What Are The Unique & Attractive Traits Of Your Partner?

We all look for a unique characteristic in a person before getting into a relationship. Vedic astrology helps you identify the ‘right’ person to share a sense of complete oneness in life with. Let’s find out the unique personality traits of each zodiac sign to better understand the qualities of your love partner.

What Are The Unique & Attractive Traits Of Your Partner?


“What counts in making a happy marriage or relationship is not so much how compatible you are but how you deal with incompatibility.” ― Leo Tolstoy

Everyone looks for a certain set of personality traits and nature while looking for their love or life partners. It can be a hard nut to crack as to who is your perfect match and how would you know what type of personality is the best fit for you. Well, Vedic astrology comes into a role-play here. With the help of the knowledge of your ascendant, you can also get aware of what kind of person and what unique personality trait of every zodiac makes you attracted to them.

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Here, in this article, we will discuss what are the unique traits that each zodiac sign is attracted to individually in a relationship?

  1. Aries

Aries native prefers polygamous relationship and if married often are involved in multiple extramarital affairs with several partners. Therefore, mostly they prefer a partner who too are looking for open relationship and has a great sense of fashion. Being a fire sign, they bring a lot of energy, adventure, and spontaneity to the table and want a partner that matches their zeal and vitality.

  1. Taurus

Taurus mostly believes in having more than one relationship. As Venus is the ruler of the ascendant (zodiac sign), they have an amazing and exciting love life. They feel attracted to many people at the same time and further establish a relationship with all of them (whosoever agrees). Hence they prefer a partner who also has similar traits and interests. As Venus is the planet of love and beauty, it still is more active in the material realm for the Taurus native. Therefore you also like your partner to get you new gifts from time to time. Taurus native always has control over their senses and hence are attracted to people with the same control in their life.

  1. Gemini

Gemini ascendant is known to possess high mood swings and is of unstable mindset that is generally attracted to things or nature exactly opposite to them. Silent and reserved people are not their type. Gemini ascendants (zodiac signs) are more into vibrant and pompous nature individuals. Gemini sticks around people only till the time they are intellectually intriguing after which the interest in they lose interest in the person and the relationship as well as they have nothing new to offer further.

  1. Cancer

Mostly Cancer ascendants (zodiac signs) are known to be peaceful and quiet the personality and hence, prefer the company of another quiet and peaceful person as their lover or partner. They are extremely selective and picky when it comes to choosing their love or a life partner. Good sense of fashion is one of the most important criteria for a Cancerian as they like their partners to be sharply dressed at all times. They look for a partner who is easy-going and who do not impose themselves onto the native or rush them to get into a relationship ASAP.

  1. Leo

Leos are really arrogant, reserved and dominating in nature. Hence, they prefer people who are quiet and shy to be their partner as they think they can easily dominate over them. They do not open up easily even with their lovers but have an expectation of transparency when it comes to their partner’s end. They are little attention seeking creature who love to have a partner who gives them all their attention time and energy; in short, they expect to have a completely devoted partner for them.

  1. Virgo

Virgo ascendants (zodiac sign) are highly sensitive and emotional humans and most loyal to their partner. They seek the partner of similar nature to them and also search for a lover or partner with good fashion sense as it is an extremely important trait of a Virgo. As they are quite fashionable themselves, they also expect their partner to follow fashion equally or even more than they do. Being a perfectionist in nature, Virgo prefers a partner who is critical about a thing and is pretty nitpick in nature. Such a person is a perfect pick for a Virgo ascendant.

  1. Libra

As Venus is the ruler of Libra therefore, they are very unsteady in nature especially when it comes to being in a relationship. They look for the financial status of their partner and do a background check in the materialistic realm of their existence before choosing them as their lover or partner. For them, money-matter is higher than the emotional quotient they might share with their partner. Anyone below their stature is not considered a good partner by them. They prefer being in multiple relationships at the same time and also prefer o expect to have a partner who is looking for open relationship status in their life.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio prefers a partner who also loves the pomp and shows kind of a lifestyle similar to them. Apart from it, they want luxury, beauty, good financial status, and good fashion sense in their lover or partner and pick the one who checks right on all the above-mentioned criteria. A strong intimate connection is Scorpio ascendant’s expectation from their partner. Great physical connection clubbed with emotional bonding is the definition of a perfect partner for a Scorpio.

  1. Capricorn

They are extremely emotional and sensitive and people with similar traits attract them. They are blessed with a good of fashion and hence expect their partner to be no less than a fashionista as well. A Capricorn expects truth, honesty, and loyalty from their partner failing which they do not feel obligated to stay in it anymore. They do not even support a white lie and hence expect their partner to be reliable and trustworthy. Who is able to reciprocate the time energy and affection invested in them to be returned with interest or equally.

  1. Aquarius

Monogamy is not the Aquarius ascendant’s cup of tea. They are known to be pretty clever and sharp-minded people and prefer to stay in more than one relationship at one time. While choosing a partner, their external appearance, beauty, and personality are of utmost importance for an Aquarius native. They expect to have a partner whom they can flaunt in public and their circle with pride. Aquarius native expects their partner to share similar traits and is nonjudgmental in nature and also prefers a similar open relationship lifestyle.

  1. Pisces

In case of the Pisces ascendant (zodiac sign), they look for a trustworthy and loyal partner for them. This is because Pisces themselves are extremely loyal and honest in nature. At times, one may experience that Pisces may also consider certain criteria such as the financial status of their future partner or lover in consideration while choosing one. The fairytale kind of romance is your expectation from life and expect to exchange small little love notes and tokens with their partner. You expect a person who is able to absorb your over-emotional self and is able to keep up with it even during difficult and testing times.

With a multitude of options available, while choosing a partner, it becomes an extremely difficult task to undergo one. With Vedic Astrology on your side, choosing a partner is no longer a fight anymore. Especially in the field or sphere or love and compatibility, Vedic astrology can assist in assessing the various challenges and strengths of an individual on the basis of his or her ascendant or zodiac sign. A detailed horoscope study can help you gain a better understanding of your strongest personality traits and hence will help you create a better checklist of the trait you should expect in your lover or partner. But for being able to attain it, you need to consult a certified and experienced astrologer to read or analyze your Kundali or Horoscope in detail.