How Should a Baby be Named, Astrologically?

(Moon Sign Based)

Naming your baby is an important task which requires many deliberations and thought. Name becomes your identity, and it also enhances your luck and positivity through energy and vibrations. Using principles of Vedic Astrology, learn how you should name your newborn baby to derive the maximum benefits and vibrancy in life.

How Should a Baby be Named, Astrologically?


Having a baby is more like having the most beautiful creation of God in your life and if you get the chance of naming it, you will have to go through hundreds of suggestions and google searches, till you find that one perfect name for your baby. The name plays an integral role as it kind of signifies who we are and probably, talks for itself before we do. Not just that, but it also has a connection with the energy and vibrations, it lets out in the outer world.

Here, adhering to the principles of Vedic Astrology, you will get to know, how to name your baby to attain the utmost benefits and vibrancy in one’s life.

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Babies are a breeze of fresh air. More like the spring days which makes you all joyful. Keeping the names of your babies according to astrology fetches them abundance of luck and fortune. When we use Vedic Astrology to name the babies, we tend to consider their planetary positions of their natal chart.

Names and their sounds can spark some remarkable vibes and energies, both in the life of the babies as well as their families. They should be a source of positivity and should be related to the growth of the person they are being given to. As all the letters and sounds are different, they energize and activate different planets and their positions. Hence, the names of the babies which are kept on the basis of their birth dates are known to be the perfect picks.

What does Sun/Moon/Ascendant Represent?

As soon as the babies arrive, they enter the cosmic world with their own distinct souls as well as their fates. The names of the babies denote their alignment with the universe. The importance of naming the baby is explained through a bona fide ritual in the field of astrology, so that it resonates with the vibes of the cosmic world and make way into an abode of joy and flourishing energy.

We all know and have heard from people that on Diwali, the festival of lights, Goddess Laxmi comes and blesses us. Similarly, keeping a good name is believed to bring in good luck (Laxmi) and fortune. And keeping a bad name is mostly referred to as giving an invitation to challenges (Alaxmi) and struggles in one’s own life. At the time of birth, when the soul enters your body, the position of the moon is noted and is called your Rashi/ Moon sign. The Moon is known to signify your inner emotions, mind, desires, subconscious patterns, and some shady and quiet side of yourself.

Ascendant/Lagna refers to your outer personality which acts like a shield to protect us from the outer world. Astrology helps in knowing our behavior and habitual patterns according to the phases of the moon. The Sun, on the other hand, exhibits our spirit, identity, life force, vital energy and our inner core personality.

Using Vedic Astrology to name your baby:

The moon sign of the baby (Rashi), its birth star (Nakshatra), position of the Jupiter, and the lucky life number are taken into consideration for naming the baby. Numerology is another aspect which holds equal importance in naming the baby on the basis of its date of birth.

Phonetics or the sounds of the alphabets provides strength to each birth star which in turn gives the strength to the baby, who is born under that specific star. Each birth star has its own set of distinct set of letters and vowels which makes all of them auspicious.

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What Does Baby Name Signifies?

The whole name of your baby would not be defined by astrology as it only provides you with the initials or the sound of the same. This sounds varies from people to people and works similarly, in the case of Rashis. The Moon Rashi is split into 27 Nakshatras and 4 Padas which are behind the Moon. As it is widely believed, the cosmos is made up of OM sound and thus, each one of us have their own sound on the basis of our Moon Rashi.

If the initial sound or swar for the Leo sign is M, MI, MU, ME or MO, then we can relate the name of the baby having the qualities of a Leo. Leos are usually rulers and leaders. So, you might like to watch out before hurting their ego and pride. For example, letter ‘K’ is usually referred to a Gemini, who have flickering mindsets and dual characters. They also like freedom and are mostly depressed. Likewise, the Sun is known to be the king of the solar system and holds certain sounds/letters.


