When Cancer Turns Dark!!

(Moon Sign based)

People born under the Cancer sign are sensitive, empathetic, and deeply emotional in their life. Besides these qualities, they also have an extremely complicated personality. This article will help you understand better about what will happen if your Cancer partner, friend, sibling, or coworker turns dark.

When Cancer Turns Dark!!


According to the Vedic astrology, individuals with Cancer sign are responsible and truly devoted to people around them. However, they can at times become a little bit insensitive if pulled into an emotionally draining debate or if someone tries to rake up wounds of the past. Extremely compassionate and giving in nature, Cancer sign individuals are often taken for granted but in case they turn up their dark side, one should totally stay miles apart from them.

If someone has Cancer as ascendant or moon sign along with the wrong placement of Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn in any of the houses in the birth chart then Cancer can illustrate pessimistic traits and can be ruled by the darker side of one’s character. Dark traits such as arrogance, animated behavior, pessimism, manipulative & blunt behavior, moody, unforgiving and aggressive nature become a part of the basic nature of a Cancer individual.

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Now, let us understand each above-mentioned trait individually.


Compassionate Cancer individuals when turn dark become extremely blunt in their action and speech. They lose control over their expressions and fail to hold back their opinion and comments irrespective of situation or place. Even when they understand that communicating using unkind words can damage their personal relationships with specific individuals, yet they go for it without caring much about the severe consequences.. This happens because of the connection of Ketu with the First House (House of Ascendant and Personality) and the Second House (House of Voice).

Extreme Spendthrift

If the Sun is placed in the second house (House of Wealth) or Saturn or Rahu and Mercury (either of them) are placed in any Cancer chart or if there is a conjunction of malefic planets such as Rahu with Saturn or Sun and Mercury, then such individuals are tend to be spendthrift who love spending lavishly and excessively.

Self-Pride and Arrogance

Just in case that the planet Mars or Sun has a connection with the first house (House of Ascendant or Personality) or the second house (House of Voice) then the arrogance talks to the people. Due to this inapt planetary connection, Cancer sign individuals do not accept and digest if anyone is complimented or praised in front of them. Also, their arrogant behavior become evident from the way they behave and conduct themselves in public.

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Highly Animated

When Cancer individuals take the darker path, it means that Saturn or Rahu or Sun are placed or have conjunction in the second house (House of Voice) or the eighth house (House of Age). This means that this combination will make them extremely and highly animated in their behavior. Even in situations that demand a peaceful conversation, they become highly animated and volatile. This not only worsens the situation for them but it also ruin their personal relationship with others in the long run.


If Cancer sign individuals are unaware of what is happening around them, they tend to become suspicious. They in no-time can start questioning about the things or situations they get suspicious about. It is difficult for them to trust anyone and as a result they always need justifications and proofs at every stage to validate the facts.


Because of their compassionate and empathetic nature (on the good side of the Cancer individual), they know exactly how to manipulate a certain situation or a person to make things work in their favor. Just in case, if it takes too long for things to work in their favor, they tend to create favorable situations.


Cancer individuals have low to no tolerance for failure. In case, if they have to face one, it makes them extremely negative and pessimist towards life. It is because of the insecurities that overpower their good side and fill their mind with all sorts of negative thoughts and ideas possible. Being optimistic in such cases is nearly impossible for them. Also, they will never hesitate to share their negative and depressing thoughts and ideas with others.


Cancer individuals expects compassion for compassion. And when this requirement is not met, they tend to shift to the darker side of their personality. They can turn malicious in their pursuit of getting the same compassion they share with others. They are known to be extremely moody especially when things don’t work according to their wish.

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