The Perfect Gift for Your Zodiac

Today is the festival of 'Dhanteras', on this day we worship Lord Dhanvantri. Hindus considred this an auspicious day for making new purchases, especially of gold or silver articles. Mythology behind this festival is related to the son of King Hima. King's daughter in law came to know that her huband is likely to be biten by a snake on the fourth day of his marriage and this would cause his death. She lit many earthen lamps all round the house and also put large amount of gold and silver ornaments on the entrance of their room. She also be sang songs. All this made Yama lord of death, who came in the form of serpend, blind and returned back without taking her husband. This day is celebrated by purchaising new ornaments and this is symbolic of the renewal of hope and faith in life. This day is followd by Dipawali on which we exchange sweets and gifts to near and dearones. If you are trying to figure out what to gift them, then don't worry! It can be a daunting experience to find the perfect gift. Here's why we have listed the best gift ideas that resemble the personality of a particular zodiac sign.

The Perfect Gift for Your Zodiac


Tired of making failed attempts to please your partner on every occasion? Don't worry because INDASTRO has got your back! Making your partner feel loved with the right gift is an art. It takes skill and immense knowledge to understand the very basics of a person’s basic instincts to decide what one truly wants and likes. This is where we step in lads. Presenting the way to your partner's heart based on their zodiac. Now, you won’t have to worry what to buy as the perfect gift for the love of your life.

This Horoscope Prediction is based on your Moon Sign, the zodiac in which Moon was transiting at the time of your birth. So if that was Aries, then you are an Aries Moon Sign. If Moon was in Taurus, your instincts are ruled by Moon in Taurus and you are a Taurus Moon Sign. If you don't already know your Moon Sign, find it out easily here.











1 Aries - Praises!

Aries is an attention seeker. The fearless & daunting approach is only a means to fetch applause & whistles from everyone in the vicinity. So, the best gift you could give an Aries is praise for their work. The ‘Best Husband/Wife/Boyfriend/Girlfriend in the World’ memorabilia are a perfect example of such gifts that show how grateful you are to have an Aries in your life! A simple ‘Thank You’ might do the trick as well, but be sure to accompany it with a heart shaped cake that shows you really mean what you say.

2 Taurus - Exotica!

Taurus has an eye for pretty & luxurious items. Their taste for opulent objects makes for some very exciting gift options. Exotic flowers, deluxe chocolates, imported wine, designer clothing, or bags are some of the things to choose from. Get one of these for your partner & you are bound to receive all the love in the world & more!

3 Gemini – The Creativity Inducers!

Being intellectuals, Gemini are attracted towards things that generate curiosity & boost creativity. Instead of planning one big gift, go for multiple smaller gifts, each of which would complement their personality. Colors, puzzles, knitting kit or the latest smart phone for the tech- savvy are some easy pickups for your partner. Any items of personal interest are likely to make them jump with joy.

4 Cancer - The Emotional Being!

Being of a gentle nature, Cancer is highly sentimental about relations. A gift for them has to hold an emotional value - that’s the only way they could connect to them. Antiques, photo frames with pictures of loved ones, hand-made objects, or items symbolic of inside jokes or talks from the past are some of the gifts that a Cancer would highly appreciate. Don’t be shocked if your partner sheds a tear or two upon receiving them.

5 Leo - The Stylish & Expensive!

Warm, passionate, & stylish, Leo is bound to make you weak in your knees when picking a gift for them. Their sense of style is amazing & they often have an expensive & exquisite taste that makes them classy! Tickets to theatre, elegant perfumes, a rare & expensive bottle of wine or a designer scarf or watch are a few things just up their alley.

6 Virgo – Organizers & Planners!

Virgo can be a tough one when choosing a gift for. They would never let a word out about what they want, yet it is evident how much they love living an organized & planned life. They appreciate quality and monthly planners, organizers, gym subscriptions, an exercise equipment, a well-made bag with multiple pockets or things relating to self-improvement would put a smile on their face any day of the week.

7 Libra - Symbols of Love!

Libra loves gifts! Give them a piece of paper with a few lines of appreciation & they’ll be glad you did. But that doesn’t mean you should just give them anything for the sake of it! They never complain about the gifts they receive, even if they don’t like it. They are creatures of love & want things that are symbolic of togetherness. Photo frames, couple gifts like his/ her t-shirts or ornaments for both of you, a box of their favorite fruits/ chocolates, or a subscription to their favorite sports/ gossip magazine are some gifts to sweep them off their feet!

8 Scorpio - Curiosity Generators!

Scorpio are deeply emotional, they take matters seriously & love to delve into the hidden details. Involving them in a treasure hunt to find their gift will work like a charm. As for the gift, Scorpio likes mysteries & problem solving. Even the occult excites them to the core. Items with a fascinating background like crime novels/ movies, horror novels/ movies, astrological material, tarot cards, a massage spa coupon or massage oil, or a similar object will have them all excited & happy.

9 Sagittarius - Traveling Tools!

Sagittarius is an explorer. They love thrills, physically engaging activities & anything that brings out the athlete in them. This makes it easy to choose a gift for them and the results are exciting as well. A trip to amusement park with the craziest rides, trekking boots, tickets to their favorite sports event, passes for adventurous activities like sky diving or bungee, an appointment with a tattoo artist, horse riding lessons, a philosophical book, or a holiday to a new land for them to explore are some of the gifts that would make a Sagittarius’ day!

10 Capricorn - Symbols of Status!

Capricorn is hardworking. Though rarely self-indulgent, they aspire to achieve a status & reputation in the society. As such, the options for gifting them have to be top notch & sophisticated. A fine leather wallet or briefcase, golf lessons, an autobiography of a successful personality, a book on implementing strategies or improving self-efficiency, or a gift coupon for a spa or resort are things that would please an industrious Capricorn.

11 Aquarius - The Philanthropic!

Aquarius is highly specific about their gifts. They may not clearly spell it out to you, but would always expect a gift that suits their tastes & needs. Keeping a daily journal of their requests & demands can be very tiring, considering their ever-changing interests. Yet there are aspects that remain almost invariable even for the water bearer. Charity, books on meditation, yoga lessons, sci-fi movies, books on astrology, material on information about astronomy or a peaceful day out in a garden are gifts that are surely going to tingle the senses of an Aquarius in all the right manners!

12 Pisces–Sentiment Scintillators!

Pisces is all about sentiments & emotions. When shopping for them, anything sentimental would fit the picture, irrespective of whether it is expensive or homemade. It's not the size of the gift but the weight of sentiments involved that truly provokes the feeling of satisfaction in a Pisces. Buy them a cute pet, a collection of love poems/ songs, hand knitted clothing, tickets to art gallery, or a trip to a museum to see that bright smile across their face.