How Stressed can you get, based on your Zodiac Signs: Triggers and Coping Mechanism

Stress, inevitable as it might be, has powerful reasons behind it. What can be stressful for you, can be simply a minor challenge for someone else. Based on your zodiac moon sign, let us determine the triggers that causes stress in you and how you can overcome them.

How Stressed can you get, based on your Zodiac Signs: Triggers and Coping Mechanism


Given the current climate, stress is inevitable in one’s life. Pressures of job, family, health, and love, and not to mention the current pandemic, often creates a situation of stress and anxiety. Ever since life has been on the fast-track mode, stress has been on the rise. Gone are those carefree days of childhood, replaced by tension and angst.

Different triggers cause stress among different people. What bothers particularly to one person may not be as bothersome to another. Astrology has answers to such deep questions and what better way to deal with stress than figuring out the trigger points, based on one’s zodiac moon signs.

Astrological Reasons for Stress and Anxiety:

The moon governs our emotions and is associated with the functionality of your mind. It has the versatility of powerful emotions and our mind. The placement of Moon in different house or with other planets give birth to anxiety and restlessness to a native.

  • Placement of Moon in the 6th house gives anxiety and restlessness to the natives
  • Placement of Moon in the 8th house gives mood swings and fluctuations in sentiments
  • Placement of Moon in the 12th house gives the native deep thinking making them more emotional causing anxiety and occasional panic attacks
  • Placement of Moon with Saturn and Rahu, be in any house also gives anxiety and edginess to the natives

Once again, astrology comes to the rescue. While it is natural to give into these feelings of uncertainty, there are also ways to respond to stress, in order to alleviate it. Our zodiac signs often internalize stressful situations and based on our inherent innate personality, we have learned to respond better in order to navigate through life.

How stressed you can get, according to your zodiac sign and how to overcome them:

Life is hard and stress in today’s world has become as common as our second nature. Let us find out what causes stress among different zodiacs and how they can deal with the said stress. Let’s find out.

Aries: Unable to meet your set goals

Aries love challenges in life and often overcome them with great maturity and effectiveness. You are smart and intelligent but at the same time not very trusting of others.

You are a master accomplisher and when you are unable to meet your set goal, which causes stress. Aries create stress when you do not trust others and take up too much on your plate, which often becomes overwhelming.

How to deal with stress for Aries?

  • You often deal with stress by delegating work to others, taking the lead, and making sure that everyone follows your orders and commands.
  • You cannot overcome your stress and anxiety by being alone
  • Best way for you is to chill out and party with your friends to relieve the extra burdens.

Taurus: Do not respond too well to changes

You are dependable and reliable. Matured, efficient and ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus often fails to recognize stress because you are too busy seeing the best in everything. However, you do not respond too well to changes.

You like to remain in your comfort zone and when faced with something new or a deviation from the normal, that often causes you stress. You also often stress about not being rightful and not doing things the right way.

How to deal with stress for Taurus?

  • Taurus thrives on consistency, stability, and material security.
  • When faced with stress or uncertainty, you try to stick to your routine and maintain status quo rather than move forward blindly into uncharted terrain.
  • Best way for you to take some time off and regroup.

Gemini: Calm to super stressed in literally a few seconds

Doing nothing stresses out a Gemini the most. You are dynamic, energetic, and intelligent. You love a good challenge and often when there is none, you feel life has become drab for you and you seek out the thrill. Your mind is always overactive, and you can go from calm to super stressed in literally a few seconds.

When stressed, you are not your usual chirpy communicative self but recoil in a cocoon. You detest monotony in life and boring mundane routine often causes you stress.

How to deal with stress for Gemini?

  • The best way for you to deal with stress is to slow down and spend some time on self-introspection.
  • You tend to dig deep within to understand the cause of your anxiety and research your way out of it.
  • Being an intellectual, you prefer to google out all your bafflements.
  • Also, travelling is a great way for you to eliminate stress.

Cancer: Family becomes the main cause of your stress

You are caring, kind and nurturing. You are good at reading people, which draws others towards you. Your warm disposition makes others warm up to you and often you can become burdened becoming the agony aunt for others.

You are also emotional and very close to your family. Anything if happens to them, is a main cause of your stress.

How to deal with stress for Cancer?

  • When stressed, you often tend to withdraw and stay bundled up at home. You withdraw emotionally as well.
  • Thus, when stressed, best way for you to decompress and be stress free is to share your problems with others.
  • Go out with your friends, away from the comfort of your house and the blanket wall that you have created for yourself.
  • Enjoy the company of others and breathe.

Leo: Less control over a situation

You are fiery, energetic and the centre of attraction. You love the spotlight and have the talent for it. It stresses you to no end when you are unable to reach the center-stage. You want to stay relevant and be noticed.

And when that does not happen, you are riddled with anxiety and apprehension. Stress triggers for you when you do not have control over a situation.

How to deal with stress for Leo?

  • You definitely need to regulate your obsession about controlling.
  • Sometimes the best way is to just let go. Granted that, it is easier said than done, but sometimes losing control of the situation and delegating work to others is the best way to de-stress.
  • Harness your courage and for once, try to be in the background and not shine the brightest.

Virgo: You fail to get an emotional outlet

You are a perfectionist. Being an earth sign, you are grounded, efficient and organized. You love to be in charge and in control, to make things run smoothly. You are not high on emotions and often bottle them up.

