Which Zodiac Sign Should You Avoid Dating?

Finding a perfect dating partner can be such a chore. It really becomes a matter of chance before you actually know who would be a perfect match for you. With your horoscope, you don’t just know who would be an ideal partner but also know those zodiacs.

Which Zodiac Sign Should You Avoid Dating?


Before you go flying into the arms of your crush who has just proposed to you or whom you have just asked out for a date, and get started with a new relationship, we would suggest that you take a deep breath, relax, and re-think. We are not apprehensive of the entire plan you have in your head, about finding the perfect dating partner and living a wonderful, dreamy, and loving life with them; we are just asking you to be cautious. Owing to the numerous break-ups, heartbreaks, and fights that seem to be so common nowadays, it is necessary that you take the phrase, “Look before you Leap,” quite seriously. It is sane and wise to be always clear about what you are going to do, and take adequate measures to avoid things that might not be in your stride.

Vedic Astrology to the rescue

At times like this when you might not be in the right state of mind to be decisive enough, or might even be skeptical about whether you should be taking the next step or not, you can take the help of Vedic Astrology as your guide. Vedic Astrology can be your confidante in our moments of distress, confusion, and when things go haywire. It uses specific Vedic principles and theories, which help, predict what a certain situation or a certain relation might result in. Although it does warn about subsequent threats, it also gives you remedies and solutions to problems you might be facing if you are already in a tough situation.

Shadashtak Yoga

In the case of relationships, the theory of “Shadashtak Yoga” is taken into consideration. This Yoga is applied where it is required to know how a love compatibility would turn out to be between two people. This is a kind of dosh, if we might say in Vedic Astrology, which helps match the Horoscopes of two people to know the relevant outcome. “Shad” means six, and “Ashtak” means eight, and thereby, when the moon sign of the boy and the girl are in the 6th and 8th house, with respect to each other, it isn’t regarded as a very fruitful compatibility. It is also to be noted that the Shadashtak Yoga is not always bad when we consider match making. If the planet’s placement is benefic or it is a benefic transit, then the results would definitely not be as degrading.

There is no generic principle for deciding a specific malefic effect of this dosh. Every side has its own pros and cons, and it is not necessary that we panic about the negative aspects and freak out overthinking about them. Handling a situation well and using the best of our efforts to strive through every circumstance, with positive frame of mind, is the actual deal.

Here are the calculated combinations of zodiac signs that should try and avoid dating each other, as the stars say. Just check out which of the signs should you try to definitely avoid dating, as per your moon sign.

If you are still unsure about what your moon sign is, please click here to find out and explore the wonderful aspects it bestows us with! The emotional being we are, moon sign is what rules our feelings, sentiments, and the mind!

  1. For Aries – Virgo and Scorpio

For an Aries native, we recommend that you be cautious if you have fallen for a Virgo or a Scorpio. Aries is a fiery sign and is very confident, passionate, and adventurous in every one of their endeavors. They might have a whirlwind romance that could end abruptly or not like to be very emotionally attached, which might pose a problem as well. So better avoid trying to date these to signs, and it would be all for your own good.

  1. For Taurus – Libra and Sagittarius

For a Taurus native, the moon signs Libra and Sagittarius would not be a feasible option when it comes to relationships. A Taurus is an earthy sign, and likes to relax and enjoy its own space, while being practical and reliable as well. Apart from the Yoga, the innate nature of Libra being overly romantic and Sagittarius being overly free-spirited would not go well with a Taurus.

  1. For Gemini – Scorpio and Capricorn

The moon signs Scorpio and Capricorn are not regarded as a fit combination for a Gemini. Gemini is an Airy sign, and is intellectual, adaptable, and affectionate by nature. The powerful and influencing Scorpio and the determined and organized Capricorn, are not the perfect zodiac matches for it, and so it is better that you keep yourself from deviating towards natives of these moon signs.

