When Does Sleeping become a Problem for Your Zodiac Sign?

(Moon Sign Based)

The importance of sleep, rest, sleeping disorders and significance of other sleep related issues needs to be brought to the forefront. In this page, Vedic Astrology decodes for you why one zodiac sleeps more than the other or why one zodiac is able to perform brilliantly even with least amount of sleep. Read on to get more insights.

When Does Sleeping become a Problem for Your Zodiac Sign?


Sleep is the vital contributor to our wellbeing. We spend approximately one third of our lives asleep, which not only regenerates our cells but also revitalizes our minds. Your zodiac sign is a natural astrological indicator which reveals a lot about your sleeping pattern and habits. Sleeping habits play a vital role in shaping your lifestyle and personal development.

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Our sleep is controlled by the circadian rhythm and this flow needs to be kept healthy. With the help of Vedic astrology, we can decode some facts about your sleeping habits, as per your zodiac sign.


Your sleeping habits are attributed as per zodiac sign:

ARIES - Extremely impulsive and restless by nature

You are a workaholic and have tons of energy due to your ruling planet Mars. This is the planet of energy & action. You are a sizzling fire ball with vibrant energy and a cardinal sign of the zodiac. Settling down for the night and winding up your energies, seem difficult for you. Aries are blessed with high energy level which becomes a hindrance when it comes to sleep. They are extremely impulsive and restless by nature.

What do you need to do?

  • You need to keep yourself involved in physical work like regular gym, running, walking and sports.
  • It is necessary to exhaust your body physically for sound sleep. Otherwise, in your sleeping time, you will be busy in making plans and schedule for next day.
  • It is best to not get overwhelmed with the work and patience and calm is the key for your sleep.
  • Align yourself and train your mind as per a relaxed schedule. Have chamomile tea before going to bed.

TAURUS - Overthink and create repetitive pattern in your subconscious

You love yourself and your own time. Venus is your ruling planet and allied with beauty, harmony, improvement, affections and urge to sympathize. You have a habit of working hard. And the continuous work for hours at a stretch may give you stress and pressure. Your extensive planning for the future also bothers you.

What do you need to do?

  • If your mental equilibrium is in a state of calm and tranquility, there's nothing that can hinder your sound sleep.
  • Try not to overthink and create the repetitive pattern in your subconscious mind which will pop when you hit the bed and disturb your sleep.
  • For peaceful and refreshed mind, you must have sound sleep. For that you need to do meditation and get a good body massage for relaxation.
  • Apply Lavender essential oil in the soles of the feet for good sleep.

GEMINI- Strong sense of curiosity and overactive mind

Your ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of expression and communication. It signifies intelligence and analytical power. Gemini is a mutable air sign. Your ability to be and remain flexible, is one of your greatest strengths. You have a very strong sense of curiosity and like to know about every little thing that is happening in and around your little world. And you feel restless and face difficulty in sleeping if you miss out on any information.

What do you need to do?

  • Your mind is always overactive, and you need to keep your mind relaxed for a good sleep. Therefore, it is best to keep anxiety aside
  • You must disconnect yourself from world before sleeping and keep away all gadgets like phone, TV remote away from you.
  • You can probably try out some spiritual wellness and put a practice of doing calm and soothing meditation by burning lavender incense for a good sleep.

CANCER- Super obsessed and possessive soul about family and loved one

As your ruling planet is the Moon, you are very emotional and love your peace of mind. It signifies mind, emotion, and feelings. It is not wrong to say that the Moon controls your mind. You may get disturbed and face a difficulty in sleeping. You often overthink about the future and make up great plans in your head, which causes insomnia and stress, due to lack of rest and sleep. The need to be great at everything disrupts the peace of your mind.

What do you need to do?

  • Cancer natives need to have healthy surroundings for sound sleeping habits.
  • Usually, your sleep routine is fine. Taking rest during busy day will energize and refresh you.
  • What you need is to practice being calm to keep your surroundings and emotions in sync.
  • Apply some camphor oil on the soles of your feet and enjoy your sleep

LEO- Hot attitude and urge for power

You are the person who can manage everything efficiently. Sun is your ruling planet and represents the soul of a person, ego, and arrogance. Due to your hot attitude and urge for power, you may get disturb in your day to today life. But you know very well how to manage your rest time and working time. You take rest whenever you get time and save your energy for some rainy time and utilize your energy at right place.

What do you need to do?

  • You love to have your family and loved ones near to you which creates a peaceful environment, both physically and mentally.
  • This creates a cozy atmosphere for sound sleeping.
  • Apply rose oil on the soles of the feet to calm your senses.

