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What Power Color to Flaunt if you are a Capricorn!

The Power of Colors

Colors have the strength and power to invoke all kinds of emotions, feelings, and sentiments in the human mind. They have a way of their own, through which they are successfully able to influence the way we think and also add in their own energies and powers. Every one of us has a different choice when it comes to colors, and this is because everyone of us has different likes and dislikes, and is also unique in their own specific ways.

Color psychology vividly talks about how colors affect us emotionally, and how it influences our day-to-day activities. Nature has given us the privilege to enjoy and refresh in a bevy of colors, which are easily available all around us. The diverse colors and its various hues and shades are reason enough for us to drown in the beauty of nature that has been presented to us. Colors are an epitome of the various emotions the human minds experiences, and are also one of the most intriguing ways to express our feelings and emotions. The power that colors exhibit is thus immense, and far ahead of what we actually think of them.

The color of Saturn - ‘Blue’ for Capricorn

The color blue is one of the most diverse of all colors in terms of its nature and characteristics. It can be steadfast at times or also be light and friendly. The color blue is also used to symbolize piousness and sincerity. For a Capricorn born, Blue is the most luckiest color, and is therefore regarded as the power color for them as it is symbolic of ‘Saturn’, which is the ruler of Capricorn.

In many cultures blue is held in high significance as it brings peace, and has a religious aura to it, as it is believed to keep negativity away and as it wards off evil spirits and the like. The color blue also signifies communication, confidence without making anyone feel like the most important thing in the world, as it also teaches stability and how to be grounded. Also considered as a high corporate color, blue has the respect that I brings along with it, and thus is often associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and also conservatism. Blue also helps to ward off the feeling of negativity, melancholy, sadness, self-righteousness, timidity, and unreliability, thus helping the native be a fine person who has a lot of confidence in his or her own self.

The color blue has the innate capacity to magically be linked to truthfulness, conviction, and sincerity. Regarded as the color of loyalty, it has a lot of depth in itself. The color, which is representative of the ocean, the seas, the sky and peace, gives a native the ability to think straight and separate the right from the wrong, all the while teaching us the various things necessary to do good in life. Nature as a lot of blue in them, and what else do we need a proof, to experience and understand the vastness that the color has. Capricorn natives should utilize the goodness  that blue has in it, and thus utilize the sincerity it bestows upon the natives, and the strength and saneness to do the right thing at all times.

Bleu also helps when stressed or a situation is not in the exactly feel-good situations, as it helps lighten the mood, and calms the stressed mind. It also gives clarity and the route on which to think in order to reach the desired destination. It gives the ability to speak the truth and also recognize it with all sanity.

The power gemstone that is best for a Capricorn native, is the “Neelam” or the “Blue Sapphire”, and it bestows the wearer with name, fame, wealth, fortune, and happiness. It also gives the wearer an abundance of luck, opportunity, and good will, which helps them live life better and take the best decisions in life.

Friendly Colors for Capricorn

Apart from the power colors to choose from, every sign also has some friendly colors, which signify the friendly planets of their ruling planet. These colors are best suited for the native of a particular sign, apart from the power sign and give the native due support in terms of energy, power, and everything that could present them with a harmonious atmosphere. The friendly colors for Capricorn are the colors Black and Pure White, and the native should try to inculcate the usage of these colors apart from the power color, in maximum, for their own benefit.

Colors to Avoid for auspicious occasions

Apart from the friendly colors and the power color, there are also some colors that as per Vedic Astrology, should be avoided by the natives, especially when they are headed for something auspicious or have a very important deal to crack. We advise you to avoid using these colors in times when you need luck and fortune to be on your side to get the optimum results. For a Capricorn, these colors would be Pink and Yellow. Though these cannot completely be avoided, limit their usage to a minimum, and enjoy while loving life to the fullest!