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The Negative Side to persons ruled by Cancer Sign

The moon is the ruling planet of a Cancer zodiac sign. The kind and soft temperament of the moon attributes to the caring and emotional nature of cancer natives. Yet, they are also quite possessive and a firm believer in vengeance. Find out why a cancer native will never forgive a person who hurt them and what their dark side is like?

The Negative

Every zodiac or moon sign have some negative traits; some stronger than the others. These negative personality traits at time behave as a hurdle for the other person to reach out to you or come closer to you. Cancer, in particular, catches most of the eyeballs when it comes to the topic of which moon sign can be the most dangerous of them all.

As per the zodiac sign, Cancer is represented by a ‘Crab’ from the animal kingdom. Those who have Cancer as ascendant or their moon sign have lunar eyes similar to the Crabs, which means they have round moon-like almond-shaped eyes with this watery effect in their eyes which feels like piercing or seeing through your soul and are pretty reflective. Just like crab uses surprise attack mode to get to its prey and keep itself safe from danger and enemies, similarly, Cancerians also can bring out their best attack or defense when you must be least expecting it. Another prominent characteristic of a cancer native is that they neither forget nor forgive anyone. This is also a trait of their moon sign power animal Crab which is inherited by them. it is generally said that crabs are peace-loving animals who avoid getting into trouble or conflict unless they are hunting or are being hunted, in which case it won’t take them any time to get into a defense mode and take their enemy by surprise.

Such unique and one of a kind character traits or features make people call Cancer moon sign as the most dangerous of all the existing moon signs and the further will be discussed in the following article. Please note that this article is completely based on the Cancer ascendant or moon sign.

Cancerians are very emotional, sensitive and kind-hearted individual in nature. They have a large heart and are empathetic towards other pain and sufferings. This also makes them a good listener. Every action of the Cancer speaks of a royal or has a touch of royalty in it. if we turn the pages of history it will be clear that most people who belong to the royal bloodline belonged to the Cancer moon sign or ascendant.

Forgiveness is not the strongest suit of the Cancerians as they may strike you hard with revenge when it will be the most effective and while it is least expected. They never miss upon a single opportunity handed over to them in order to ridicule or belittle someone at any cost whenever they find one. Arrogance is an integral part of their structure and hence, cannot be done away with it.

High fluctuation in their nature is due to the positioning of the planets Mars, Sun and the Saturn. Whenever these three planets have a relation with the 1st House (ascendant), the 2nd House (Voice), the 7th House marriage) and the 8th House, then arrogance, fluctuating behavioral pattern, and revengeful nature remain as common and permanent traits for the Cancer native. Therefore, it is imperative to check the position of these three planets in the above mentioned four houses in the native’s birth chart as it provides an insight into their true nature.

Cancers are an overly sensitive and possessive lot of the humankind. This means once have carved a place in their heart, there is no way out of it, not even if you want. Just in case if they feel that their feeling is toyed with; or are heartbroken, it has disaster written all over it. They will not rest until they have got their way of revenge complete and there is no assurance that you will leave peacefully even after that.

Cancerians believe in demolishing or devastating their enemies from the roots. Thus, it is evident that in army majorly the official, especially on the higher ranks, are Cancer native. the sole reason behind it is because of the strong position of Mars and Sun in the native’s birth chart as both the planets are indicative as a constant factor in the profile of any army personnel.

As for the appearance, Cancerians can be misunderstood to be calm, subtle, refined and in some cases be also considered to be big time introverts in nature, but in reality, they’re an iceberg stuck in a tornado as so much is always going on under the skin of a Cancer native’s mind. This is why they are never at rest, even for once. It makes them highly unpredictive in their actions and nature and hence can be considered as the most dangerous of all the moon sign.

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