  1. For Cancer – Sagittarius and Aquarius

For a Cancerian, the moon signs Sagittarius and Aquarius are the signs which it should not date, if possible that is. Cancer is a Water sign, and is known for being very emotional, empathetic, and having a strong intuition. The free-spirited and enthusiastic Sagittarius, and the rational and social Aquarius are regarded misfits for having a love relationship. Though such relationships might help Cancer get a thicker skin, but this lesson isn’t very easy to grasp.

  1. For Leo – Capricorn and Pisces

The creative, passionate, and generous Leos have to stay away from Capricorns and Pisces, as per the stars. Leo is a fiery sign and can get aggressive at times too, and the compassionate and overly sensitive Pisces, and the responsible, disciplined, and practical Capricorn, are just not the perfect matches. So buckle up, and try to find yourself someone who would complement you well, at least to where the stars guide you.

  1. For Virgo – Aquarius and Aries

For a Virgo native, the moon signs Aquarius and Aries are misfits, as per the stars. Virgos are naturally loyal, analytical, and practical, and the independent, and humanitarian Aquarius and the sincere, dynamic and brave Aries, are not the right match, as per Astrology. So just be careful before bonding with someone from these signs.

  1. For Libra – Pisces and Taurus

A Libra is spontaneous, dynamic, and a romantic at heart. This airy is advised to not pair up with the signs Pisces and Taurus, if possible. Pisces is overly sensitive, compassionate, and creative, while Taurus is steady, loyal, and friendly. Libra should not choose among these two signs so that it is easy for them to have a smooth love life, one away from complexities.

  1. For Scorpio – Aries and Gemini

A Scorpio is powerful in itself, inspiring, and also has a deep perception of things. It is a watery sign, and as per Vedic Astrology, the signs Aries and Gemini are not compatible with it, for a harmonious love relationship. An Aries is brave, and courageous, while a Gemini is intellectual and joyful. If you are a Scorpio, and want to score high in the dating game, go give yourself a pat on the back if you have chosen any other sign apart from these two.

  1. For Sagittarius – Taurus and Cancer

A Sagittarius is a fiery sign is free spirited, philosophical, generous, and enthusiastic. The moon signs Taurus, which is stable, steady and loyal, and Cancer, which is very emotional, protective and empathizing, are misfits for a Sagittarian, if we consider the nature traits as well. The stars suggest that forming a relationship with these two signs being a Sagittarian, would not be perfect, and so you should definitely try not to date them.

  1. For Capricorn – Gemini and Leo

A Capricorn native is responsible, disciplined, trustworthy, patient, and determined. The moons signs Gemini and Leo should not be chosen as dating partners for a Capricorn native, because, as per the stars, they would not turn out to be good partners for each other. The Geminis are very intellectual, and logical in their approach to life, and the Leos are very inspiring, strong headed, generous and artistic. They both have a lot on the plate, and would definitely have better options waiting for them, if not you!

  1. For Aquarius – Cancer and Virgo

An Aquarius is the most talked about visionary and one having the most humanitarian traits among all the zodiac signs. They belong to the Airy sign, and are progressive and rational, and are also very good at socializing. As per the stars, the combination of Aquarius and Cancer, and Aquarius and Virgo, is not regarded as a good idea. Cancer is known for being emotional, empathetic, and motherly, while the Virgos are adventurous, brave, sincere, and dynamic. Do as the stars say, and maybe you would be blessed with the best this time.

  1. For Pisces – Leo and Libra

A Pisces native would have the characteristic trait of being overly sensitive, mysterious, compassionate ad creative. It is a water sign and the moon signs Leo and Libra are not regarded as compatible with Pisces. The Leos are strong-headed, inspiring, generous, and self-confident, while the Libras are very romantic by nature, and love freedom, adventure, and are spontaneous. Even if we consider their nature, we would guess that these bonds might not score high. Now that Astrology has defied it, we can believe it even more.

Always remember that the Golden rule that implies to every situation, and every one of us is that there is nothing as powerful as our zeal and eagerness to work things out the way we want! If you are extremely peculiar about being with someone, and are assured that, that you both could be happy together; try your best to solve any hindrance between you, and strive to live a fulfilling life. With your best efforts and intentions, you would surely rise and never lose!