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The Dark Side of Pisces

People born under the Pisces moon are creative personalities but also possess some negative qualities that include withdrawing from emotional and mental responsibilities. Here is an explanation of how the sensitive nature of a Pisces moon takes a toll on them.

The Dark

Being a Piscean, you are the one who is known as a lost spirit and having a personality who loves too deep. You are ready to dive into the realm of divine and mystical thought, and this may lead you to get  detached from the real world.

Pisces with its dark side will come to known as the one who doesn’t have the idea of how to maintain their finances; and every now and then need someone to encourage them to do the necessary work.

But you should not forget that you have the shining stars with amazing mystical power cast over you, and that it throws light on the dark shades of your personality around you, so that they can shine with an amazing light and also save you from all the negativity around you.

Pisces possesses a Volatile nature but will complete the entire Task given:

Others will call you as the one who has a volatile nature, but nobody applies their intelligence to see inside these dark shades of being volatile as a Pisces.

You are the one who will never ever forget to finish the task given, and also the one who will fulfill all the promises on time. With the blessing of Purva-Bhadrapada Nakshatra in you, ypu get the understandingabout when and how to do multiple tasks based on need or time.

Co-dependent but knows the value of the Company of People:

As a Piscesyou love to depend on the peoplein and around them because being in the last zone of the zodiac sign, you know that the secret of the universe is in integrity-in-unity.

Pisces has Revati, the twenty-seventh and the last Nakshatra in the Zodiac belt, which gives the mindset to execute the plan and to finish the project without any halt or presence of a bug in the mind.

Utilize the power of the Revati Nakshatra with your dark shades being a Pisces, and implement the co-dependence like the chain that works to run your company.

Pisces being Self-centered but having a belief in everything:

Being self-centered is one of the dark shades of Pisces according to people's perspective but it’s it really true? It’s dark but not dirty, so ypu can deep dive into the ocean of a Pisces' behavior, who is also one of the zodiac signs which is ruled by the wisdom giver Planet,  Jupiter.

Jupiter will show you the deep dark and positive secret of being a Pisces and having a Sell-Centered thought of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. The amazing meaning of it is  that the world is one family, and so, being self-centered doesn’t mean that you are selfish but will be understood by all of those who have the deep dark intelligence just like Pisces has.

Yoga and meditation experts, counselors, etc., will be good career options for you if your are born with the dark side of Pisces in you.

Gossip is like a tool to scrutinizing the things for Pisces:

Purva-Bhadrapada will make you gossip about others, and it doesn’t mean that it is negative or unhealthy for your image in front of the surrounding people around you.

Healthy gossip will make things more transparent, and also give awareness of what is happening around us. The work of an Hr-manager, auditing, a teacher, therapist, and a healer, will be good for you with the mystical power of Pisces, and also with intellect to canalize the dark energy of Pisces.

Financially focused Pisces:

Pisces is ruled by the planet of finance and wealth, known as Jupiter.  Jupiter gives the intellect to manage bank balance. You might get called as a miser among your friends, but at the time of need, you are the only one whowould help your friend with money.

All the Nakshatras present in Pisces are very mystical, and have the dark energy in it, which will get manifested as the dark side in you. Because these stars want you to protect your wealth and energy, so it is given thatthey will be utilized at the time of their need.

No need to be worried about the various names given to you by others. Just be with your dark sides and enjoy the wealth you have, and also do help the poor and work for  charity as per your capacity.

Charity work, import or export work, travel industry, religious work, etc., will give you good returns in your life, with your dark shades of Pisces.

Lazy but expert in executing plans:

Pisces might be known as the lazy one among their friends and family, but is also the only who has the idea on how to make things done right in one attempt.

Enjoy all the Dark Shades of you being a Pisces, and live your life with the full essence of being Pisces, along with your Moon Sign, Sun Sign, and also the Rising Ascendant.

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