You do not share what is bothering you even with your closest people and that becomes overwhelming and stressful for you, when you fail to get an emotional outlet. You also tend to stress about things when they stray from your idea/vision of perfection.

How to deal with stress for Virgo?

  • You are an over thinker. You analyze too much to come to any conclusion and often stress yourself out with your convoluted thinking.
  • You are already critical by nature and your stress setting is probably the highest among all the other zodiacs.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. Learn to let go. Appreciate the little things in life and find beauty in living, in order to unburden yourself.

Libra: When you are not treated fairly

Your personality is such that you like to remain stress free. Firm believer of, ‘let the water flow, where it flows’, you are highly adaptable to situations. Governed by the planet Venus, you admire little things and find beauty abound in everything around you.

You are an advocator for fairness and harmony. However, when you are not treated fairly, you tend to get stressed. You can spend hours thinking why you are not good enough and overthink yourself into an overwhelming mess.

How to deal with stress for Libra?

  • For Libra, undertaking a challenge can be de-stressing.
  • You are indecisive at time and that causes you stress.
  • You care about your image in front of others, and if that image is not pleasing, that causes anxiety in you.
  • You are a people-pleaser and if someone doesn’t like you, it bothers you to no end.
  • Sometimes, it is best just to be. You cannot please everyone and sooner you come to terms with it, better it is for you.

Scorpio: when someone close breaks your trust

You are intense, loyal and passionate. Not high on showing emotions, but you are an extremely sensitive and an emotional being. You have a hard time trusting others and when you do, you do it with all your heart.

That is why, if someone close to you breaks your trust, it causes you pain, apprehension and uneasiness. You become coiled in your own shell and shut out from the world. You demand honesty and reassurance from people all the time.

How to deal with stress for Scorpio?

  • You do not like changes or letting go. But when you do, you reinvent yourself as a completely new person, like the phoenix rising from the ashes.
  • You deal with stress objectively, navigating through solutions and subterfuge your way through.
  • Best way for you to declutter and decompress yourself is to take a trip somewhere unknown, preferably alone.

Sagittarius: When someone tries to micromanage you

You are free spirited and easy going. You take life as it comes. Therefore, you tend to stress less about mundane facts of life. You love to see the big picture and are fiercely independent.

However, you hate it when someone tries to micromanage you. When your independence is at stake, you get stressed. You are all about movement and free flow, and when movement is restricted (in any form), you become prone to anxiety and apprehension.

How to deal with stress for Sagittarius?

  • Make sure that you are always on the move, into greener pastures. Your love for travel and outside should be maintained and not tried to be caged.
  • You need to seek new stimulations in order to shrug off the stress caused due to restrictions.
  • You are highly adaptable and remember, no matter how hard a situation – that too shall pass.

Capricorn: Learn to let go and relinquish control

You are super ambitious and goal oriented. You are an earth sign and cling to your notions of traditionalism and loyalty. You work too much and that often causes you to burn out.

You feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and forget that there is a life beyond work. You feel pressured to live up to the strict regime that you have built for yourself. Live in the moment to let go off unnecessary stress that you carry around all the time.

How to deal with stress for Capricorn?

  • You should seriously take a chill pill, maybe even consciously. Allow yourself some time to spend time with yourself and others.
  • Focus on things that bring you joy. Find happiness in the little things in life.
  • Learn to let go and relinquish control.
  • Give yourself a break and spend time with others to let go off that overwhelming stress that you have almost internalized.

Aquarius: Overload of empathy and avoid your own feelings

You are empathetic and sentimental. Being a humanitarian, you are very keen on helping others. You do not have a healthy display of emotions and often bottle up your own feelings. You absorb other people’s stress so much, that more often than not, that seems to stress you out.

You tend to suffer from the overload of empathy and avoid your own feelings and emotions. You are also a free soul and do not like when others try to control or manage you. You often have variety of ideas and ideals and want to implement them for better society and social causes, but lack of time to implement everything often stresses you out.

How to deal with stress for Aquarius?

  • You must learn to take one day at a time. Slowing down will actually help you.
  • Find joy in the little things rather than in all the big changes that you are unable to make.
  • You are destined to do great things but let time take its own course and not rush into things.
  • Sometimes, when stressed you tend to procrastinate adding more to your worries. Attend to your own situation first and then save the world.

Pisces: Ability to not confront and being dismissed

You are emotional, caring and think too much. You are imaginative and an over thinker and have the amazing capacity to worry about nothing and everything. You are not good at saying no and often become people pleaser, in spite of not wanting.

This ability to not able to confront and being dismissed by someone else, often creates situations of strain and stress.

How to deal with stress for Pisces?

  • You are adaptable and the water sign that you are, you tend to find a way around something, rather than tackling the problem head on.
  • Gentle persistence without resistance is your way to go. However, you must learn to stand up for yourself.
  • Make yourself strong enough to say ‘no’ when your heart doesn’t allow.
  • You wander off to your own world and in your imaginative world, you find a way to declutter your mind and swim out of a stressful situation like your symbol, fish.


Stress therefore affects different people in different ways, and we all have different ways to cope up with it. Apart from the general ways of practicing meditation and doing Yoga to relieve mental stress, there are many easy astrological remedies that you can follow as well to overcome the negativity that has clouded your vision.

Spirituality or the faith in something bigger than you will help you guide through any such difficult phases of your life. Holding on to spirituality will help to achieve a calmer and balanced life. You can get your Spiritual Profiling done here.