Virgo - Logical, practical, and systematic approach towards life

You are an overthinker and one thing hammers your mind again and again. Your ruling planet is Mercury, which signifies communication and expression. Your habit of overthinking is the only problem that hampers your sleep. Virgos generally make a note of the priority to-do list for the next day, before going to sleep. When you are in bed, your whole day cycle starts in your mind and your sleep vanishes.

What do you need to do?

  • You need to stop overthinking and relax your mind give it a break. Practice meditation and yoga for deep sleep.
  • Don`t try to be too rigid on yourself. This will create anxiety and you will not be able to have a good sleep.
  • Apply camphor oil on the soles of the feet.

LIBRA - Value balance and a good work-life-sleep balance

Your ruling planet is Venus. It signifies love, romance, and relationship. You love to spend time with partner and making love and romance. You spend time in your work and for relaxation you prefer love making instead to get sleep. Like this you sleep back log may create health issues for you. You need to make balance in your working schedule, love & romance, and most importantly for sleep for better productivity.

What do you need to do?

  • Libra natives value balance and a good work-life-sleep balance will make you strong, mentally.
  • You will only hit the bed if everything is perfect and in harmonious order. So work towards achieving that
  • Burn Frank incense to get a soothing sleep

SCORPIO - Always occupied with plans to achieve their goals

Scorpio are very ambitious, and they always occupied with their plans to achieve goals. You are very determined and passionate about your work. You can’t think to sleep till the time your work gets over. Peaceful and on time sleep is almost impossible for you. You don’t like to sleep and want to use the maximum time to do their work. This will give you physical and mental stress which can take a toll on your health.

What do you need to do?

  • Don`t be in a hurry to achieve all your dreams in one day.
  • It is impossible and you will miss out on your sleep by being over-anxious.
  • This will take a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Apply jasmine essential oil on the soles of the feet

SAGITTARIUS - You burn out your energies quickly

You are a very adventurous type of person and like to spend time in exploring new things - be it a travel, food, or anything else. Your ruling planet is Jupiter which signifies prosperity and luck. Generally, you have a good routine of sleep and peaceful mind but at times your much involvement in adventurous activities or exploring new things in life, you forget the time to sleep. Lack of sleep may disturb you and tax your health.

What do you need to do?

  • You need to manage your sleeping and work hours judiciously.
  • You tend to waste a lot of your sleep time, scrolling down on different sites.
  • Despite this habit of yours, try to make a to do list for the next day.
  • Apply eucalyptus oil for good sleep.

CAPRICORN - Early to bed and early to rise

Your ruling planet is Saturn. It represents maturity, responsibility, and discipline. You are a workaholic person, but this doesn’t mean that you should disturb your daily routine. Sometimes, when situations are adverse and your work is scattered, you tend to lose your balance of mind, by losing sleep. Your meetings and deadlines often make you compromise on your sleep. In fact, sleeping gives you anxiety as if you have wasted lot of productive time.

What do you need to do?

  • It is advised to keep calm and have a proper bedtime routine.
  • Your theory is early to bed and early to rise, so stick to it.
  • Try to follow a proper disciplined life.
  • Take chamomile tea before sleeping.

AQUARIUS- Advanced thinkers who can dwell with problems of all matters

You are very creative person and your mind always occupied with lots of creative thoughts and ideas. You work hard but you also need deep sleep. Aquarius moon sign natives are advanced thinkers who can dwell with problems of all matters in life. You are always systematic in your activities. You need to set a routine and finish your work in one go without taking breaks. Otherwise, you will suffer from lack of sleep and anxiety due to disrupted routine.

What do you need to do?

  • The Moon, which is your personal planet of health and work, regulates your sleep schedule.
  • Your creative mind does not put your mind off and sleep well.
  • You are full of ideas and imaginations, it ought to be in a lot of mess.
  • Have a good hot water bath before sleep to calm your mind.

PISCES - Varied emotions with its waxing and waning effects

You will have irregular sleep, at times oversleep or at times lack of sleep. When you feel exhausted you don’t think about anyone and take a nap or long break of sleep. To take rest and sleep properly is very important for you. To compromise on account of sleep is just impossible for you. Mercury is your personal planet of your home and family and Moon is your planet of love. Together they will bestow upon you varied emotions with its waxing and waning effects by making the Pisces natives sleep less than they require.

What do you need to do?

  • You must try to schedule your daily sleep by harnessing your emotions a notch down to attain mental peace.
  • By nature, you love nurturing others. So, you become anxious and stressful thinking about the problems others are facing.
  • Apply lavender oil on the soles of the feet.


Therefore, it is understood that sleep is extremely important for our wellbeing. How we sleep and the kind of sleep we get determines the sharpness of our mental faculties. A good night’s sleep rejuvenates us and allows us to function in a healthy way. Therefore, all measures must be taken to ensure good sleep for a healthy body and mind.


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