Zodiac Signs that Make the Best Moms

While every mother has a unique way of parenting, all the moms aspire to be the best mothers to their children. Whether it is incorporating the correct values or teaching their kids independent thinking, each mom does her best so that his child can grow up to be an upstanding person. Check out what kind of parenting style you have, to become the best mom.

Zodiac Signs that Make the Best Moms


Mothers are the best creation of God in the form of human beings. They are the strongest and the epitome of love and affection. The best mom spends all her activities and energies on the overall progressive growth of her children in life. Children are her prized possessions where all her actions are performed with good faith. The intention of the best mom is to shield her children from bad influences and undefined problems in their path of life.

Astrology and Motherhood

Vedic astrology defines planet Moon or mother as the center of any child’s existence on this earth. It starts from the mother’s womb during birth and continues for as long as your mother lives in this mortal world.

Mother is represented with the sign of Cancer with Moon as its planet in astrology. It is the fourth sign of the Zodiac circumference. The Cancer sign depicts the natural nurturing essence of the mother. As a result, this sign is motivated with emotions. They have the ability to acquire different roles based on different Zodiac signs. The scale ranges from strict mothers to the ones who have a lenient attitude towards their children

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Zodiac Signs and their Characteristics as a Mother:

Every mother tries to be the best mom. Parenting is an exhausting but rewarding experience. However, at times there are moments when you need break from this tough job. The handling of all the responsibilities of being the best mom is based on the unique traits of your zodiac sign.

  1. Aries:

Best Qualities of Aries Mother: Aries is one of the most independent signs of the zodiac. Aries mother will nurture confidence in her children so that they can face all the challenges themselves. They are active and adventurous and have reserves of energy. As a result, they love to keep their day full of scheduled activities for their children. Best Aries mom motivates their child to try everything new. This makes the children self-sufficient.

Flaw as a parent: Aries mother as a parent may become more projecting and impulsive. This can be the case while they extend support to their children in pursuance of their goals. These mothers tend to provide their children with all the facilities they demand. Aries mother often fail to think about its impact on their overall development.

  1. Taurus

Best Qualities of Taurus Mother: Taurus Mothers are loyal personalities. They have an earthy strand in nature with steady and determined streak. She ensures that her children are nurtured and groomed in the secure home environment. She is extremely caring and committed to her children. As a result, she encourages them to follow the same ethics and morals as encrypted to her by her parents. Taurus mothers can be a strict mother. Moreover, she will inculcate good values and beliefs in their children, making them the best moms.

Flaw as a parent: Taurus mothers love to eat good food themselves. As a result, they may go overboard in indulging the risk of overfeeding her children. This should be avoided for their health benefits. They will try to nurture good values in their children’s behaviour curriculum. As a parent, you believe in rewarding your children for their right efforts. However, this may not be beneficial for their motivation to face challenges in the long run.

  1. Gemini:

Best Qualities of Gemini Mother: Mothers belonging to the Gemini sign are great conversationalists. You are blessed with the most talkative and social kids. Gemini are doting mothers. When you talk matters over with your kids, you choose logic and rationality rather than being strict and firm. Best Gemini moms have the ability to comfort their children and deviate their minds from materialistic desires.

Flaw as a parent: Gemini Mothers chose logic over discipline. They tend to waste their time and energy in convincing their children through words. Sometimes being strict and discipline works better than rationality. As a result of this, sometimes the child reacts with undisciplined attitude over important matters, detrimental to their healthy growth.

  1. Cancer:

Best Qualities of Cancer Mother: Cancer mothers are very emotional and caring for her family. For her, the most prized possessions are her children. She is one of the most nurturing signs. She will make every effort to make her children aware that they are loved and taken care of. Blessing the children with a warm and comfortable atmosphere at home, Cancer mothers tend to be the best moms.

Flaw as a parent: Mothers belonging to the Cancer sign tend to be too emotional and sensitive. She will make meticulous efforts to give her children all the luxuries of life. A mother will protect her child from any adversaries that may form the base of spoiling her children extensively.

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  1. Leo

Best Qualities of Leo Mother: Leo personalities have a very dominating trait. We are well aware of their uncompromising attitude. But as Leo mothers, when it comes to the matters pertaining to their children, she will shower all the love and attention they deserve. Her ability to remain cool makes her the best mom. She understands the feeling to be young. Therefore, she makes an effort to blend with the adventurous and energetic spirit of her children.

Flaw as a parent: Leo mothers are highly sensitive, emotional and at times become self-absorbed. As a result, they will tend to provide their children with the most expensive material things. However, this is more for her self-satisfaction than her children's happiness.

