Which Movie Title Perfectly Describes Your Zodiac Sign?

We often find ourselves connecting to the reel-life characters in the movies. The world of cinema helps us understand our personality in many ways. Wouldn't it be interesting if we see it through an astrological viewpoint and recognize which movie depicts your zodiac persona in the best way?


Which Movie Title Perfectly Describes Your Zodiac Sign?


Sometimes it's really hard to describe yourself in a word, especially when you want to include everything accurately without missing out on your true flavors. Add to it the insights of those who know you inside out & truly understand what kind of a person you are when you are by yourself. We at Indastro.com decided to pick out just the word that suits your personality, only that it comes from famous movie titles. Find yours below & share with friends!

Read it as per your Moon Sign. Moon Sign is the zodiac in which Moon was positioned at the time of your birth. If you don't already know it, find it out instantly here.

1 ARIES: Gladiator

Fearless, angry &confident - this title fits perfectly with your self-sustained & sometimes, over-the-top persona! Not to mention, your love for attention & theatrics to garner all the attention you possibly can.

2 TAURUS: From Paris With Love

Though the movie itself is nothing about love, the title definitely describes how you manage to fill the lives of people around you with love & hope. It is almost as if you were made in the most romantic place on Earth & sent out to sweeten everyone’s life. There’s no one better than you, Taurus, at making someone feel special, be it in romance, in friendship or life in general!

3 GEMINI: The Shining

Always shining, always bright! You, Gemini, are always the center of attraction no matter where you go. Intense, strong, & easily noticed, you never run out of lovers & fans. There’s probably someone somewhere missing you right now!

4 CANCER: A Beautiful Mind

One of the most gentle signs on the zodiac, you are simple yet fearless, Cancer. You are willing to adapt for the sake of others, still your own values stand strong without compromise. Not everyone can understand the depths of your mind, & none can be as reliable as you are. You are simply beautiful!

5 LEO: The Godfather

You know your way, Leo. You lead with example &that’s the very reason people always look up to you. Your judgments are never influenced & you get the respect you so long & deserve! The king of the zodiac never goes unnoticed.

6 VIRGO: Trust Me

No, Virgo, you will never trust me. You will never trust anyone but yourself. The people who know you well, seek your advice at every occasion because they have faith in your expertise. This will often make you feel as a leader that everyone looks up to. And it would not be a surprise if your catch phrase is “Trust Me!”

7 LIBRA: Stand By Me

Oh dear Libra! You are too attached too often. Letting some things go is a part of life but it is just not your cup of tea. You always want the people you like to stay by your side, even if it means carrying a whole world of pain & turmoil on your own shoulders. Toxic people & relationships affect you the most because you are rarely prepared to move on. However, this also makes you oneof the more reliable & loveable members in a gang.

8 SCORPIO: The Grudge

Oh boy, can you keep a grudge or what, Scorpio! You are passionate, fearless, & highly expressive when it comes to emotions. Though on the outside, you want people to think you’re a baddy, deep down you are just a soft hearted person. But wait till someone does you wrong or breaks your heart. You will never forget it & will make sure the other person gets the lesson of their life for messing with you. Hey, I’m still on your side, just so you know...

9 SAGITTARIUS: Into The Wild

You are an explorer, Sagittarius. You want to break free from the mundane life & travel as much as you can. The logics & practicality of the materialistic world make little sense to you, & you seek to build your own path to eternal greatness. You will always have people following your footsteps, since you always have something exciting up your sleeve. And the more the merrier for you, for you like to share your experiences openly.

10 CAPRICORN: Up In The Air

Up is the way to go for you, Capricorn! You are always climbing higher in life & willing to constantly expand your mind. Your knowledge is immense & you often influence others with your accomplishments, which continue to rise throughout your life. You believe you can achieve whatever to wish in life, and you sure are capable of great things.

11 AQUARIUS: Psycho

You’re crazy, Aquarius! And you take pride in it too. You are full of colors & your life is nothing like the ordinary. This world holds little meaning to you, and if you could, you would immediately leave for a different planet without even packing the very basics. All this and more, but in a very positive manner, as you have the gift to look at things differently and also, lack the ability to stick to one thought for too long. You’re a blank canvas every morning & a new picture by the end of the day.

12 PISCES: Finding Neverland

Pisces, you have a knack for dreaming. Your head is always wandering the clouds in your own ‘Neverland’ of fantasies & you have been accused of it for all your life,though very few people realize that you are dreaming of bigger things – things that matter. You want the world to change & you make sure that everything you do, contributes to the change. You have made believers out of others just by giving them a glimpse of what’s on your mind, & nobody’s complaining!