World Athletics Day- How athletic are you, based on your zodiac

On the World Athletic day, we bring to focus the importance and need for sports and athletics in the lives of the youth. Your inclination towards sports often depends on your innate qualities. Vedic Astrology tells you why and how athletic you are and the activities that are best suited to your moon sign. Find out.

World Athletics Day- How athletic are you, based on your zodiac


World Athletics Day is celebrated each year to raise awareness and promote sports and allied activities among the youth. The first of this day was celebrated on May 7, 1996 and thereafter each year, this day is observed to boost the participation of youth in athletics and sports.

Most commonly, Athletics is referred to as a special collection of sports that include competitive activities such as running, throwing, and jumping. The International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) started the celebration of World Athletic Day to promote participation in athletics among the young population. It is part of the IAAF’s social responsibility project - Athletics for a Better World.

This day has noted to become one of the important task for raising public awareness of fitness in today’s world. Given the high rates of youth obesity, World Athletic Day is celebrated to educate people on various health-related issues and to promote and encourage fitness on a daily basis.

Now, talking about athletics and athletes, we all have our favourite and sure, we aspire to be somewhat like them. We, depending on our own personality and innate characteristics naturally are drawn to certain athletic activities more than others. Let us determine, through Vedic astrology and our moon signs, how sporty or athletic we are.

Moon signs and their athletic inclination:

  1. Aries

You are extremely spirited and vivacious. You are fiery and have a store of immense potential and energy in you. You are outdoorsy and like spending time in quest of physical activities and new adventures. You are naturally drawn to sport and allied activities. You are so full of vitality and have an inclination towards athletic activities. You love outdoor activities as well as love to sweat it out in the gym. You are competitive and therefore athletic activities like sprinting, martial arts and boxing are perfect for Aries.

  1. Taurus

You are, as one would call a homebody, who prefers the comfort of his or her own houses. You will rather be cooped up inside in a cozy corner than actually go outside to participate in any strenuous activities. Not that you do not enjoy sports, but you like them from a distance or prefer watching sports, rather than participating. You do have a lot of stamina and patience and therefore you have a special liking towards soccer or football.

  1. Gemini

Depicted by the duality in character, you sport quite contrasting personalities. Sometimes, you love being outdoors and enjoy the sweaty activities while the other times, you’d prefer to watch a sport from the comfort of your house without participating. You have a good sense of balance and a good hand-eye co-ordination. You are energetic and like high-powered sport activities. Volleyball, tennis, badminton, Kayaking etc. are the preferred choice of athletic activities for a Gemini.

  1. Cancer

You are sensitive, nourishing, and mostly passive. Sports and you, do not quite go together hand in hand. You would rather not hit the gym or go for outdoor sport activities, for as long as you could avoid. You are happy in your own cocoon of peace and tranquility. You do not like the aggression that is attached with sporting or athletic activities. However, when you need to clear your head and mind, you like going for a run or a light jog or even swimming, if you prefer. Thus, these are the few athletic activities that you enjoy doing alone.

  1. Leo

You are highly motivated, spirited and brim with vitality. You love outdoor activities and have a special talent for them. You do not mind being out in the sun for hours, honing your skills, so that you can outperform others. You are fiercely competitive and love to win. You love to play sports that highlight or showcase your talent. You also love to sweat it out in the gym or even take up a dance, aerobics or Zumba classes to maintain your fitness. For Leos, preferred athletic activities would be surfing, basketball, golf, or track running.

  1. Virgo

You are organized, practical and very matter-of-factly. To be honest, you do not care too much about sports. You enjoy them on TV, when you are relaxing. But, sporty and athletic activities are not quite for you. You enjoy fitness and want to keep in shape and healthy. So, if you undertake sport activities, it will be only because you prioritize your health. Running, swimming, jogging or brisk walking is the choice of athletic activity that a Virgo would prefer.

  1. Libra

Libra is all about balance. You balance your outdoor and indoor activities beautifully and alike. You are not particularly as one would call athletic or sporty, but you are neither averse to it. You like taking up new challenges and often end up experimenting with sports and adventures. You need motivation and a push, and once that is provided, you can excel in anything you set your mind on. You like aesthetic athletic activities. Fencing, ice-skating, roller blading, ballet and gymnastics are ideal athletic activities for Libra natives.

  1. Scorpio

You are intense and a powerhouse of energy. Even though you don’t show it, but you exude an aura of physical agility. You are strong and calculative and often very competitive. You are not sports freak but you love adventures and thrills. You like the road less taken and therefore your choice of athletic activities are quirky and intense like you are. You enjoy rock climbing, caving, rafting or skydiving since it gives you that much-needed adrenaline rush. Thus, these off-beat athletic activities are best suited for Scorpio natives.

  1. Sagittarius

You are a total outdoor person. You are vivacious, energetic and continuously on the move. You enjoy sports, practicing them as much as watching them. You love the adrenaline rush that is essential with any sporty activity. You love visiting the gym, trying out new regimes, ranging from acrobatics to aerobics. You love to experiment and try new things. You don’t like stagnation and continuously like being on the run. You have a natural talent for archery. That apart, running, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, acrobatics are the athletic activities that a Sagittarius enjoys.

  1. Capricorn

You are serious, business-like and formal. You are strong, have a great deal of stamina and great endurance. You have a sports-oriented attitude. You enjoy sports since it teaches a lot of life skills, which you can apply in your daily life to enrich your experience. For you, athletics and sports are learning grounds for you. You play, not to win, but to learn. You genuinely enjoy the sweaty outdoor activities. You also are very careful about how you look and therefore you are concerned about your fitness. Baseball, hockey, golf, body building and marathon running are the ideal athletic activities for the Capricorns.

  1. Aquarius

You love extreme sports. You are eccentric and a force to reckon with. You have extreme strength and have a penchant for adventure. You love the adrenaline rush. You love being outdoors for hours. The turbulence of weather does not bother you – you are as well adapted to sultry sun as to torrential rains. If you have set your mind in accomplishing a task, you will make sure that you finish it through. You enjoy the process thoroughly. Biking, bungee jumping, competitive swimming, surfing, paragliding are the choice of athletic activities that an Aquarius would undertake.

  1. Pisces

You are not very inclined towards sports. You are creative and artistic and rather prefer indoor activities, than having to go out. You are imaginative and dreamy and these qualities are makings of a creative genius and not so much of a sports person. However, you are extremely drawn to water and what can be called as a water baby. You enjoy being in the water and therefore any water based activities are a win-win situation for you. Swimming, surfing, diving etc. are the best suited athletic activities for the Pisces native.