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How to see wealth & poverty in a horoscope

Today is the World Thrift Day. This day is celebrated across the world on 31st October, however in India it is celebrated on 30th October due to death of Mrs Indira Gandhi on 31st October. Significance of this day is to promote savings towards achieving security in terms of finance. The savings lead to wealth creation over the time period duly supported by favorable astrological combinations. How status, poverty and wealth are assessed in a chart? The principles as laid out in the Vedas are being discussed here in detail to judge the status of the native through the horoscope analysis.

How to see wealth & poverty in a horoscope


Everyone of us faces financial crisis at some point in life, but if the proper planning is done beforehand, then there are good chances that you will never ever face the lack of liquid cash or wealth problem.

Even with perfect planning of finances, at some phase of life, the need for more money than which is available, will stillbe there. Some of you might even have good amount of bank balance, but still, you would wish to have more money so that you can make your dreams come true. These dreams could be related to owning a luxurious car, your own house, decorating the house and adding furniture, house furnishings, or even personal belongings like jewelry or maybe a trip to a foreign place.

Overall, the Money makes one wealthy and rich and thus saves us from facing the wrath of poverty. Astrology will give you all the answers on when, where, and how, the planet will give wealth and financial help. Based on your personal horoscope, you will get a good idea of how to do business or in which career you will earn more money.

Based on the various parameters of Vedic Astrology, it can be calculated on the basis of the horoscope,what makes some one's life pitiful as they have to beg for pennies. There are several conditions in a birth chart that can bring about these situations.

Houses in Vedic Astrology that influence poor wealth

According to Vedic Astrology, all twelve houses will give you clues from where you will get money, for your own keep.
In the twelfth house, the malefic effect on the second house will not give you the financial support from your family. You might also not have wealth gains from your family.

The fifth house in your horoscope shows the financial gains from the share market and also the help from children which can be related to finance. Affliction to the fifth house will give you loss of money whichmight lead you towards poverty. You also also be helped financially by your lover or partner, when you need money.

The affliction to the eleventh house will lead the financial losses because of your wrong deeds, and that can be manifested through the tax, loan, and big amount of installments, which can give the burden of finance.

The seventh house will present you with financial benefits from business, and also might give you monetary benefit from your partner.

If your eight house Lord is stronger than your luck house which comes under the ninth house, than you will face the circumstances like poverty in your life. If the 8th House Lord is stronger than the 9th lord, it indicates poverty.Also, sudden gains from lottery, or dowry can be expected. If the natural benefic planet is plaved, then income will come from good deeds, and if the natural malefic planet is placed, then income will come from bad deeds.

The eleventh house is for monetary gains from your daily efforts, or you day-to-day work, which is the base of your staple income source. If there is natural benefic planet in this house, you will get monetary gains from your past good Karma. And if the planet is naturally malefic, then, your financial gains will either be in the form of black money, or you will income from unfair means.

The twelfth house is for income from foreign lands. If the twelfth house is well placed in the chart, your social status will be boosted through gain of wealth.

Zodiac sign and Poverty

The zodiac sign which can be your Moon sign, Sun sign, or the Rising ascendant gives you a clear guidance in which career you should go ahead that will help you to attain wealth.

Each zodiac sign will change their placement based on the time of birth and place of birth, and this will affect the wealth gain and also the source of income in one’s life.

  • Indu-Lagna: This is the wealth ascendant which will give you the clue how the planet will work based on the Indu-Lagna you have. This concept has been derived with the mathematical calculation based on the Moon sign and the rising ascendant you have.

The Nine Planets can give punishment as Poverty

All the Nine planets workas the people around you, like for example, the colleague who will help you attain the financial gain. If you have done good deeds, then these planets will be placed in a good house, and if the deeds were not auspicious when done by you, then you will become the victim and need to face the challenges related to poverty in your life.

  • Kemadhruma Yoga: The placement of Moon alone in a chart with no planet in the second or the twelfth house from the Moon will give loss of wealth in one’s life and lead them to go about wandering.
  • The conjunction of Sun and Moon: The close conjunction of Sun and Moon in the horoscope will give poverty. This combination will cancel all the good results and effects that the sun and moon might have given to the person. Also, whenever the Sun and Moon are in one house, it is a no moon cycle which represents darkness in one’s life for the first half.
  • Saturn and poverty: Saturn is the planet which rules the gains in everyone’s life, but also gives the hard task with the name of Poverty Project in one’s life to understand the value of Money.

If Saturn is placed in the Ninth house and in conjuction with Jupiter or Ketu or aspected by the spiritual planet Jupiter or Ketu, then Saturn may give less interest in the materialistic things of life, and the person will drift away from his social life and be inclined towards spirituality and solitude. This will make him poor and let him live like a hermit, and spend his life from alms and givings from others.

  • Jupiter the wealth giver can give challenges in life like facing Poverty: Based on the good and bad deeds, one will get the blessings of planets. Jupiter is known as the wealth-giver, but if the person has not done the good deeds, the Jupiter will get placed in the 6th or 12th house, and that too not in the friendly sign and will give tough challenges related to poverty.

Nakshatra and Poverty in Life

The Nakshatra has the cosmic power to give you the spirit and inner desire to attain wealth. If the wealth-related planets get placed in the inimicalNakshatras, then the poverty will give challenges and liquid source income will not come easily.

There are twenty-seven Nakshatras which have their own role in every aspect of your life. The Nakshatra which can save you from poverty, is related to the lord of the wealth and your income according to your horoscope.

If you start worshiping the Nakshatra lord related to wealth, then the shadow of poverty will not come towards you.

Poverty is a big challenge and it depends on the definition of your financial status how you would like to call yourself. Whether as rich or the one who isrich with all luxurious facilities with themselves. Utilize the Vedic intelligence to know how you will fight poverty and financial problems in your life, and come out triumphant.

Family and friends are the most important strengths in your life, and they have the insights with the cosmic planets and Nakshatra as per how they are going to give you a strong foundation in life. This will be with the help of family members, and friends, and the fortune will come to you with the blessings of the Planets.