Type of Parent you are based on your zodiac sign

Being a parent, even though is one of the most fulfilling and life changing experience in one’s life, it is also not an easy task. To be entirely responsible for another person’s life and wellbeing is a rather difficult job, with no shortcuts. What kind of parent you will be can be determined drawing your strengths and weakness of your character through your moon sign zodiacs. Let us find out.

Type of Parent you are based on your zodiac sign


Bringing a new life into the world and stepping into the path of parenthood is a beautiful blessing. It is one of the biggest transition in one’s life. Though life altering, parenthood and its responsibilities come with its own challenges and obstacles.

While it is difficult to say what kind of changes will come upon you on being a parent, but you can definitely maximize your strengths and minimize your weakness as per your zodiac moon signs to fit the role of a good parent. Your moon sign will determine how you will handle the challenges of being a parent, the ups and downs and even the surprises of being a mom or a dad.

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Parenthood brings about the experience of the blend of all emotions. Not only do you have to look after the physical and mental wellbeing of your child, but also you will have to make sure your child grows up to be a good human being. Raising and educating a child in today’s world is a rather difficult work and ultimately determines the kind of parent that you are/will be, based on your zodiac moon sign.

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The kind of Parent you are, depending on your zodiac sign

  1. Aries

Aries father is lively, vivacious and very friendly. He loves the outdoors and sporty activities and not to mention, he can get a little competitive at times. He is energetic, devoted and very spontaneous.

Aries mother is vivacious and adventurous. Energetic and young at heart, she feels more connected to the youth of today. She is quintessentially the cool mom who gels very well with their kids and their friends

You are adventurous parents who find themselves in sync with their child’s dreams and aspirations. You want your child to ream big and aim high, and no matter how tough the journey, you support your child at every point in their life.

  1. Taurus

Taurus dad is practical, down to earth and loves the finer things in life. He is patient and humble and loves spending time indoors. He has a flair for luxurious things in life and often lives an opulent lifestyle. He is very family- oriented and is a devoted dad. He is also very close to nature.

Taurus moms have a flair for finer things in life. She usually has an impeccable taste. She is classy, loves to splurge and show off, and yet is very subtle about it. You are passionate and that often manifests into being a controlling mom.

As a parent, you are likely to be strict and stubborn in your parenting approach. You would only want the best for your children and in that approach you may impose your values and beliefs. You will also be fierce, loyal and a very committed parent.

  1. Gemini:

Gemini dads are always open for heart to heart conversation with their kids. They love to learn new things and be the problem solver in the family. You are intelligent and intellectual and also at the same time enjoy to show off your newly gained knowledge. Gemini dads are often the cool funny dads.

Gemini moms are chatty, funny, and full of life. A quick call with her turns into an hour-long conversation, about myriad topics and harmless gossip. With her dynamic personality and a big nurturing heart, she is adorable and have a cultural side to her.

As a parent, you share an extremely happy and friendly space with your children. But sometimes, you may unintentionally disrupt your child’s sense of space. You are great on adventures and inculcate the habit of reading and culture, within your child.

  1. Cancer:

Cancer dads are nurturing, sensitive and extremely caring. They are traditional and very loyal. They are passionate about the things and people they care for and also love to reminisce about their past glorious days.

Cancer moms are loving, nurturing, and are the personification of the sacrificing moms. Their lives tend to revolve around their families and they spend less time on themselves. She is usually shy and a homebody.

You are one of the most wonderful parents, given your great passion for emotional growth and sensitivity. You have the ability to understand your child and their needs but you also run the risk of smothering your child with too much love.

  1. Leo:

Leo dads are loving, playful yet fierce. They are the epitome of fun and cool dads. They are extremely fond of their children and make them the centre of their universe. They are proud of their accomplishments.

Leo moms love being the center of attention. They are regal, elegant and have an amazing sense of style and fashion. She is often a great host and loves to host parties and soirées. You have a flair for the dramatic but are also level headed and calm with your children.

You can come across as a dominant parent, imposing your ideas and beliefs on your children. You also provide all your love and care to your children since you are so indulgent. You have the tendency to spoil your kids with gifts and too much pampering.

  1. Virgo:

Virgo dads are serious, organized and very practical. They are usually a creature of habits, which makes them very loyal and traditional in their outlook. He is very sure of himself and stick to things that he likes. He is very conscious of the environment and is a conservationist in his own accord.

