Doctor as a profession for Scorpio moon sign

Medical profession is one of the most revered and sought after career option. As a Scorpio native, do you think you have what it takes to be become a successful specialist doctor? To find out, read more…

Doctor as a profession for Scorpio moon sign


Doctors are the saviours of lives and humanity. It is not an easy profession. One needs to be extremely selfless and courageous to uphold the dignity of this profession and of human life. The field of Medical requires a lot of commitment and efforts, so it is imperative to realize whether becoming a medical specialist is a decent choice or not as per the horoscope.

For a Scorpio native, we will discuss the planetary combinations for medical profession. Find out whether you have the special celestial combinations and yoga to become a successful doctor.

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Scorpio moon sign traits that make you a good doctor:

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac, which signifies two things boldly- sex and death. Scorpios are extremely secretive in nature; they may even go to the extent of mysticism. The Scorpio natives are blessed since they can understand the meaning of their psychic personality by knowing the act fully.

  • As a Scorpio, you have a requirement for extraordinary trust and security from individuals if they want to gain your loyalty. This is very necessary for a successful doctor to be able to gain the trust of their patient.
  • Scorpio moon sign people feel the need to help transform other individuals, a trait necessary for a doctor, who wants to help people by giving them authorization to be vulnerable.
  • Scorpio moon sign natives are about perma-bonding, i.e., building up a profound feeling of trust so that genuine feelings can be managed and shared between two individuals.
  • Symbolized by the Scorpion and its stinger, there are chances of you working efficiently in emergency circumstances since you're already familiar with dark situations.
  • A Scorpio moon sign native is silent and dignified; they never speak before balancing their words.
  • They have excellent communication skills and they rely on their own intelligence and judgment. They vehemently uphold their views but not impose them on those holding opposite ones.

Besides your innate character, there are certain astrological combinations and placements, which are critical in having a successful career as a doctor. These include:

What are the astrological planets and houses that play a key role in the medical professional horoscope?

  • Mars-(for Surgeon) - Mars is the significator of Blood, and during medical procedures doctors need to deal with blood. Subsequently, Mars assumes a significant role in making the person a good doctor.
  • Sun- According to Varahamihira, Sun signifies Doctor. It is illustrative of one's soul. It ought to be well placed, for the person to be a Doctor
  • Jupiter - Jupiter represents knowledge and wisdom. It will provide the knowledge to fix. Jupiter should be positively placed in your horoscope.
  • Moon - Moon represents emotions and feelings. To turn into a medical specialist one should not be too emotional. Moon’s placement should be in such a way that that makes the person bold and strong.
  • Venus- (for Medicine) - Venus is thought to have Sanjeevni Vidya (provided by Lord Shiva) which is the knowledge to cure Dead Persons.
    Thus, Venus also assumes a vital role in turning an individual into a Doctor as per Astrology.

Mars lordship with Saturn and its aspect over your fourth house of education will provide basic education related to medical science. If you find such planetary combination in your birth chart, you should pursue medical studies after your high school.

What are the medical specializations that a Leo ascendant should opt for and why?

  • Mars rules your first house (intelligence) and sixth house (service). On the off chance that it is put in your tenth house of career along with Sun in its own sign, it will turn you into a proficient surgeon in any specialized field.
  • This planetary combination, which carries the intelligence factor, will provide required knowledge to the native and its ideal mix with service house will pave the way for good career as a Surgeon.
  • Jupiter commands over your second house of Wealth and fifth house of higher education and wisdom. In the event that it gets placed in your first house of vitality and honor, it will turn you into a proficient surgeon.
  • Mercury which aspects your eighth house of sudden opportunities and eleventh house of income is placed in the ninth house of fortune and foreign land.
  • In the event that Moon gets placed in the lordship of Venus it can build native’s career as a Child Specialist and you might get an opportunity to travel to far off places due to your profession.
  • Saturn owns two houses where the third house signifies interest, inclination and energy level whereas the fourth house is the house of education and knowledge.
  • Its arrangement in the fifth house and association with moon in the ninth house of higher education can give the native an ability to pursue higher studies for turning into an orthopedic, physician or surgeon in the near future.
  • Your sixth house of career is governed by Mars and has an aspect over your ninth house of wisdom, fortune, intuition, learning, and teaching.
  • The planetary combination of these two houses can empower you in gaining good knowledge and a decent career in medical counseling.
  • On the off chance that you find a connection between the fifth house of intelligence and tenth house of fame and profession with Jupiter and strong Sun in its own sign, by then you have the capacity of polishing your career as a Cardiologist.
  • Your knowledge and high learning power will assume an incredible role in shaping your career as a heart specialist.
  • On the account of your hard work and consistent efforts, you’ll get honorable, dignified and recognizable position in the medical field.

The above mentioned outcomes are generic and conventional in nature and may vary from one individual to another. If you have any doubt related to your career Click here.

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