lucky kind of a person. You tend to be mildly introverted even though you love the outdoors. You want to continuously travel and move around, collect new experiences and adventures. In your quest for new explorations, you meet a lot of new people. You are keen to know about different places, cultures and philosophies, which means you have to put yourself out there. Your inherent nature is open yet you are shy. But mostly, driven by your sense of adventurous and spontaneity, you quite enjoy being a people person as well.

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  1. Gemini

Represented by the twins, the duality in your character is quite evident. You hone the hats of both – being an introvert or an extrovert. You will find the Gemini natives partying hard one day, maximizing their social skills and being a full blown extrovert and then find them missing from all action for the next few days, cooped up in their own shells. You are mostly outgoing and have excellent communication skills, which make you very social and happy. However, just being talkative makes you an extrovert, even if you are on your own, your mind runs very fast and will be constantly in the thinking mode. Though you have phases of being introverted, you are mostly an outgoing extrovert.

  1. Leo

Leo natives are known for their feisty nature and are always buzzing with energy. Being a fire sign, you are mostly an extrovert. You love being the centre of the spotlight. You are friendly and sociable. You are outgoing and love adoration and attention. You usually have a large social circle and have people from different walks of life. Your sense of self is quite elevated and that gives you the confidence to be yourself in front of others. You are warm, welcoming and passionate and have this ability to charm others easily. You can also be dominant and yet charismatic. The only times when a Leo native can be slightly introverted is when you become too self-aware and self-conscious, which is quite rare.

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  1. Aries

You are a livewire, bursting with energy and dynamism. Your vitality, friendly demeanor, warmth and fun factor makes you a people’s person. You are adventurous, impulsive, and spontaneous and always are up for new things. You thrive on the excitement of new experiences. You are also very popular among your friend circle because of your positive energy, easy going nature and free spirit. You are lovable and are easy to get along with. You are a total extrovert and always the life of a party. At max, you can be called a closeted introvert since you are always brimming with lively extroverted energy.