Virgo mothers are very matter-of-factly and practical. Perfectionist Virgo mothers want things clean and organized. They are constantly on the run, looking after their careers and family and do a great job at achieving this work-life balance.

As a parent, you will always push your child towards achieving perfectionism. You are selfless and organized and these qualities make you a very solid parent.

  1. Libra:

Libra fathers are easy going and indulgent. They are smart multitaskers and good entertainers. They are very liberal with their kids and give them the space to grow and prosper. He loves to entertain and provide for his family and the joy of others make him happy and content.

Libra moms are happy with the littlest of gestures. She values all things aesthetic and has an eye for beauty. She is stylish and loves to surround herself in a pleasing and harmonious environment, which is why she keeps her family as a top priority.

As a parent, you use your diplomatic skills to negotiate with your kids, while mediating. You are the peacemaker in the family and avoid unnecessary arguments. You are great at managing relationships but you can also be too lax at times, where your child can take advantage of you.

  1. Scorpio:

Scorpio dads are fearless and sharp. Independent and moody, they may often come across as brooding and intimidating. But under their tough demeanor, is a cute dad who makes his children the centre of his world. He is adventurous and outdoorsy and loves spending time with his kids.

Scorpio women are all or nothing. Scorpio moms are intense and fiery but always so cool. She has a dark sense of humour and even as your mother, she will be remain mysterious and passionate. She is fierce when it comes to the people she adores and loves to spend time with her family.

As a parent, you often engage in tough love. You have an impressive resolve and you pass that on to your child as well. You love taking up activities with your kids and love doing these fun yet productive activities.

  1. Sagittarius:

He is more your friend than a dad. A firm believer in independence and freedom, a Sagittarius dad inculcates the same in his children. He is sporty and outdoorsy. He is fun to be around and can regale you with different stories, often making them important life lessons. He is open to new ideas and things.

A Sagittarius mom is full of life and energy and always ready to be on the go. She has insatiable curiosity and a knack for travelling. She is outdoorsy and you are guaranteed to have super fun with her. She loves to try out new things, be it food, music, or clothes and therefore any adventure is exciting for and with her. She is the best companion to have around because she is more of a friend than a mom to you.

Parenting is an adventure for you. You take life as it comes and do not fret about it. As long as you have your space and freedom, all is good in life.

  1. Capricorn:

A Capricorn dad is serious and businesslike. He often is so immersed in his career and work that he forgets to take care of himself. He suits the image of a hard working all sacrificing dad, who will do everything to provide for his family. He is traditional and loyal and is extremely protective of his family. He values himself and his role in his children’s upbringing and always achieves to be a perfect father, worthy of being a role model.

Capricorn moms are very straightforward and hard working. As a very reliable and responsible parent, she often tends to neglect her own wishes and needs. However, she is constantly striving to make her place in her career and her family.

You are practical and infused with logic and rationale, as a parent. You will guide your child through all ups and downs and be fiercely protective of them.

  1. Aquarius:

An Aquarius dad is a total chill dad. He is a firm believer in independence and believes that his children should learn from their own mistakes. He does not fret when his kids do something wrong, he rather explains it to them rationally why what they did was not right. An Aquarius dad treats his kids like adults and always tries to inculcate in them the awareness of social issues.

Aquarius moms are quirky at best. She has innovative ideas about life and it shows in her different ways of upbringing. She is drawn to everything unique and innovative. She loves to socialize and is very drawn to culture and history. She is independent and loves to take up on new projects, which she implements with her children, using her own innovation and expertise.

You will always be creative and a fun parent. You will help your child to discover their abilities and strengths on their own and not through heavy spoon feeding guidance.

  1. Pisces

Pisces dads are sentimental and caring. They are very protective of their children. They have traditional family values and tries to impart the same in their kids. He is always looking to teach his children to be creative, to grow on their own and to discover their own selves, rather than spoon feeding them.

Pisces mothers are caring and extremely nurturing. She is warm and emotional and is very thoughtful and kind towards her children and family. Little gestures rather than the grand ones, touch her.

You are protective of your kids but also love them to no limits. Being empathetic, you are naturally attune to your child’s feelings. You will have creative and innovative ways of parenting your children.

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