The myths & misconceptions around the Gemstones

This article discusses a few misconceptions, myths, beliefs, and fears that are associated with the Gemstones. What are the facts around these wonder elements?

The myths & misconceptions around the Gemstones


The glorious and intriguing history of gemstone and its use has always caught the attention of the million for ages. With a lineage comes a series of misconception and myth spun around the use and nature of the gemstones available in the world.

Here we will discuss a few of the misconceptions, myths, beliefs, and fears that are associated with the Navratnas and will also discuss what the truth behind it is.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire or Neelam belong to The Precious Four most precious gemstone in the world along with diamond. The planet Saturn or Shani is the ruler planet of Blue Sapphire.


The most common misconception about Blue Sapphire or Neelam is that it is a bad stone and the bearer of bad news for the people who wear it and therefore, should not be worn at any cost. Another misconception is that since it is ruled by the planet Saturn, therefore, wearing this gemstone will also have a bad effect on their life as Saturn is a malefic planet.


Well, all the above-mentioned misconceptions and myths are not true in nature. Blue Sapphire or Neelam is one such gemstone that gives super-quick results as the placement of Saturn in the native’s birth chart or horoscope. The results of the gemstone will remain good or bad depends on the placement of the Saturn; meaning where is it placed along with the house of placement. Even though Saturn is one of the most feared planets, it is known for its quick actions. As quickly as he may uplift a person, the person experiences a downfall at the similar pace! Therefore, Saturn is the reason behind rags to riches and back to rags stories of the humans. Also one should only wear a Neelam when the ascendant Lord of the native is a friendly planet to Saturn, else it may bring issues such as bad health and bad luck to the life of the native.

As per Vedic Astrology, if Saturn is placed well in the birth or natal chart of the native, it gives prosperity, success and unexpected gains to the native if he or she plans to wear a Neelam.

In any case that there is a wrong placement of Saturn, in such cases wearing a Neelam or Blue Sapphire will only invite destruction on native’s life. Thus, it only depends on the placement of Saturn if Neelam is going to remain favorable or may turn disastrous for a person.

Cat’s Eye

The peculiar color and the distinct features of the Cat’s Eye or Lehsuniya gives it a tag of an intriguing, mystical and mysterious gemstone which is a point of curiosity for every gemstone fanatic. Ruled by the powerful and vengeful planet Ketu, most of the times, Lehsuniya is worn for its aesthetic value as the designated stone for the Planet Ketu.


People are generally skeptical about its appearance which is mystical and mysterious in nature. Also since it is the designated stone of Ketu and Ketu is also a malefic planet, hence, using a gemstone associated with the malefic planet will only be a carrier of bad news in life.


Cat’s eye is a good stone especially if one needs to ward off the evil eye or Buri Nazar from anyone. In the past, infants and toddlers were made to wear a locket in order to protect them from evil eye or Buri Nazar. It is extremely beneficial if Ketu is well placed in one’s birth chart or the ascendant lord of the native is a friendly planet to Ketu.

Just in case, if Ketu is wrongly placed or the ascendant lord of the native is an enemy planet to Ketu, then wearing Lehsuniya or Cat’s Eye will never be advised to the native as he or she may suffer from an extremely bad health condition or bad luck.

Red Coral and Ruby

The Vedic astrology confirms that Red Coral or Moonga is associated with the potential of the Fiery planet Mars. The gemstone is formed by the constant deposition of the skeletons of dead animals in the sea.

Ruby or Manik, on the other hand, is a part of The Precious Four and is ruled by the King of all the planets himself, Sun.


Since both Sun (Ruby or Manik) and Mars (Red Coral or Moonga) are hot planets; hence, wearing Ruby (Sun) or Red Coral (Mars) will further aggravate such emotions in the native.


According to the Vedic astrology, it all depends on the degrees of the planet’s position along with the placement in the natal chart of a person. For instance, if Sun or Mars is the Lord of the Ninth House (House of Fortune), then the native will always be advised to use either Red Coral (in case of Mars) or Ruby (in case of Sun) as it will remain beneficial for them in the long term. it is imperative to check whether or not the ascendant lord of the native is a friendly planet to either Sun (in case of Ruby or Manik) or Mars (in case of red Coral or Moonga) as if it is not then the native may suffer from various health-related problems and other disruptions in life due to lack of good luck.


