World Rose Day 2020 : History, Importance and Astrological Significance

The Breast Cancer awareness month is observed in the month of October throughout the World. Main motive of the awreness drive is to educate women regarding Breast Cancer leading to an early deduction of this diseease which would help in an effective treatment. As a part of Cancer awareness month let us know the planetary combinations associated with this dreaded disease through an article on World Rose Day. World Rose Day is celebrated in the loving memory of 12-year-old Melinda Rose from Canada who was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer. Rose, symbol of love, concern, and tenderness is offered to the cancer patients to give strength and motivation to them.

World Rose Day 2020 : History, Importance and Astrological Significance


September 22 is observed as World Rose Day, to bring happiness in the lives of people around the world who are fighting with Cancer. These people are the soldiers of their own army. It’s also a day to spread awareness about the Cancer disease.

World Rose Day is celebrated in the loving memory of 12-year-old Melinda Rose from Canada who was diagnosed with Askin's Tumour, a rare form of blood cancer.

During the last six months of her life, she battled Cancer and made each day count by touching the lives of those around her in a positive way. She didn’t give up the hope of survival, till her very last breath. This way she touched the life of many. World Rose Day is dedicated to her and many more warriors like her who fight the deadly disease dauntlessly.

Rose, symbol of love, concern and tenderness is offered to the cancer patients to give strength and motivation to them as they are fighting the greatest battle of their life. On this day, cancer patients are graced with hand-made roses, playing cards and items and special occasions are organized to make them feel cherished.

Role of Medical Astrology

In medical astrology all diseases have particular planetary combinations which indicate the possibility of a chronic disease that a native may suffer from in his lifetime. However, if these are analyzed in the initial stage, many lives could be saved.

Any combination of planets with the shadowy planets -Rahu and Ketu- is responsible for causing the Cancer disease.

Planetary Combinations For Cancer Disease

  • The affliction of the 6th, 8th and/or 12th house and their lords increase the risk of Cancer.
  • The planets that give birth to Cancer are Rahu, Saturn, Mars, etc. Planet Rahu is mainly responsible for causing Cancer. Whereas, Mars gives rise to the Tumor, Cyst, wounds, cuts, Surgery, etc. The Cancer cells multiply if Planet Mercury is afflicted. And, Saturn makes it even more chronic and incurable.etc.
  • If Rahu, Mars, Mercury and Saturn are connected with 6th, 8th and 12th house and watery signs, or aspect each other, then they’re likely to give serious diseases like Cancer.
  • If Gemini and Virgo are posited in 6th, 8th, 12th house or, if Mars, Mercury and Saturn are placed in these signs, then there are strong chances of occurrence of serious disease that lasts long.
  • Jupiter also plays a vital role in causing as well as preventing cancer. If Jupiter remains unafflicted and is placed in an angle or trine, and isn’t aspected by malefic Mars or Mercury, then it is expected to save the life of the native who’s suffering from Cancer disease. Likewise, if Jupiter aspects the Ascendant, the 9th or 5th house, it would work like a protective shield for the natives.
  • However, if Jupiter is in the 6th or the 8th house or aspecting these houses under affliction by Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Mercury, then the native is likely to suffer from incurable Cancer disease.
  • It is very important to examine the position of Planet Rahu. If Rahu is placed in the 5th, 7th, and 9th house or aspects these houses, then it should also be considered. But if Rahu is posited in the 6th, 8th, 12th house or if it forming a conjunction with the lord of the 2nd and 7th houses, then it can give rise to cancer.
  • Earthy and watery signs are also responsible for causing cancer. Scorpio and Virgo play an active role in causing cancer.
  • The risk of Cancer disease is high when the planets are posited in cancer zodiac sign or at the position of its lord. For this very reason the position of Moon needs to be examined carefully.
  • Virgo and Cancer sign– Virgo signifies health issues as it represents the 6th house of the natural zodiac. Cancer sign is the indicator of overall happiness of our body and mind. Besides, it plays a very important role in determining the odds of breast cancer.
  • Sun rules over the vitality of our body – The position of Sun and the status of its strength have a great significance in medical astrology.
  • The 6th house of the horoscope and its lord indicates the chances of health issues, according to medical astrology.
  • The 8th house and its lord gives ill health as eighth house is the house of disease and death.
  • As per medical astrology, the 12th house and its lord signify health expenditure and chances of hospitalization.
  • The 11th house and its lord represent the cure of disease.
  • Planet Saturn slows down the healing process and at times also increases the risk.
  • Mars indicates chances of surgery.
  • Rahu can complicate any disease and make it difficult to diagnose.
  • Ketu represents careless and wrong treatment.
  • When Rahu is connected with Moon, or 8th house, or 6th house, or Lagna, then there are chances of Cancer disease, which is confirmed if the Lagna lord is very much afflicted by other malefic planets or if it’s debilitated.
  • If there is a connection between 6th house, Lagna, 12th house and 8th house and Rahu or Ketu are present in any of these houses, then there is a strong possibility of Cancer disease. Here, it is important for the Lagna or the Lagna lord to be afflicted or weak.
  • If the Lord of the 12th house and 8th house are interchanging each other’s place, then also the native would suffer from Cancer disease, and the first stage would be very difficult and painful for the patient. But ultimately, they’ll fight this deadly disease.
  • The 11th house of the horoscope signifies recovery. Therefore, this house should be checked carefully while looking at a person’s horoscope.
  • Sun’s affliction in the birth chart or Kundli and its connection with malefic Saturn and Rahu, 6th house, 8thhouse or 12th house indicate high risk of Cancer.
  • If both Rahu and Saturn are placed in the 6th house or 8th house and the lord of 6th or 8th house is weak or afflicted, then the probability of risk also increases.
  • While analyzing horoscope, we need to see if Lagna lord is debilitated, weak or afflicted. Lagna represents the physical existence and immunity system of a person. If Lagna is not afflicted, the immunity system of the person will remain strong and the person is unlikely to suffer from chronic diseases.