  1. Virgo

Best Qualities of Aries Mother: Virgo mothers are self-proclaimed perfectionist. In addition, she has exceptional organizational skills of multi-tasking. She can manage her children in her daily schedule, balancing out some time for her family. She will wish for her children to perform well in their academics and at the same time to excel in all other curricular activities.

Flaw as a parent: Virgo mothers excel in disciplining their children well. They will never let go off their guards where the welfare of their children is concerned. Their attention is fixated on maintaining cleanliness at home. They make their children follow their routine with dedication and attention. This portrays her as a difficult parent and her children may react with negativity over this strictness in the long run.

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  1. Libra

Best Qualities of Libra Mother: Libra Mothers are a beautiful blend of fun and stern personalities. They maintain balance and stability in relationship especially with their children by not imposing any set of rules upon them. However, they are keen on making them understand the importance disciplined life. Libra mothers will have the mind set of creating peace and harmony at home. Mostly, they are a blend of a guardian and a friend, rather than being only a parent to their children.

Flaw as a parent: Libra mothers in their submission to maintain love and peace at home and good relationship with their children may give them excess liberty and leverage. They are prone to providing their children all the facilities and luxuries. However, it will only raise the expectation bar of the children which will not be beneficial for their wholesome future.

  1. Scorpio

Best Qualities of Scorpio Mother: Scorpio mothers are passionate about the progress and wellbeing of their children in all aspects of life. She proclaims the thumb rule of being honest within the relationship with her children. According to her, as long as children are honest with her every aspect will be good. Children tend to follow this rule as they have the notion of the strong intuition of their Scorpio mother who can figure out when things are not correct in their diary.

Flaw as a parent: Scorpio mothers are driven by their passion. As a result, she wishes to inculcate the same intensity of passion and admission in her children. She will possess the stimulus of providing them with every materialistic and financial equipment to support them to pursue their dreams. This backup may click with immediate development of the child. However, it will not be beneficial for them to understand the value of hard work in their future life.

  1. Sagittarius

Best Qualities of Sagittarius Mother: Sagittarius mothers are very extroverted by nature and love to explore the world by the tread of travel. Mothers born under Sagittarius sign believe in teaching their children to seek knowledge through their own experience and develop their independent mirror of thoughts. She does not impose her thoughts on her children but inspires them to be their natural selves and not her xerox copy.

Flaw as a parent: Sagittarius mothers are well known for their passion for adventure and exploration. Therefore, she will want to provide the same opportunity for her children to experience the same zest of excitement. However, this overall enthusiasm may make the children ignorant of many basic ingredients of life that are important to thrive and move forward.

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  1. Capricorn

Best Qualities of Capricorn Mother: Capricorn mothers are very practical and rational with a loyal streak. This makes them support their children as they have their emotions based more on care and responsibility rather than love and affection. Capricorn mothers take their parenting very sincerely. She will inspire her children to challenge their own abilities to attain success in life.

Flaw as a parent: Capricorn mothers are practical but at times they become very strict parents and are insensitive towards the emotional aspect of their children's requirement to connect with her. There are drops of insensitivity on her emotional lens which bounds her not to reciprocate back to her children with the same love.

  1. Aquarius

Best Qualities of Aquarius Mother: Aquarius mothers are free spirited. Moreover, you must have the sense of responsibility of encouraging and teaching your children the art of creativity. This is to allow experimentation of innovative ideas for progressive life. However, on the contrary you may have a detached attitude towards the emotional needs of your children. Therefore, you will have to make sure that you express your love and affection for your children. Through caring gestures, you have to ensure them of your presence in their life.

Flaw as a parent: Aquarius mothers are individual personalities who appreciate their own independence. They life live in their own definition and terms, and they will love to propose the same genre of independence to their children. The introduction of this liberty of living life on their own terms with personal individuality may induce recklessness in the child's nature.

  1. Pisces

Best Qualities of Pisces Mother: The best mothers in the zodiac album are Pisces. Mothers belonging to this sign are very caring and sensitive. As a result, they will encourage and support her children to express their thoughts and ideas with innovative creativity. She will be the inspiration of her talented and artistic children with her unconditional love for them.

Flaw as a parent: Pisces mother will have a very good and wonderful approach towards parenting her children with bare resistance. However, sometimes this leniency will not be ideal for the children’s progress. You will cater for methods to protect your child from all adversaries. Moreover, this will encourage your child to choose the easy way out of every contradictory situation which will not be feasible for his/her over all development in life.

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Every parent, no matter how rich or poor they may be, aims at pampering their kids with all the luxuries of life. Besides tending to their material necessities, parents also hope to support and enrich their child's emotional and psychological needs.