The smooth, round, iridescent pearls are ruled by none other than Planet Moon itself and are a much-appreciated gemstone especially amongst the ladies.


It is generally considered that wearing pearl makes a person lazy and inactive.


Though it is not true and a totally wrong concept as pearly helps in relaxing the agitated mind of a person but never does it slow down any brain or reduces the physical activeness of a native. If the Moon is placed well in a good house and the Lord of the ascendant is a friendly planet to Moon hen a pearl will be a suitable gem for the native. Just in case the ascendant lord if an enemy of Moon, the native will suffer from multiple health issues during his lifetime.


Ruled by planet Venus which is a planet for luxury and attraction, a diamond is the hardest known substance existing on the face of the earth.


Diamond makes a person materialistic and over indulgent. It also makes a person sexually active beyond normal boundaries.


Diamond does not make anyone extremely materialistic and overindulgent in matters of sexual activities. It is a stone which is considered good for love and married life. For that reason, a diamond is the first preference for people to choose for an engagement or wedding ring. Since Venus is the planet of Luxury and attraction, if Venus is placed well in good houses then it will bring wealth and prosperity to the life of the wearer. Also one needs to check that the ascendant lord of the wear shares a friendly relationship with Venus in order to have positive results and benefits from the gemstone. Else diamond can also be the bearer of bad news and misfortune for the wearer if the ascendant lord does not share a good relationship with Venus.


Since ancient times, Emerald or Panna has been a part of the royal family and most appreciated for its regal appearance by kings and noblemen across the globe. Ruled by Mercury, the planet for practical thinking and detachment the stone is a much appreciated and one of the trending gemstones of the time.


Emerald makes a person extremely practical with lower emotional attachment with people around them. People who wear emerald experienced an increase in the calculation and computation power of the wearer which adversely affects their brain and can also make a person go crazy.


Emerald does not drive its wearer crazy. On the contrary, it makes a person wiser with high intellectual powers and improved memory. When an individual wears an Emerald, he or she experiences improvement in their communication abilities and skills which is further enhanced and is even more effective than before.


The abnormal coloration and wonderful features of Hessonite or Gomed are the facts that make it a point of interest among the gem enthusiasts around the globe. Ruled by the fierce and a vengeful planet Rahu, Gomed is an extremely extraordinary gemstone that will be sure shot grabbing the attention of everyone in the room!


Since Rahu is the planet for mental confusion and illusion; so, wearing Gomed or Hessonite can increase confusion in the mind of the wearer in regards to the native’s career, family, and love or married life. It will further become the reason for mental stress and instability, fear of failure, and poor decision-making skills.


It is not true that Hessonite will bring bad effects of Rahu walking into the life of the native. Only if Rahu is badly placed or is malefic in nature, the above-mentioned effects will occur in one’s life.

Instead, if a person wears Gomed or Hessonite, he or she will be successful in diplomatic work and politics. Just in case if the wearer is preparing for any competitive examination, Hessonite will help them get a good and qualifying score in the same. Hessonite also helps those who are stuck in court disputes or cases and resolves the issue and gives positive results in the favor of the native. It helps the wear in enhancing his or her related to personal gains and personal growth in life.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is considered to be one of the costliest gemstone available in the market and has a beautiful yet magical golden glow that has made it a favorite amongst the higher classes for ages now.


Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj gives detachment from worldly pleasure and mundane life.


Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire is known to be ruled by Jupiter the strongest planet of the solar system, the planet also known as the Guru who imparts wisdom and intelligence. Therefore, if Jupiter is well placed in a good house in the chart of the wearer, Pukhraj will impart knowledge and will remain good for the marital life of the wearer especially if the wearer is a female (as Jupiter is the Karaka of Husband). It is also known to bring success in studies and also acts as an activating agent for good luck and fortune.