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Five general principles which determines what the initial letter of the baby’s name should be:

  • Janam Nakshatranam (This is composed of the birth star or Nakshatra, position of planets, time, date of birth and the moon sign of the baby. This is called Lunar Asterism.)
  • Masa nama (Month of birth)
  • Devata nama (The family deity)
  • Rashi nama (The child's Zodiac moon sign)
  • Samsarika nama (The worldly name).

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Baby names and advise based on Astrology for all Moon Signs

  1. Aries

Aries babies are energetic, confident, and independent. They embody boldness and are associated with idealism. They are believed to be competitive, goal-oriented and passionate about what they believe in and are full of life.

Names that begin with the letters A, L and the syllable CH are considered auspicious for Aries Baby, named as per their date of birth.

Advice: As we know, health is wealth, so don’t let your kid stick to screens and get them moving. Any physically demanding activity will be a great way for them to burn up some of the extra loaded energy.

  1. Taurus

Taurus child is sweet, affectionate, strong, cheerful, stubborn, loyal, slow, loving, and reliable. Children of the bull, experience the world through their senses. They like the way things taste, feel, sound and smell. Infact, from the moment they are born, they love to eat.

Names starting with I, U, E, O, WA, WE, WI and WO are believed to bring luck to the Taurus baby, named as per astrology.

Advice: These children won’t be rushed. This is something you, as a parent, will need to adjust for. In fact, they'll be pretty slow. Try not to pack too many activities into one day because chances are that your little one won’t get through all of them. It would be better if you can adjust to their pace.

  1. Gemini

Gemini children are communicative, charming, intelligent, ambitious, quick, witty, and fully aware of the world. They are charming, articulate, and charismatic individuals. They are indecisive and once they have mastered the subject, they will become bored and move on to the next subject. This quality also makes them flexible.

Names that begin with the letters A, H, GH, KA, KE and Ko are considered to bring good fortune for your Gemini baby, named as per their date of birth.

Advice: Your little Gemini will shine at reading, writing and debate, as well as anything that requires dexterity, like playing the piano. Due to their variety of interests, Gemini children tend to have many friends and will often be the center of attention.

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  1. Cancer

Cancer babies are sensitive souls, they need privacy. They are emotional and whenever they feel threatened, they will pull into themselves until life seems safe again. Let them deal with things in their own way, and then gently encourage them to talk about their feelings.

Name beginning with DA, DE, DO, HE, HI, HO AND HU are believed to be appropriate for Cancer baby, named as per astrology.

Advice: Cancer child is most comfortable at home, surrounded by family, as well as familiar sights, sounds and smells. Nurturing is their nature, so provide a stable environment and lots of loving affection since emotional security is one of their main concerns.

  1. Leo

Leo baby will be generous, confident, affectionate, enthusiastic, and a large-hearted person. Their primary need is to take attention and get approval. They will do whatever it takes to gain appreciation from parents and friends.

Names that you may consider for your Leo baby should begin with MA, ME, MO, TA, TE and TO, that will bring charm based on their date of birth.

Advice: They will do best when they are showered with praise and credits for the things they have done. Reward your child for his/her strengths, including their sense of loyalty and firm moral.

  1. Virgo

Virgo babies are believed to be calm, organized, natural helper, deep thinker, and intelligent. Virgos are not impulsive. Infact, they will measure the pros and cons and then will take a plan of action. During their childhood only, they should be taught to not bend too much towards perfection. Anything that encourages relaxation will calm your Virgo baby.

Names that begin with syllable PA, PE, PO, SH, TA, and TH will give happiness and good fortune to Virgo babies, who are named as per astrology.

Advice: They are nature lovers as they relax and enjoy the simple pleasures in life by getting outside and enjoying nature. A walk with family or a bike ride is an easy way to do this.

  1. Libra

Libra baby is a peace maker, has a calm personality and loves to maintain harmony in the family. Librans are sweet, naturally polite and their urge to please everyone is a problem. They find it difficult stating their opinion in a confident way. Their great social skill and strong sense of justice would make them a good person. They are diplomatic and sophisticated, often tend to have a wide social circle and are romantics at heart.

