What does your zodiac sign say about your level of optimism?

Life is unpredictable and often challenging. To maintain optimism at the face of adversities is a quality that every one of us, needs to adopt. To find calm and happiness even in difficult times should be the general motto. Find out here, how you can lead an optimistic life, according to Vedic astrology.

What does your zodiac sign say about your level of optimism?


What if we knew everything about our lives? Do you think it would have been any fun? Life is and should always be a mystery. Something known, yet unknown. And maybe, that’s the beauty of it. Despite all the certainty and uncertainty, what matters is how optimistic are you in leading your life. And if you manage to sail your boat of optimism, then you my friend, own the entire sea!

Here, with the help of Vedic Astrology, we shall try and guide you to the way of living a life full of optimism.

Since mental health has been a major cause of concern, considering the era of pandemic and even otherwise, staying positive and having an optimistic approach towards life has been back-breaking. If we look around, there isn’t one but hundreds of issues waiting to weigh us down but what really keep us in the game is optimism and the will to keep going through everything life throws at us. Hopping onto things astrologically, a sign’s inclination towards pessimism or optimism is often related to the traits known as ‘qualities’ or ‘quadruplicity’, which is a set of four zodiac signs that indicates if the specific sign signals acceptance or resistance to change.

Being Optimistic:

Sometimes, no matter how much we want to stay optimistic, we get carried away in the ocean of pessimism. Our will and strength to stay firm loses its grip. But astrology plays a major role here as it impacts our mind, body and soul and helps in determining which zodiac sign is the least and the most optimistic of them all. In our horoscope, all the planets contribute, both, negative and positive aspects based on their position.

  • Sun represents life force, inner will and attitude which we show to the society.
  • Moon represents our inner self, mind, emotions and our secret parts.
  • Mars is the ignition power within us, as well as the inner drive and aggression.
  • Jupiter expands our capacity and inspires us to chase our dreams.
  • Venus gives us the taste to enjoy life with happiness.
  • Saturn set boundaries and discipline to follow the right path.
  • Both nodes Rahu and Ketu pushes us to explore new possibilities in life.

Our minds vibrate astrologically, and we tend to become the dancing dolls as per the reverberation and placement of planets.

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We all are a mixture of both optimistic and pessimistic thoughts, and we are duly equipped with keeping our inner optimist on guard which would blow away the pessimistic possibilities from us, with the right approach and peace of mind.

In astrology, we can broadly classify the positive and negative attributes through the zodiac as per their elements which describes the basic personality, strength, and weakness of their placement in your horoscope. Each sign falls into an element which helps to determine their inner and outer energetic spirit. There are four categories of elements: FIRE, EARTH, AIR, and WATER.

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  • Fiery signs are ARIES, LEO and SAGITTARIUS - they are dynamic, active, restless, impulsive, passionate, and temperamental.
  • Earthy signs are TAURUS, VIRGO and CAPRICORN - they are very tangible, sensual, uptight, slow, steady, and grounded.
  • Airy signs are GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS - they are active, non-stable, prompt, flexible, non-reliable and jovial.
  • Water signs are CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES - they are emotional, sentimental, non-practical, loving and caring.

How to Maintain Optimism as per your Zodiac Moon Sign

  1. ARIES

Aries fiery sign is known for impulsiveness, stubbornness and over-confidence. They are always high on life. But they fail to see and acknowledge their beauty. They are unstoppable spirits and that’s their positive attribute. But it tends to make them bitter at times. They sometimes really need to take breaks and appreciate the good things in life by writing a journal and relishing the moment.


Taurus, the earthy signs are always over-concerned, uptight, have an introvert personality and like to be in their own comfort zones. They become fixated by their own point of view and do not accept any change easily. This often spoils their minds by doubts and distrust. They must learn to let go and trust the process of life in a relaxed manner.


Gemini is an airy sign, and they are very approachable, flexible, jovial and have a loving character. They love chatting all the time and becomes gullible. Their major strength is their social circle; they feel rejuvenated when they meet people and loved ones. So, you can reach out to them to remain positive in life.

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Cancer natives are watery signs and are universal nurturers. They are really emotional and thrive on sentiments. They are very protective about their family and loved ones, and this nature can become both their strength and weakness. To maintain optimism, they must learn to communicate and share their feelings and problems with others as this will help them sail through atrocious times.

  1. LEO

Leo is a fiery sign, and they have a very attractive personality. They are full of fun, active and the soul of the party. But they mostly keep their realness enclosed and do not really break from their shell. They are very competitive in nature and that usually triggers jealousy and anger in them. This is the time when they have to think and become calm and appreciate themselves. Do not be in the comparing mode and maintain false pride. Be humble and maintain humility. Stay grounded to be optimistic in life.

  1. VIRGO

Virgo, the earthy sign is the most critical and always aims for perfection. Anything and everything that doesn’t work as per their plan will blow them out of stress. They need to understand that the word perfection, might differ from person to person. When they are triggered, they should weigh the pros and cons and ask themselves if that is worth it and then plan their actions as per the need, to stay positive.

  1. LIBRA

Libra natives are airy signs and are usually happy-go-lucky people and get only stressed out when they try to please others to maintain harmony and balance. They should learn to put their foot down and stop others to manipulate and walk over them. They should learn to tell others that they also have feelings and can be hurt due to their behaviors. They shouldn’t neglect their mental health and peace for the sake of others.

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Scorpio is a watery sign and can go from the best to worst, from being the most optimistic to being the most pessimistic mode in no time. There is never a right balance between the two. Their passions get the best of their emotions and resentments. They are an expert in holding grudges and they don’t forgive and forget people who hurt them. So, better learn to forgive and let go of past bitter experience and move on to maintain an optimistic approach in life.


Sagittarius is the fiery sign with the most adventurous, trending, exciting and indecisive people. They always live alone as they can’t live up to their energy level. They get lost in their goals and are always afraid to take a leap of faith. It is important to seek adventure, to bend the rules sometimes and be accepting of people who want to help you.


Capricorn is an earthy sign. The most hardworking, responsible, and practical of all zodiacs are the Capricorns. You believe in yourself and are highly ambitious but often clouded by the fear of losing the control of life and this makes you pessimistic, lonely, and bitter. Being too committed and responsible can take a toll on you, so start having lighthearted conversation at times. Do not poison your present by overthinking about future security.

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Aquarius is an airy sign, and they are the most cynic sign of all. They believe in their own ideas, rules, and often fail to see good people in their lives. Being optimistic, is a great challenge for them. Keeping the mind calm by maintaining a gratitude journal and doing yoga would work wonders and following spiritual practices will make you positive too.


Pisces is a watery sign and they are usually the universal listeners and nurturers. They cannot bear conflicts and confrontations. Their empathetic being and emotional self sometimes gets the better in them. This is when they should communicate with people and share their feelings rather than holding grudges. In an attempt to not to hurt others, they tend to hurt themselves more.

Remaining positive is very essential to maintain vibrancy and for proper functioning of the journey of life. You must eat nourishing and healthy food to maintain physical strength and practice meditation for proper mental and physical manifestation.

Having a positive mindset is an integral part to lead our lives in the most righteous way. Looking after yourself, eating healthy and keeping fit will not only make you physically beautiful, but it will keep your mental abode equally pleasing. Pick up anything which satisfies your soul, be it doing yoga, going for a walk, exercising, dancing or gym. But just do it, because you might be one step away from leading a life full of optimism.