Mentioned below are some of the Celebrities who have fought a battle against Cancer disease.

1. Manisha Koirala (16/08/1970, 17:42:19, Kathmandu)

Manisha Koirala is one of India’s most celebrated actors who has received a lot of Film Fare Awards for her outstanding performance.

She is a Cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with stage IV Ovarian Cancer in 2012 but was declared Cancer-free by mid-2014 after undergoing treatment.

In Manisha’s horoscope Capricorn is a rising sign and Moon is posited there.

Lagan lord is in 4th house in Aries sign, which is Mars sign.

Running dasha at that time was of JUPITER/RAHU/VENUS. Jupiter is the lord of the 12th house, Rahu is in 2nd house in Saturn’s sign and aspecting the 8th house .Venus is in Virgo sign, which signifies illness.

In Manisha’s horoscope, Venus is posited in Virgo sign. Venus signifies Cheeks, skin, Neck, throat, venereal diseases, and reproductive organs. Rahu signifies leprosy, spleen disorders, poisonous injuries, snake-bites, cancer.

Jupiter is the main significator of growth and abundance. It also indicates swelling and abnormal expansion of the body parts.

Sun’s affliction in the birth chart or Kundli and its connection with malefic Saturn and Rahu, 6th house, 8thhouse or 12th house gave rise to the Cancer disease.

Further we can see that Sun and Mars are in Cancer sign, in the seventh house. This house deals with internal or reproductive organs. Rahu aspects 8th house in her kundli where lord of 9th house (Mercury) is placed.

In her horoscope, there is a very clear connection between 6th, 8th, and 12th house, which indicate high odds of chronic disease such as Cancer.

2. Yuvraj Singh – (12th Dec 1981, 9:45, Chandigarh)

Yuvraj Singh is a former Indian cricketer who played internationally. . He was the Man of the Tournament in the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, and one of the top performers at the 2007 ICC World T20, both of which India won.

After 2011 World Cup Victory, Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his left lung.

Jupiter and the Moon are the planets which require most careful consideration in Lung Cancer. Besides, the 4th and the 6th houses and their lords, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo and Sagittarius signs are closely involved in the Lung infections. Most of the afflictions are in these signs. It is commonly seen that in cases of lung cancer common signs are in the 6th house and the watery signs are placed in the 8th house.

By analyzing Yuvraj Singh’s chart, we found out that he is Cancer ascendant and Rahu is placed therein. Jupiter- the lord of 6th house-is in 4th house and Lagan lord Moon is placed in 12th house in Gemini sign (Mercury sign). Virgo, Saturn and Mars are posited (both planets are malefic) in Mercury. 4th lord, Venus, is with Ketu in Saturn sign, which is clearly an unfavorable placement as far as health is concerned.

Hence, we can say that in Yuvraj Singh’s kundli there are clear cut indications of Lung Cancer.