Names that are believed to be lucky for Librans are RA, RE, RO, TA, TE and TO. These baby names for Libra are based on their date of birth.

Advice: Librans will excel in bringing people together, creating compromise and helping others to cooperate rather than argue. You must teach a Libra kid gently that occasional disagreements are natural and an unavoidable part of life. Help them to build their confidence.

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  1. Scorpio

Scorpio baby is powerful passionate, charismatic, intense and strong willed. They draw people towards them like a magnet, but often feel aloof, and manipulative. Scorpios have such a range of emotion that one may constantly feel that you are only scratching the surface.

Names suggested for Scorpio babies are NA, NE, NO, TO, YA, YE and YU which will bring good luck as per baby names in astrology.

Advice: Scorpio children are obsessive, spiteful, and exhibit controlling behavior. Try to teach your child about the importance of forgiveness and forming balanced relationships.

  1. Sagittarius

The Archer is a highly optimistic individual. They love their freedom and intellectual curiosity. They want to go into the world and embrace everything that world is offering to them. They explore beyond the limits put by their parents. The Sagittarius child has a universal outlook, so give them plenty of freedom and challenging conversations.

Names starting with BH, DH, PH, TA, YE, YO are believed to bring luck to Sagittarius sign babies, who are named as per astrology.

Advice: Sagittarius are lively, optimistic, and outgoing which means they have a wide circle of friends. They need to be always active, so engage them with a lot of books, introduce them to sports like basketball, badminton, etc.

  1. Capricorn

Capricorns are highly disciplined, steadily focused, and reserved. They have a great sense of humor, are practical and like to be rewarded for their achievements. Capricorns are planners. They crave for approval and are usually natural and responsible people. They are too ambitious to waste time on pointless games.

Names beginning with BH, GA, GE, JA, JE and KH are the best for Capricorn babies, named as per their date of birth.

Advice: They need to learn to be flexible and not to take too much responsibility which can make them bored and a dull person. Try not to give them too much at the young age as even the most serious children need time to play and relax. Introduce them to outdoor games and sports.

  1. Aquarius

Aquarius natives like to be different from everyone else. They are friendly, honest, loyal and are often the life of the party. They love to be independent and are free thinkers, social lovers and they tend to make a lot of friends. Pursuing their own freedom and individuality is their top priority. So, give them a lot of space. If Aquarius children are not allowed to express themselves, they can become rebellious or stubborn and even quite depressed.

Names you may consider starting with Da, Ge, Go, Sa, Se, will bring luck to your Aquarius baby, named as per astrology.

Advice: Aquarius children may surprise you with their interests and life choices, but if you can stay open to the way their mind works, you are likely to find they are a genius. Aquarius children just need time to find the best way of expressing their brilliance.

  1. Pisces

Pisces are selfless, sympathetic, compassionate and kind, and are perhaps, the softies of the Zodiac. They are highly imaginative and excel in creative arts. Pisces children are incredibly tender and kind, so they need extra affection from you. Your little Pisces child may want to be held non-stop as a baby and will still need plenty of cuddles, kisses and encouragement as they get older.

Names you may consider choosing should begin with Ch, De, Jh, Th and Ya for your Pisces baby, whose names are based on their date of birth.

Advice: Don’t be surprised if they bring home their friends in need. Their hearts’ capacity to love and help is enormous - sometimes to a fault. Your Pisces child needs to be protected against people who could take advantage of their giving and gullible nature, and that's one area in which you can step in.

All the above-mentioned specifics tell us how important it is to name our babies according to the Vedic Astrology because of the luck and fortune it facilitates with it. An auspicious name comes along with good karma, and one should give ample amount of their time in making all the discussions and consideration to pick that one perfect name which could help in transforming the life of the little champ.


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