Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius: How Does It Effect Sagittarius Moon Sign

Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius: How Does It Effect Sagittarius Moon Sign


Jupiter, the Guru or Teacher of the planet is considered to be an auspicious planet. It is a planet that is associated with growth and development in every way possible. He is also known to be the wealth and wisdom giver of all the planets. He is the significator of children and marriage according to the Vedic astrology. Jupiter is the teacher who presents the ideology of life to the native. The benefactor of luck, wealth and fortune, Jupiter is a good patron who never lets one forget the good values learned by the elders and always pushes the person to follow the right path.

A Sagittarius moon sign native is a person who believes in the philosophy and is an ardent follower of principles. He or she believes in higher education and loves traveling to various pilgrimages. A Sagittarian loves reading religious scriptures and books and is completely fascinated by religious mythologies and stories.

The Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius moon sign will be the bearer of good news in the time period from 5th November 2019 to 20th November 2020.
Jupiter is going into retrograde motion from May 14, 2020, to September 13, 2020. This means it is time to undo the mistakes that have been committed in the past or complete the incomplete tasks. It can also help the native to improve the various aspects of life.

Since Jupiter conjuncts with Ketu in Sagittarius moon sign, the inner voice or the Sixth Sense of the native will be strong and will help the native to get a promotion because of the active participation of the native for various innovative and inquisitive inputs in his or her company that might improve the financial gains or benefits for the company.

Jupiter Transit in the First House of Personality, Character & Nature

When Jupiter is transiting in Sagittarius which is its own sign, it will behave like a king. Since Jupiter is transiting in the First House, Jupiter will expand all the good things in the life of the native. The First House stands for Personality, Character, and Nature of the person. Hence, the following are the
effects of Jupiter transits in the First House:

  • When Jupiter transits in the first house, the personality of the native will improve.
  • It will give the native an inclination towards spirituality and will encourage them to explore their religion.
  • The social image or status of the native will also enhance during this period.
  • He or she will have a positive mindset and will evaluate every aspect of life on an optimistic note.

Effects of Jupiter Transit on Professional

For the people in job or profession, work and his or her boss will remain the priority and focus of his or her life. The following are few of the effects of Jupiter transit that the professional will experience:

  • They will concentrate more on the skill enhancement and for which they will dive into the learning process of attaining various high skills.
  • He or she will not leave a single stone unturned to train and educate themselves.
  • They will always learn from their seniors and colleagues about the skills and techniques that will further enhance their work quality and improve their efficiency as an employee.
  • As Jupiter is in conjunction with Ketu, the strong intuition power of the native will guide him or her to actively participate and contribute to the company. This will bring unfathomable success and deserved promotion to the professional.
  • Will share a good relationship with co-workers
  • Will have a good clientele
  • Just in case that the native is stuck in any legal case or dispute, there are high chances that it will get sorted during this period of time.
  • Relocation to a new job location will have good results for the native and he or she will move into a very beautiful house at the new job location.
  • The native will find an excellent mentor for life this year.

How Jupiter Transit Affects Students

Education and studies are the first priority of the students and hence following are the notes at which Jupiter transit effect on the students.

  • Students will get success in higher education
  • The transit will help them enhance their intellectual level
  • They will be recognized in their educational institute for their efforts and will be highly appreciated for the same.
  • The intuition power of the students will remain stronger (as a result of Jupiter having conjunction with Ketu).
  • He or she will be getting into the desired academic course and educational institution
  • Just in case he or she has a dream or wish to study abroad will also come true.

Jupiter Transit Effects on a House Wife

For the Homemakers around the globe, this Jupiter transit will bring with it a whole package of good news for them. The following are few areas where a housewife will experience the positive effects of the Jupiter Transit.

  • The relationship with spouse will improve. She will feel relieved from the stress and anxiety she has been feeling for quite some time now. The Jupiter transit will shower her with its choicest blessings for a happy conjugal life.
  • Religion will be a point of interest for her and she will feel a strong inclination towards religious activities.
  • Just in case, she had some dreams and aspirations which she had put on the back burner a long time ago, Jupiter transit will aid her dreams to take a front seat now. And will make them come true. It is time to put thoughts into action. Her intuition power will remain strong (as a result of Jupiter conjunction with Ketu)
  • She will share a cordial and warm relationship with all the family members.
  • Be cautious while giving replies as a quick and abrupt reply may start an unwanted and uncomfortable situation that may hurt or aggravate the situation further.
  • Since Jupiter is influencing the Fifth House of Child during this transit; therefore, it will be a good time for planning a baby. Just be careful about your eating habits and lifestyle. Also, be very cautious while taking medicine and do not forget to check the dosage and the expiry date for the medication you’re taking.

Jupiter Transit Effects on a Businessman

The Jupiter transit in Sagittarius is said to be a good period for the businessmen. Following are the good effects of Jupiter transits for Businessmen:

  • The businessman needs to use their logic and brain while making any deal or investment in the business.
  • In a foreign investment or business, do not forget to evaluate the pros and cons before jumping onto it
  • Jupiter will make the businessman wise
  • In the event that you’ve been planning to start a new business, it is the right time to go ahead to bring the plans into action during this Jupiter transit.
  • Family Business will also prove to be a good option for the businessman to start his new business venture.
  • Communication-related Business will be a flourishing option to venture into.
  • Backend process-related business will also fetch good returns.
  • Be extremely cautious and do calculate all the risks related to the share market investment before endowing the hard-earned money into it.

Effects of Jupiter Transit on Health

The transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius will have a mixed effect on the health of the native.

  • The native might have sudden weight gain
  • It is highly advised that he or she should avoid outside food at the maximum.
  • Jupiter transit will give the native a positive attitude towards life.
  • Meeting family members will improve your mental and emotional health.
  • Meditation during this transit will prove extremely beneficial to you.
  • Mantra chanting, Yoga, Reading religious scriptures will help you fulfill your dreams.

Love and Relationship and Jupiter Transit

The Jupiter transit in Sagittarius will remain positive and in favor of a love for the Sagittarius Natives. Following are a few points that the native might experience during this Jupiter transit on the love front.

  • Love at first is meant to last for a lifetime for the native
  • The native will find a philosophical partner
  • The partner of the native will be extremely active in nature which means extensive leisure traveling will be on native’s card.
  • The long lost love or a patch-up with Ex is highly probable during this period
  • Traveling to new destinations together in on the cards!
  • Just in case, the native has been experiencing some sort of stress in his or her conjugal life for a while now will have some relief from it. He or she will spend some quality time together.
  • For those couples who are pregnant, the soon coming baby will help in improving the quality of the relationship between the couple.
  • It is highly advised that the native should go out for a vacation somewhere which will provide the opportunity to talk and understand one another on a better level.

To conclude we can simply say that it is imperative for Sagittarius natives not to have blind faith and trust on anyone else sudden shock in life may set you back in life due to the influence of shadow Planets Rahu and Ketu. Always follow the principle that you’ve learned from your elders as that will be your talisman from being shocked and hurt by other people’s betrayal.